Chess-items from Italy of 1993

In Marostica, on January 16st the post office changed the standard cancel for the filatelic service

ma930116.jpg (29429 byte) ma930116e.jpg (35028 byte) 

in the same day a good special card was issued by the postal service ...

ma93skaa.jpg (38550 byte) ma93skab.jpg (28146 byte)

in march 26th started the use of the new "emission day" cancel

ma930326.jpg (28585 byte) ma93FDC.jpg (28268 byte)

FORMIA (LT) 16-25.7.93 "20th national women chesschampionship"

  A cancel has been used in tree different days : on 16th, on 23rd and on 25th of July 

LT930723.jpg (32270 byte) LT93RR.jpg (37657 byte)

and seven special cards set in a box have been printed in 999 copies

LT93car.jpg (41250 byte)

LT93cbor.jpg (47856 byte)  LT93cbru.jpg (67704 byte)

 LT93ccas.jpg (56445 byte) LT93cdon.jpg (56316 byte)

 LT93cnar.jpg (45210 byte)  LT93cro1.jpg (40893 byte)

 LT93cro2.jpg (53220 byte)

Catania 1.8.93 and Misterbianco 9.8.93 "4th International Chess festival"

 CT930801.jpg (31448 byte)  CT93ann1.jpg (45282 byte)  
CT930809.jpg (30045 byte)  CT93ann2.jpg (41774 byte)

Two special cancels and a nice special card were issued

      CT93sk.jpg (64213 byte)

MAROSTICA 12-19.9.93  "6th Edition of the International Chess Festival"

A special WS cancel has been used all the days between 6th and 11th of september

MA930906.jpg (32673 byte)      MA930912.jpg (29629 byte)  
and another special cancel was issued on 12th september

MA93an1.jpg (29154 byte) MA93an2.jpg (34597 byte)

In occasion of the chess Festival they have been printed 2 special cards (1000 copies each)

MA93sk1.jpg (38091 byte)   MA93sk2.jpg (24482 byte)

ROMA 1993  "Circolo degli Scacchi" a new version of the famous old cancel for this club

RM93cir.jpg (25055 byte) RM93circ.jpg (18648 byte)

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