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Current Perfect Sitter BOX version: 2. 7. 3 (TO UPDATE: rez the old "Perfect Sitter BOX" and click "Update" on dialog).
Click "Open Box" to get: Perfect Multisitter (used on video), zPUP (a prim animator) and Perfect Sitter (a high-precision sit target setter for prims and scripts).

Dear New User, please don't miss the "Beginner's Section" on this page for some useful tips!

Updates & News:
December, 2016: 48% DISCOUNT, this time to celebrate 10 years of Perfect Sitter :)
About sim memory for multiple "animator" scripts: their code uses sim memory for ONLY ONE of them, for ALL objects using "animator" in the sim! (see here).
So: memory usage is optimized to allow to use many poses, but it's a good practice to never use hundreds of them on a single object, so if SL changes in the future, your creations will be usable even on lands with very few memory left by other (less optimized) scripts!

Please use this page to learn the multisitter basics (and as quick reference)!
you can see "advanced" examples and read the detailed help by clicking here (better, faster, easier than using the SL help notecard!).
Note: Videos on this page are WITHOUT AUDIO track. It's generally better to use an external web browser to see them all.

VIDEO: a Full-featured MULTIpose prim in SECONDS!

If set up with multiple poses (1st part of video) each prim will remember the favorite pose of the 100 most frequent users!!!
When sitting again, EACH user will get the same pose he was using before! (if not needed, favorite pose memory can be disabled using /k on notecard!).
Not only: for each pose, it remembers the custom position/rotation of the 50 most frequent users who needed to adjust the pose for their shape!!!
Once adjusted, EACH "personalized pose" will be remembered for EACH user! (...and, if needed, each user can easily reset each adjustment!).

You always JUST need to set up your prim(s) as seen on video! And setting up a reclinable chair moving in sync with poses is easy too!

You can easily set up aligned couple poses, and for "advanced" options and setups, you just need to add very short lines to the notecard!
PLEASE CLICK here AND SEE HOW EASY IT IS: you can quickly create submenus, get couple poses in sync... and MUCH MORE!

It's easy to rename the menu buttons! Just edit the LAST ITEM of the notecard lines (by default it's the animation name).

After adding the animator script(s) to the prim,

the Single Avatar MultiSit script (used on video setup): set up 1 prim for each avatar that will sit on your object.
       Perfect fit of all poses to everyone! For each pose, it remembers the 50 most frequent users who needed to adjust it for their shape!
      • If multipose, its menu shows touching the prim (after sitting) and it remembers the favorite pose of the 100 most frequent users.
      • Couple/Group animation(s): set up 2 or more prims, then add the line /f to notecards. The object's prims without /f will stay for singles!
          To always try to get perfect sync animations (in case of bad lag etc.) use /s to get the (customizable) sync transition on every pose change.
          You can get a "mixed" single+couple seat (favorite single pose still saved for 100 avatars) just by adding a negative number to the notecard!
      • Add the line /d to notecard to cycle (change) pose on touch. Add the line /k to always get the 1st pose on sit (favorite poses will not be saved).
      • The script "Root Touch" into the root prim sets ALL prims touchable to get menu or cycle (can be useful if setup is not on root or is for many avatars).
          Prims with other touch scripts will show sitter menu only if you want. More options (like /i for chat command) are available to get menus...
      • Adding the sequencer script, you can easily set up timed sequences, looping or not (even in sync, optionally starting when the 2nd avatar sits).
      • Scripting examples page: animate another avatar, give objects, show sit dialogs from your script, play sounds and expression animations......
      • You can very easily set up main and submenus (categories like "Female Sits" etc., so users can choose the right pose in a fast and easy way).

