samurai screenshotThe Samurai module is an add-on to Hoplites: if you like the period you can download the graphic files needed and play with it. If you're not intereseted :-( you can simply forget about it since the standard install of Hoplites will include only the "occidental" GBoH stuff. 
Samurai module To play with samurai you need the module archive  (1100K, updated 14 nov 03).

The latest archive include a new set of cards created by Pascal Da Silva: you can use the new cards selecting the Preference: Dialog/UI - Use Color Images.


As always, unzip the archive on your Hoplites directory: all the samurai-specific graphics will be put on a special directory (named samurai of course) under the base Hoplites root.

No special install action are required: after unzipping the module the next time you'll run Hoplites the Samurai button will make the module available automatically. The game engine will check if the module is up-to-date and will warn you if you must download the latest version.

Details and differences with Hoplites Samurai and Hoplites armies cannot be mixed: the current version of the module include 5 unit types, AS (infantry), KB (cavalry), TP (gun)  YU (bow) and OZ (guns).

The main difference is on the clan concept introduction: Your leader will be able to activate a fixed number of clans during each turn, so you'll have to decide how to play units and make them fight to maximize your forces. Every army contains a certain number of clans (6-8 normally) and a clan flag is added to the card to recognize the clan composition.

Another specific element is the Personal Combat option: You can include some Challenge Cards in the army decks to allow each player to start a Samurai Fight. The winner will be awarded with a bundori (severed head) worth 5 route points.

Future releases In the next releases I hope to add more Samurai stuff, including:
  • Specific terrain
  • GBoH Samurai route method (disruption)
Army editor The Hoplites Army Editor cannot be used to manage the Samurai armies: I don't foresee a public release of the editor I'm using since is a very confusing program if you don't know it very well. If you have some ideas for new armies please send me a note via email. If you can't live without the samurai army editor let me know it and i'll send it to you via email.

For any problem You can contact me via email: