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he Subbuteo was invented in the years '40 from Peter Adolph, with the intent to create a replica in miniature of the soccer game. The game, in its least composition, is formed from a cloth of fabric of green color on which is reproduced in scale the layout of a true soccer field, two teams of ten miniatures with human semblance endowed with base of support with form of a semi-sphere anymore a goalkeeper fixed to a rod, two goals and a little ball of big proportions in comparison to the other objects.

The miniatures are struck by the players "to point of finger" and so pushed toward the ball. The rules trace, with the due adaptations, those of the true game of the soccer: side replacements, kicks of punishment and penalty, offside and corner.

One of the most charming aspects are that predestined schemes or bind mechanics of some sort don't exist, therefore every player is free to prepare and to move his own miniatures on the field of game as he holds more opportune.

Initially the miniatures were bidimensional figures drawn on the cardboard and insert on a semispherical base. This version, known as "flats" was supplanted in the sixties years by the introduction of three-dimensional miniatures realized in plastics and with a weight inside the base that conferred greater stability and precision of game. At this type of miniatures different version followed in the years. The first ones to appear on the market were composed from a figure of soccer player that constituted an only body with a pedestal of circular form that was inserted in turn in the base of game. Subsequently they produced some miniatures composed of three parts: the base of game, the diskette endowed with a transversal fissure and the figure of soccer player with the feet that finished on a little bar that served to insert it on the diskette. Surely this has been the most diffused and also the most beautiful among the types of miniature produced by the Subbuteo, besides, the quality of game that he succeeded in reaching was of good level; unfortunately the production stopped to the beginning of the eighties when it began the slow decline of the diffusion of the game.

In the following years it occurred a progressive worsening of the quality of the produced miniatures: if from a side the new type of figure, endowed with a central pivot to the place of the classical little bar, more difficulty made the breakup of the miniature, from the other the bases of support became more and more round and irregular not allowing so an acceptable competitive surrender.

It's really for these motives that began to appear miniatures produced in seed-handicraft way by some impassioned ones. The international federation F.I.S.T.F. it established the ties of dimension and weight to which the miniatures had to undergo for being able to be used in the official tournaments. It started so the distinction among the Subbuteo and the Table Soccer.

The multinational Hasbro, that had noticed the Waddington as producer of the Subbuteo in the meantime, introduced a new type of nearer miniature as characteristics to those professional; the figure remained that classical with the central pivot, but the base of game was completely redrawn and it was formed from an only piece plastic flood without any weight to the inside. The zona at contact with the field of game is notably ampler than that than the preceding versions and it allows a greater fluency loss however of the possibility to practise the effect game.

If you click on POSTER you can see the photos of the various types of miniatures realized for the Subbuteo.




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