Update : 03.03.05     


10" - 12" Lp :

ACRIMONIE/CLOUDBURST split (FRA metallic emo chaos) EXUTOIRE

AVARICIOUS s/t (UK 16 trx by this brutal anarcho punk project) STRONGLY OPPOSED

CLOMACHNOISE "memorie..." (ITA good hc/punk by this old sardinian band) STEP AHEAD

COMPLICITE CANDIDE "ku prospechu vsech" (CZ raw & brutal hc / punk attack) ULTIMA RATIO NEW!

COMIN' CORRECT "one scen eunity" (USA ultra-powerful ny hc at his best!) GOOD LIFE NEW!

CONTRASTO/ROID split (ITA good political italian old school hc) MVDS

CRIPPLE BASTARDS "deperately..."(ITA grind legends / last record on picture disc) MASSACRO NEW!

CZD "center za..." (SLO rough punk-hardcore) FRONT ROCK

DEEP WATER s/t (USA powerfull and fast 90's hardcore punk) HELTER SKELTER

DEVOID OF FAITH s/t (USA raw and brutal crust assault) DIY

DISGUSTING LIES "don't ask just listen!" (POL cool violent dis - crust punx capitol) ANGRY NEW!

DISSCIORDA s/t (ITA bulldozing crust punx w / a message from South Italy) AGIPUNK NEW!

DIRTY POWER GAME "figli della..." (ITA great no stop - grind crust from Rome) AGIPUNK NEW!

EARTH CITIZENS s/t (UK rude anarcho punk w/ attitude) STRONGLY OPPOSED

EARTH CITIZENS "compilations" (US see above w/booklet) STRONGLY OPPOSED

ECORCHE s/t (USA good intense and metallic hardcore chaos) CYCLE

FALL OUT "neuropa" (ITA slow and metallic hardcore from La Spezia) DIY

FEEDBACK "gremo..." (SLO melodic punk HC) FRONT ROCK

HIGH CIRCLE "out of..." (ITA good 'n' melodic 80's punk rock) SUBCORE

IN4S "time comes" (SLO melodic emo hardcore) FRONT ROCK

JADED s/t (DAN violent metallic modern hardcore) DIY

KAVASAKI 001 s/t (AUT very original drum'n'bass) HAMMERWEERK

LMDF/MARY POPPINS split (ITA hc-punk VS melodic stuff  in pure TOxHC style) DIY

NAILED DOWN "honour and glory" (USA mega-raw crust mayhem) SIX WEEK

OPUS DEAD "control" (SPA furious political thrash core mahyem ) L' IDEA / UNDISLESSED /... NEW!

PRODUCT s/t (ITA powerfull sxe old school hardcore w/attitude) HEAD ON NEW!

PLUTOCRACY "dankstahz" (USA best crust hardcore w/members of SPAZZ) RODEL

SILENCE "mad civilization" (FRA ultra-sceaming metallic hardcore chaos) LES NAINS AUSSI NEW!

SCHENELEFE s/t (SLO melodic punk - hardcore...nice stuff) FRONT ROCK

STILLICIDIO s/t (ITA desperate stoned metallic hardcore chaos) DIY NEW!

V/A "unterhund" (SLO document of slovenian hc scene: WASSERDICHT, NOISE ORDER...) FRONT ROCK


Mcd - Cd

ARSENICO "forti.." (ITA powerfull modern hc w/ a touch of TO sound) SMARTZ / MASTELLO / ... NEW!

AUTOMATICA AGGREGAZIONE s/t (ITA loud street punk  w/ attitude) SONA MIUZIK NEW! 

BRZUCHY "live at..." (ITA mega raw grind - gore w / members of Unsung & Disprezzo) TETANUS NEW!  

CATTIVA REPUTAZIONE s/t (ITA Milano political punk oi! w / attitude!) DIY

CIMEX "per te solo rabbia" (ITA crust punx brutality from North Italy) DIY NEW!

BERENICE BEACH "runaway" (ITA catchy melodic punk - hardcore) DECIBEL NEW!

BICKLE' S CAB s/t (UK fast & fierce crust punx with e message...great packaging!!!)DIY NEW! 

BICKLE' SCAB "the power of TV.." ( UK their last work...like above!) DIY NEW!

