Chess-items from Italy of 1998

MAROSTICA 13.9.98  "27th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

  The special cancel of 13.9 on the special cover (1000 copies) and

the special card too (edited in 1500 copies)

MA98SB.jpg (16044 byte)   MA98SK.jpg (17635 byte)

plus an other card (not numbered and printed every year) for the event

 MA98sk1.jpg (35203 byte)

and two photos from the event :

the entrance of the philatelic exibition and the black and the white queens after the live match ....  !!!

Mostra.jpg (31408 byte)   regine.jpg (26561 byte)

IMPERIA 30.8.98 - 6.9.98 "40th International Chess Festival"

  The special cancel of 5.9 and the four cards set

IM980905.jpg (6774 byte)

IM98car0.jpg (23681 byte)            IM98car1.jpg (32784 byte)

IM98car2.jpg (25672 byte)             IM98car3.jpg (21614 byte)

TORINO 25.4.98 - 3.5.98 17th International Chess Festival "City of Turin"

  The special cancel of 25.4 and the special card

        to980425.jpg (13506 byte)                               tocart.jpg (37468 byte)


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