Chess-items from Italy of 1992

Reggio Emilia December 27th '91 -January 6th '92  "34th International chess championship of the New Year's day" first tournament with FIDE level 18

A WS was used from 27.12.91 until 2.1.92

 RE911227.jpg (35336 byte)  RE92an1.jpg (31195 byte)

a special cancel has been used on january 6th during the last day of the tournament

RE920106.jpg (28124 byte) RE92an2.jpg (37064 byte)

the organisation has also printed a special card and has used a special official cover

RE92SK.jpg (47405 byte)   RE92SB.jpg (37307 byte) 

San Giorgio su Legnano (Milano) 26.4.92 "National rapid chess-championship"

for the tournament a special cancel was issued on april 26th, all the cancel of this day are of a bad quality !! (the good ones have been made later in the post office)

 MI920426.jpg (32247 byte)  MI92ann.jpg (41608 byte)

A nice special card has been printed with artistical chessmen (nr. of copies unknown)

 MI92SK.jpg (46047 byte)

Mazara del Vallo (TP) 30.4.92 special cancel and special card (500 copies) for the "young chess championship of Sicily"

TP920430.jpg (33565 byte) TP92RR.jpg (39817 byte)   
TP92sk.jpg (98273 byte) TP92skb.jpg (54116 byte)

MAROSTICA 11-13.9.92  "24th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

  The special cancel of 13.9 on the special cover (800 copies printed)

 MA920913.jpg (28403 byte) MA92SB.jpg (35131 byte)

  and the special card (edited in 2000 copies) plus the other souvenir card

MA92SK.jpg (42356 byte)  MA92SKb.jpg (35691 byte)

MA92cart.jpg (39490 byte)

an original RR card with the two cancel 1982 and 1992 10 years after another trip for this card !

MA92E82.jpg (42307 byte)

In june the "living match" moved to Chicago and Denver, two post-cards for these events

MA92chic.jpg (37357 byte) MA92denv.jpg (36304 byte)

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