COREY "sacroniente" (ITA their 2nd work...metallic grind core brutality w / no limit ) MASSACRO NEW!

CORNFLAKES FREAK "nora's room" (ITA good melodic 'n' emotional hardcore) DIY

COLOSS "play fast" (ITA crazy and powerfull fast -ultra- core from Rome) VALIUM RCZ NEW!

COSTRUZIONE 04 "demo 2003" (ITA nice new school hardcore) DIY NEW!

CRAYFISH s/t (SPA fast old school hardcore power) INVISIBLE

CRIME GANG BANG "balboa" (ITA powerfull italian old school hc) BBL NEW!

CZD "pokozlane trate" (SLO rough punk hardcore) FRONT ROCK

DEHUMANIZE "the breath of life " (ITA devastating death-black metal sxe crazyness) ABSTRACTION

DIE "i hope you die" (ITA furious bandana thrash core madness) EQUALITY NEW!

DISQUIETED BY "the different..." (ITA nice intense metallic evil core/good packaging) DIY

DISPREZZO "nel mio mondo il sole..." (ITA dis-beat scandi / crust punx brutality) AGIPUNK NEW!

DIVERGENZA "radio poggio r' n' r" (ITA militant and raw streetpunk with attitude) SONA MIUSIK NEW!


EYES SHUT "what it's.." (USA positive xxx and fast old school sxe hc) KEEP IT ALIVE

ERPICE "i mostri" (ITA raw intense hardcore/punk from south) RUMBLE FISH/SBORRA/...

EXECUCAO "stolida credulitate perit" (ITA furious political diy hardcore-crust) ASYLUM

EVOLUTION SO FAR "the armies of.." (ITA powerfull modern hardcore from Las Pezia) NH-N NEW!

FEAR MY THOUGHT "23" (GER apocaliptic screamed metallic hc mayhem ala' Converge) LET IT BURN

FEAR OF GOD "first ep" (SVI bulldozing grind gore stuff...devastating power!) EU' 91 NEW!

GARGANTHA "boy-COT-friendo" (ITA fast political melodic hc ala' Propagandhi) MUSIC TRICK NEW!

GRANDINE s/t (ITA great political italian old school hardcore...go!) DIY NEW! 

GOZZILLA "l'erba cattiva non..." (ITA new album...catchy & loud street punk'n'roll) VALIUM NEW!

HACHAZO / FUCK STREET NOISE split (SPA brutal hc / punk from both the bands) DIY NEW!

GIUIS / H - NITI s/t (ITA loud & catchy punk rock ) IN DELIRIUM / ... NEW! 

HEARTFIELD "grigio orizzonte" (ITA their last work...intense italian old school hc) RADIO RIOT

HEMLHAZARD "bocca chicka beatch" (GER catchy melodic ska - punk - hc) TWISTED CHORD NEW!

HOBOPHOBIC "rabbia e.." (ITA catchy italian hc w/ attitude & melody..great packaging!) DIY NEW!

HOSPITAL s/t (ITA cool original diy post rock w/ attitude)M SONA MIUZIK NEW!

HOSPITAL "dio c'e'" (ITA their second ep...same crazy stuff!) SONA MIUZIK NEW! 

INCRIMINATED/FULCRUM CREAK split (FIN evil 80 's death - thrash metal) HOSTILE REGRESSION

IMPLOSIONE "17 parallelo" (ITA powerfull old school hardcore) VACATION HOUSE

IMPACT "80 - 87" (ITA another 80's old school band that made a piece history!) EU'S 91 NEW!

INGEGNO "promo 2003" (ITA ultra fast italian old school hardcore) DIY NEW!

INGEGNO s/t (ITA great powerfull old school hard-ultra-core from Perugia/Viterbo) HURRY UP NEW!

INDIGESTI "in disparte" (ITA an old  band that made history...last work!) VACATION HOUSE NEW!

INTOLLERANCE "condenados a seguir.." (SPA raw political hardcore ) POTENCIAL NEW!

IRIDIO "per catturare.." (ITA emotional hardcore from south Italy) DIY NEW!

IL TEATRO DELLE OMBRE "ti ricordi?" (ITA desperate italian hc) EL PASO / CHOICES OF... NEW! 

KAFKA "the will" (ITA their last work :best mosh metal chaos...devastating power!) HURRY UP NEW!

