Chess-items from Italy of 1994

Formia 16-24.7.94  "21th Italian women Chesschampionship & 1st Chess Festival", the special cancel 24.7.94 and the special card (999 copies)

 LT940724.jpg (27825 byte)  LT94sk.jpg (31309 byte)   LT94ann.jpg (27426 byte)

Catania 7.8.94 and Misterbianco 14.8.94 "5th International Chess festival"

 CT940807.jpg (28855 byte)  CT94anc.jpg (33940 byte)

Two special cancels and two nice special cards (the second one present the italian chess magazine)

 CT94skc.jpg (63026 byte)     CT94skm.jpg (58341 byte)

CT940814.jpg (31951 byte)  CT94anm.jpg (35241 byte)

Forlė 28.8.94 special cancel and special card for the "International chess tournaments"

FO940828.jpg (30252 byte)   FO9408sk.jpg (45080 byte) 

2 other special cards for the "open international" 28.8-4.9 and for the "UISP open" 2-4.9 tournaments


MAROSTICA 9-11.9.94  "25th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

  The special cancel of 11.9 on the special cover

 MA940911.jpg (30380 byte)  MA94sb.jpg (36224 byte)

  and the special card (edited in 1500 copies) plus the other souvenir card

MA94sk.jpg (55559 byte)  MA94car.jpg (35156 byte)

Urbino 25.9.94 "25th ASIGS congress" (correspondence chess players association), special cancel and special card

   PS940925.jpg (32094 byte)  PS94sk.jpg (53994 byte) PS94ann.jpg (27072 byte)

On April the 13rd a stamp show Luca Paciolli a famous mathematician author of the chess key work "De ludo scachorum" written in volgare and most likely completed around the year 1500 discovered in 2006 at the State Archive of Gorizia


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