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It's placed in the middle of the layout, it is still under construction, and it is naerly two meters long.
The travellers’ building is realized with the proportion of Arenzano’s old station in Liguria; on the right you can find the tipical square building of the toilet and a power station, on the left you can find the goods depot and a water tower;
Two platforms, allowing the stop of five coaches, are placed between the four tracks in the station, the shelters are still in project phase and we hope to realize them soon.
All the buildings are made in wood for the wall parts, in waved hard paper for the roof tiles and in trasparent plastic sheets for the glass of the windows.
As window jalosies plastic cable ties appositely shaped, other details were created with a lot of... imagination.
All the turnouts are switched by electric motors placed uder the truck levels, to make all more real.
The project are realized with measure from existing structures taken with not few enquires from the stationmasters.

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