Chess-items from Italy of 1996

In Marostica, on may 2nd the post office change the standard cancel for the filatelic service

ma960502.jpg (28838 byte) mar96fil.jpg (34844 byte) 

in the same day there is a wrong use of the new FDC cancel ...

ma960502b.jpg (30923 byte) mar96err.jpg (33255 byte)

the correct first day of the new "emission day" cancel was may 14th

ma960514.jpg (32249 byte) mar96fdc.jpg (25392 byte)

MAROSTICA 6-8.9.96  "26th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

The special cancel of 8.9 on the special cover (500 copies) and

the special card too (edited in 1000 copies)

ma960908.jpg (30121 byte) mar96sb.jpg (33705 byte) mar96sk.jpg (37457 byte)

The 15th of september in Guiglia (a little town near Modena) a cancel regarding Ercole Del Rio (1723 - 1802), a big local player (with Lolli and Ponziani) and writer, has been issued.

gui96an.jpg (33021 byte)  gui96sk.jpg (33180 byte) gui96skb.jpg (38941 byte)

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