OR USE (preferable only for "special" creations, e.g., to sit many even if your object has only 1 prim):
the Multi MultiSit script, to sit many avatars, but in this case using only 1 prim! Have more prims? Use them to ease sitting: see note!
      • Using Multi Multisit on video setup (instead of Single Avatar MultiSit) would make the prim to be for 2 avatars! You can easily get multipose seats, too...
      • NOTE: in SL, setting up only one prim (of the object) to sit many avatars gives the same sit glitches of any "common" object (not enough prims with a sit target).
          Without enough prims with a sit target, you can get "no room to sit" (from far, if something is on the way, if the sit object is inside another phantom object...).
          So, if you have more than 1 prim (and only if you want to use the Multi Multisit script) better add "fake" sit targets to always ease sitting (it's easy: click here).
      • Again, for each pose, the 50 most frequent users who adjusted it are remembered, and you can customize some things, or trigger scripts...
      • Add the line /c to notecard if you want to allow "seat" change with a touch menu (by default they will sit in notecard order).
      • Multi Multisit works even using it into 2+ prims (!) but it's almost always better to set up only 1 prim (best if root). See detailed help if you need a special setup.
      • Even with Multi Multisit (one-prim setup) you can very easily get multipose seats for singles AND/OR couple/group, by using submenus.

No lag while not in use, almost zero otherwise! All "active" functions automatically turn off, and while being used they "listen" only to the right user/command(s).
You CAN relink (and duplicate) your objects without losing your work: poses will stay relative to their prim's position and rotation.

If you set up (paste on notecard) more than 12 poses, the "pose selection menu" will automatically become a "multipage" dialog!
Also, to get main and submenus just add a line like
+Button Name before each group of (max 12) poses (main menu can have up to 12 buttons too)!
Users get an automatic (based on notecard settings) personal help message (...and you can mute or customize it...) when they sit.
More...: includes a high-precision sit target setter, a prim animator, "auto unsit" options......

Use the additional multisitter (script and object, named TWO) to easily set up aligned couple poses (even on one prim for Multi Multisit)!
To customize the couple poses' sync transition, just drag inside your setup prims an animation, and rename it to "stand" (without quotes).

Notecard Examples; easily create couple/mixed setups, submenus (or multipose seats on 1 prim), sequences... and more: click here
Scripts examples; customize your creations using your scripts with Perfect Sitter or triggering actions with the Sitter menu... and more: click here

While using the (Multi)Sitter, you can also set the prim's Sit View!

Just click the new CAMVIEW button: sit view will be set to what you are seeing!
If you need high-precision/special sit view setups, you can use the Set View button (or Set Both, to set sit AND view): see video below!


Set up Tips:
Sitter is too rotated or hidden by something? You just need 3 clicks! See video below.
   But remember: if you are working on a very rotated prim, just drag the script inside, and then rez the (multi)sitter object from inventory.
– Avoid very long similar names: the animations' names must be different before the 25th character (due to limits of SL scripts' dialogs).
Sit target and view are NOT reset by removing scripts, and these empty prims with a sit target need a reset if you use Single Avatar Multisit.
   So, when you modify a sit object, be sure to reset the "old sit prims" not used to sit anymore!
   To quickly reset a prim drop the (Multi)Sitter Script inside and touch: you can Reset View (see video below) Reset Sit (target) or Reset Both.
   The (Multi)Sitter Script will automatically delete itself after resetting your prim!

Dear New User, please remember:
Be sure you DO NOT USE "Single Avatar Multisit" and "Multi Multisit" on the same prim! (On same object use ONLY for very special setups!)
Pose lines must begin with "<" (check the 1st when you paste...) and Each Button Label must be unique (on its notecard).
Each " / " option (like /m   /s   /i   /t  etc.) can be anywhere on notecard, but must be on its own line, and is needed only once (on its notecard).
After adding Single or Multi (or after setup changes) check chat for warning messages. Better stand up before changing a setup, then sit to test it.
DO NOT use
/1a for default setup! Adjustments are saved, but for each user: they can adjust ANY pose for their shape and will be remembered!
DO NOT hold the ctrl (control) key when dropping scripts into a prim, or SL will set them to not running!
If you set up ONLY the ROOT prim, ALL prims are touchable for sit menu; drop the "root touch" script on root IF you need that on other setups.
Each time you set up 10 poses (or when you click END) they are printed together on chat, so you can copy/paste them all at once!
Are you a creator of sit animations? Don't forget to give hip some offset: in SL, a default offset is overridden by the previous (stopped) animation!
Avoid "bad" sit animations (without hip offset) or, in case, use only them (on sync pause too) so they cannot be overridden and get misplaced!

Wanna see the detailed help now, for NOTECARD EXAMPLES and even more tips, features and options? click here