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Trevisan used a lot of painting techniques until a few years ago: acrylic, watercolor, china, plaster, wood, mixed techniques. In all I always got great satisfaction, but did not reflect his vision of art. Because the art must express the artist for what is and how is, it must be a mirror.

Today Trevisan mostly paint with oil painting and linseed oil. It is better able to combine creativity-technique-inspiration and time more than any other. Trevisan’s oil painting is clean and minimalist, simple and immediate.

Trevisan can paint in a suit and tie office dress because during my painting there is meditation, calm, reflection, method, cleaning. I paint every day and for many hours of the day. Painting is relaxing and rewarding for Trevisan. On a colored background that I prepare in advance drawing my subject: animal, object, figure, tree. The idea is already in his head. So many are the paintings that already exist in his mind. They wait only for the time programmed to go out and come true.

After the drawing that is composed on the cotton canvas, both small and large, Trevisan begin to paint with my oil colors. Trevisan’s studio is full of oil-colored tubes, ordered and cataloged. There is the tray of those I use frequently and those that are used for special paintings instead.

Each painting has its central point: it can be the eye of an animal, or the stem of the tree, it is the fire on which the eye of one observing my painting falls. Trevisan use mainly very fine brushes. Often Trevisan’s glasses become a whole with the brush as I paint near the canvas. The detail is important and must be well defined, and as long as it is not as I see it in my mind Trevisan continue and continue to work the color and blend it. The colors are always bright, and as the subject takes shape, the painting begins to live

Trevisan mix the colors on the canvas, Trevisan do not like to mix them on the palette. The nuance must come to life directly on the canvas, where it must give life to the subject, where his little animal or object waits only for he to give it life. Trevisan are quick in painting.

Trevisan have too many ideas and paintings in my head that he can not afford to spend too much time on a painting. As long as he am engaged in a job, it absorbs all of myself, it is like a little dog to take care of, to feed, to cuddle, to caress, to run. But then once finished, you have to open the door and give it freedom, so that someone else can enjoy it. It is wonderful to be able to give life to my ideas, my subjects, my fantasies. Yesterday they were alone in his head and tomorrow they will be hung on the wall of some person who will enjoy my colors, in his atmospheres, of nuances.

One of my pictorial works hanging in the house is like a window of life that anyone can put into the home, to help him travel, to think, to dream, to smile. Trevisan paint to give to this world moments of positivity, of serenity, of smiles that help every day to face life with a smile.

His paintings are serene, they are light, they are dreamy, they are colorful, they are those worlds in which you would like to open your arms and fly inside. And someone succeeds...


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