Chess-items from Italy of 1990

Bibbona (LI) April 25th '90  "3rd International chess tournament - Light cavalryman"

 LI900425.jpg (27306 byte)  LI90sk.jpg (44972 byte)

the organisation has also printed a special card (2000 copies) and has used an official cover

LI90sb.jpg (49330 byte) 

Catania 5.8.90 and Misterbianco 12.8.90 "2th International Chess festival 4-12.8.90"

CT900805.jpg (26366 byte)  CT90RR1.jpg (48117 byte) 
CT900812.jpg (27607 byte)  CT90RR2.jpg (45389 byte)

Two special cancels and a nice special card were issued

      CT90sk.jpg (60179 byte)

MAROSTICA 8-9.9.90  "23th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

  The special cancel of the 9th September on the special cover (1500 copies printed)

 MA900909.jpg (28101 byte) MA90sb.jpg (42908 byte)

  and the special card (edited in 800 copies)

MA90sk.jpg (41858 byte)

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