Chess-items from Italy of 1991

Reggio Emilia January 8th - 20th '91  "33th International chess championship of the New Year's Day"

A WS was used from 8.1.91 until 11.1.91 and a cancel on jan. 20th

 RE910108.jpg (31407 byte) RE910120.jpg (29070 byte)  RE91ann1.jpg (25764 byte)

but on the first day of use there are many wrong cancels with the date 8.1.90 !!!

 RE910108e.jpg (35256 byte)

the organisation has printed a special card too and used a special official cover

RE91SK.jpg (45709 byte)   RE91SB.jpg (42166 byte) 

Catania 2.8.91 and Misterbianco 11.8.91 "3th International Chess festival"

 CT910802.jpg (28088 byte)  CT91ann1.jpg (32574 byte)  
CT910811.jpg (29668 byte)  CT91ann2.jpg (29839 byte)

Two special cancels and a nice special card were issued

      CT91SK.jpg (62836 byte)

San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) 25.8.91 special cancel for the "25th International chess festival"

AP910825.jpg (32373 byte) AP91RR.jpg (34784 byte) 

MAROSTICA 8 -15.9.91  "5th Edition of the International Chess Festival"

A special WS cancel has been used on every day between 2nd and 7th of september

MA910902.jpg (38523 byte)

and another special cancel was issued on 8th september

MA910908.jpg (28126 byte)

MA91RR1.jpg (37546 byte) MA91RR2.jpg (39883 byte)

In occasion of the chess Festival they has been printed a special cover (1400 copies)

MA91SB.jpg (38983 byte)

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