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  • Hayley Mills Pollyanna Credit: Walt Disney/The Kobal Collection Welcome to my site dedicated to Hayley Mills.

  • On May 7, 2002, Disney released and on DVD.

  • and Canada only) on April 5, 2005 by Walt Disney Home Video.

  • and Canada only) on May 3, 2005 by Walt Disney Home Video.

  • and Canada only) on May 3, 2005 by Walt Disney Home Video.

  • and Canada only) on September 27, 2005 by Walt Disney Home Video.

  • Walt Disney's wife, Lillian, saw the film in London and convinced her husband to fly over and interview Hayley.

  • That ultimately led to her being signed to a five-year contract with Walt Disney.

  • Disney A to Z: The Official Encyclopedia , Dave Smith, New York: Hyperion, 1996; ISBN: 0-7868-8149-0 - A monthly listing of Hayley's scheduled TV appearances Television Specials: 3, 210 Entertainment Spectaculars, 1939-1993 , Vincent Terrace Top Pop Singles 1955-1993 Walt Disney's World: A Biography by Leonard Mosley , © 1985, Stein and Day, ISBN 0-8128-3073-3 Thanks for taking the time to visit.

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  • until Disney ran the series.

  • Since then the show has run on the Disney cable channel.

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  • 1981 MB missing some cards & timer 'SMath 1986 Pressman missing instructions 'SMath 1984 Pressman missing 3/184 plastic tiles 101 Dalmations Disney 3-D Game1991 MB 13 Dead End Drive 1993 MB chandelier broken w/1 part mis 13 Dead End Drive 1993 MB incomplete; parts only 1776 1974 AH 8/416 cardbd counters 20 Questions 1988 Univ.

  • missing instructions Airline 1985 Mulgara Products 1 card missing Airport - The Airline Game 1972 Dynamic Design appears complete Al-Qadim- City of Delights 1993 TSR Aladdin Card Game - Disney 1992 PB complete Aladdin Electronic Talking Gam1992 PB incomplete Aladdin Magic Carpet Ride 1992 MB incomplete; spare board Alien Autopsy (like Operation)1997 DaMert Co.


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  • We buy and sell antique comics and collectable Marvel, DC, Harvey, Image, Mad, Cracked, EC, EC reprints, ACG, Gold Key, Tower, Fawcett, Dell, Atlas, Charlton, Disney, Classics Illustrated, Fiction House, Jay Ward, Lev Gleason.

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  • 2 - Schaffer worked for Disney.

  • No culture is immune to the all-rape (neologism, tm) of mass media - and Disney is all-pervading, even compared to Jay Leno.

    WWWF Grudge Match: Headless Horseman vs. T-800 Terminator
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  • It's the birthplace of Valley Girls, the subtext for Chinatown and Boogie Nights , the home turf of Disney, ABC, Universal, Warner Bros.

  • Disneyland, Los Angeles International Airport and a stadium lead the list, but freeways are close behind.

    Invisibles Annotations
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  • 6, panels 1-2: Disneyland is the Disney theme park represented by Mickey Mouse.

  • Grant seems to swipe at Disney a bit, see v 2, #2, p.

  • 11, panel 2-3: Using Donald Duck's nephews, who are also well known Disney characters, may be another swipe at Disney.

  • They are all Disney characters.

  • 7, panel 1: Bambi and *th*umper are characters from the classic Disney movie.

  • Maybe Grant got some sort of hands off warning after his swipe at Disneyland in v 1, #23, p.6, panels 1-2, and Donald Duck in v 2, #2, p.

  • 15, panel 1: Dopey is one of the Seven dwarfs of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a Disney film.

  • Apparently Grant's just ringing Disney's bells this issue.

  • 5, panel 1: Hercules is presumably the Disney animated film.


    American Cultural History - The Twentieth Century
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    Aronsson's Telecom History
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  • November, Compaq and Walt Disney Internet Group announce strategic infrastructure, marketing, and distribution alliance in three-year deal totaling more than $100 million.

  • April, Compaq announces broad 10-year corporate alliance with The Walt Disney Company.

    Kissing Deserves a Little Attention
    Seattle Times article on tobacco money at the 2000 DNC convention. Barred from
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    Jump the Shark: NYPD Blue
    Turning points in the show's history.

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    Pope Peter & the Moon Child
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  • Jimmy Swaggert hops atop this table, stretching his body over atop he hops onto the neck qua shoulders of Pope Peter, shouts to his grandfather, 'Oh King Walt Disney, most mighty, who reigneth in the land of evening, I call upon thee & invoke thy name in the name of Supremacy.

  • Obey, O Walt Disney!' How after this stunning earth shattering proclamation could he, Pope Peter, thrash this pathetic boy who has dived to roll around upon this kitchen floor fucking a genetically engineered duck with a human vagina? Pope Peter aptly asks gently, 'Dear brother, could you answer that green door?' His gaze focusses upon a meat cleaver hangin' on th ' wall.

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