AFFLUENTE  old school punk hc legend

ANY GOOD REASON  Perugia fast hardcore

COLOSS bandana thrash core violence

CONTRASTO political old school  punk hardcore

CRIPPLE BASTARDS italian grind / hate core gods

DIE 100% fastcore bandana thrash punk

DISARM grindcore chaos inferno with attitude

DOWNRIGHT Genoa fast - core violence 

DYS in crust we trust...directly from the capital 

EVOLUTION SO FAR  powerfull hardcore from Las Pezia

EXTINZIONE Piacenza anarco-punk attack

FLOPDOWN the old school of Viterbo hardcore

GONNA FALL HARD bandana thrash fury...ex Ohuzaru! 

GRADINATA NORD hard 'n' roll with ultras attitude

GRANDINE political italian old school hc from Rovereto

HEARTFIELD great old school hardcore from south Italy

INGEGNO Viterbo - Perugia old school hc fury 

INSULT italian hardcore / crust rawness

JILTED Alessandria d.i.y  crusty punx

KAFKA screamed mosh core from Genoa

MAXCARNAGE fast chaotic thrash core from Roma

MILIZIA political punk - hardcore from Padova

NEVER WAS mosh italian new school hardcore

OPUS DEAD political thrash - punk from Madrid

OUZO Perugia hardcore style

PAYBACK  fierce and brutal ny hardcore

PHP 100% Milano hardcore 

POISONED SKROTUM Bari  brutalo ultracore crusty punx

SLIGHT intense & melodic post - core from Pesaro

STRENG APPROACH roman kings of the pit

SUMO d.i.y. heartcore from Atlantide squat - Bologna

THE DIFFERENCE sxe old school hc revenge...ex Receipt!

THE FOURTH SIN brutal hardcore from Rome

THREAT OF RIOT  fast italian old school ultracore / punk

TEAR ME DOWN militant italian old school punk hardcore 

TRANSGENICO CAOS PUNK political hardcore - punk

UNSUNG brutal new school hc brutality

YOUTH OY'S Terni fast melodic italian punk - hc

WOPTIME brutal hardcore from Torino 



ANTICHRIS DIONYSUS into hc / punx stuff 

ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA political hc label from Germany… great attitude!

BLOODY TEARS COLLECTIVE gangsta hc family from Cavalcavia squat 

CLOCKWORK LEGION hc, punk, oi! webzine / label from Ciociaria

CRACK IN THE SIDEWALK Bari hardcore / punk label

EQUALITY new roman straight edge hardcore label

EU'S 91 falafel grind core distro with Yugoslavian feelings

GOODWILL into melodic d.i.y hardcore / punk

HURRY UP! old / new school sxe hardcore reality

KATHODIC nice  d.i.y. punk / indie / rock web site 

LIFE OF HATE postcore / emoviolence distro label from Romagna

MASSACRO death grind conspiracy to rule your world

RADIO RIOT punk -  hc label + radio station based in Lazio

RATZ devoted to d.i.y. hardcore  punk & crust stuff

SHOVE Alessandria  indie / punk / hc label

SOLVE ET COAGULA spreading political d.i.y. reality

SONA MIUZIK miltant d.i.y. antifa streetpunk / hc label from South Etruria

SMARTZ punk - hardcore distro label from Torino

TETANUS - AGIPUNK power - violence label / distro / booking from north Italy

VALIUM - HELLNATION  hc / punk / indie recs - promoter + store based  in Rome

VIDA LOCA the queerious punk connection

ZAS d.i.y. crust punk label from extreme North Italy

8 RECS devoted to hc & rock'n'roll from Pescara



CRICETOPO into d.i.y. punk - hc...now CHOICES OF YOUR OWN Recs.

HOPES OF HARMONY hc & politics with hooligan's attitude....great!

PAIN ACT  political xxx hardcore fanzine from Downright 's crew

PURE HATE old hc / punx zine + promoter in Pescara city...now 8 Records!



ALF all about animal liberation

AINFOS updates news from anarchist area

ALTRAVISTA antagonist resource & guide + lots of links

ANARCOTICO news from libetarian area & political prisoners

ANTIFA antifascist infos / news and more ...

CHIUDERE MORINI against the lager Morini 

CRIMINI NASCOSTI photo gallery about anti-vivisection

FOOD-NOT-BOMBS cruelty - free / antagonist collective based in North America

INDYMEDIA ITALIA news from the "other world"

LIBERTY FOR PEOPLE antagonist guide in the net

SOCIETA' VEGETARIANA into the veggie movement

SQUAT NEWS Italy / Europe squatting + more infos

VEGAN ACTION devoted to crueltry - free lifestyle

VEGAN.IT like above ... go vegan!!!



ADRENALINE 101% inside d.i.y hardcore / punk...by Affluente's guys

ALESSANDRIA DEVASTATION cool  web site about Alessandria hc scene

ANTI - JUVE dedicated to our fucking black' n ' white's "friends"

ANTI - MILAN ...about the infamous red - black team...hate 'em all!!

CANI SCIOLTI GIALLOBLU' Viterbo hardcore hooligan...fieri & birbaccioni!

EL PASO squat / label / distro / politics /...based in Torino

US VITERBESE fuck Roma&Lazio! The most loved team in Centre Italy is here!

FC INTERNAZIONALE ...and the most loved team in Italy too!

FC TERNANA look some of the best antagonist ultras in Italy

GENOVA HARDCORE the modern manifest of Genova hc crew

HARDCORE.IT nice hc forum from the surrounding of  Torino

INK FOR BLOOD tattoo + body piercing studio in Roma

L38SQUAT nice web site / infoshop about Laurentino38 occupato - Rome

LAMETTE  cool old school punk - hardcore web site

LOVE / HATE  80 the history of the glorious italian punk - hardcore 

KICK AGENCY grind / metal promoter from Undertakers crew

LE-SCARPE-DI-LINUS cruelty - free shoes and vegan accessories

METALLUS heavy metal is the law!!!

MUNNEZZA italian d.i.y. hardcore / punk resource

PALERMO HARDCORE Palermo hc klan at his best!

PUGLIA HARDCORE about hc scene in Puglia land

ROMA HARDCORE about the modern hc scene in the capital

STAY PUNK melodic d.i.y. punk-hc webzine from Foggia

TIFONET join the italian ultras community                                                                                 


"libero di vivere senza autorita' / fiero di non
pensare come voi
" Tmd 1997