Chess-items from Italy of 1974

Madonna Di Campiglio january 1974  "3rd International cess Festival"

a special cancel was used on january 9th with a special card and a special cover

TN740109.jpg (30967 byte) TN74ann.jpg (21946 byte)

TN74sb.jpg (29604 byte) TN74sk.jpg (43352 byte)


MAROSTICA 6-8.9.74  "15th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

in september 8th a special cancel was used

MA740908.jpg (32632 byte) MA74ann.jpg (45895 byte)

with 2 special card and 2 official special cover (only 500 copies printed of each)

MA74sk.jpg (38360 byte)
MA74sb.jpg (38018 byte)  

the organisation of the event issued also this other special


Venezia november 1974  "International chess Tournament"

a special cancel was used on 20th nov. and a nice official card was issued in 2000 copies

VE741120.jpg (32560 byte)    VE74sk.jpg (39225 byte)

VE74rr.jpg (53931 byte)

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