Chess-items from Italy of 1997

Marostica, September 7th 1997 , for the 8th International Chess Festival, a special cancel and  a special card (1000 copies)

Marostica 7.9.97 SC    card 1997

In august the "living match" moved to Toronto, this post-card has been issued for this event

 MA97toro.jpg (33821 byte)

Cutro (KR), May 1st 1997 , "3rd International chess tournament" the special cancel dated 1.5 and the nice official card printed in 1500 copies

Cutro 1.5.97 SC   KR97sk.jpg (49191 byte)

The first of may 1997 , on the occasion of the 3 International Chess Tournament and of the 1 stamps exhibition, has been used a cancel regarding Gio. Leonardo Di Bona (1552 - 1597) born in Cutro (Calabria), named "IL PUTTINO" because he was a short man, excellent chess player celebrated all over Europe.


This picture, "Sfida scacchistica alla corte del Re di Spagna" painted by Luigi Mussini in 1886, represents the match between "IL PUTTINO" and Monsignor Ruy Lopez in the presence of the King of Spain Filippo II.

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