KAFKA "discography" (ITA complete repressing of their stuff...Genoa hc legends!) BLOODY TEARS NEW!

KRUPTED PEASENT FARMERZ "everything.." (USA raw and melodic hardcore punk) FARMERZ HOUSE

LOWPUNCH "act..revolt..live" (SLO powerfull fast ' 80 ' s hc from ex Yugoslavia) CHOOSE LIFE NEW!

MAPLE "rebecca believes" (SPA emotional indie pop w / female voice) UNDERHILL NEW!

MAY I REFUSE "everything stop..." (ITA melodic emotional core) DUFRESNE

MALKAVIAN "whatever..." ( ITA bulldozing & metallic grind gore w / no speed limit!) MASSACRO NEW!

MAXCARNAGE "los disatres..." (ITA modern screamed hc chaos from the capital) DIY NEW!

MIGRA VIOLENTA"superficial" (ARG political old school hc ala' crudos) LES NAINS / SPAGHETTI NEW!

MINEFIELD s/t (ITA heavy and brutal death metal with true 80's sound) DIY

MONKEY FACES "bad control" (ITA fast hardcore from Forli') ABUSIVE RECS / SIILVER FUCK' / .. NEW! 

MUDDLE "evil-ution" (ITA great dark and metallic new school hc from Viterbo) PUNISHMENT

MUMBA JUMBA "noise pollution" (ITA devastating metallic hc chaos from Milan) BTC

NECESIDAD DE LUCHAR "la guerra social es..." (SPA political hardcore fury) DIY NEW!

NO INFOS "out of setting" (ITA their first work...ultra powerfull hc!) EL PASO / EFT / ANNEXIA ... NEW! 

OUT OF REACH "neverending" (ITA catchy and fast melodic hardcore) GOODWILL NEW! 

OUZO "support your local..." (ITA cool ultra fast but a bit melodic italian hc - Perugia) VACATION NEW!

PAYBACK "keep your.." (ITA brutal NY hc w/ 2 voices...devastating power!) VALIUM / EL PASO NEW!

POISONED SCROTUM / NN split (ITA / ARG sick' n' raw crust-punx assault) TETANUS NEW! 

RAEIN s/t (ITA screamed metallic hardcore chaos) LIFE OF HATE

RATBULL BITE s/t (ITA cool fast' n' metallic thrashcore) DIY NEW!

REDBLOODHANDS "8 spots on a..." (ITA ultra brutal metallic hardcore) FUORI SEDE / ODIO ALPINO / ...

REDSHIFT "i scream" (SPA fast angry 88's old school hardcore) SOULFORCE

REYNOLDS s/t (ITA metallic screamed hardcore chaos from Viterbo city) DIY

REAMINS OF THE DAY "an underlying.." (USA metallic death metal violence) CAH NEW!

RIP ROARING "innocent" (ITA straight forward powerfull hardcore) ANFIBIO / IN DELIRIUM / ... NEW!

R.S.F. s/t (ITA loud punk - hardcore w /attitude from  Manziana city!) SONA MIUZIK NEW!

SAME DIRECTION "fotografia di..." ( ITA cool fast italian punk - hc) ANNEXIA / TAGLIOLA / ... NEW!

SANTAMARIA s/t (ITA ignorant and rought punk - hardcore) RADIO RIOT NEW! 

SLAPSTICK/FREON 12 split (ITA Sardinia VS Friuli heavy metal core in NYC line) STEP AHEA

SHOCK TREATMENT "we're.." (ITA crazy noise post core from south Italy) RUMBLE FISH CORP.

SPLEEN FLIPPER "istinto alla.." (ITA good fast hardcore in your face!) VACATION HOUSE NEW!

STRAIGHT JACKET s/t (USA powerfull angry old/new school hardcore) DIY

STRENGHT APPROACH "the fall..." (ITA roman xxx old school 88's hc heroes) WHERE IT LIES / ... NEW!

STRETCH "valores" (SPA strong sxe hardcore fury from Zaragoza) X - Q NEW!

STRIDE demo (ITA nice and catchy melodic hardcore-punk) DIY

STEPOFF "words" (ITA straightforward xxx old school hardcore) DIY

SUBURBAN NOISE "here come.." (ITA sincere emotional punk heart core in Lifetime style) TOMCAT

TERRORIST GANG "fino alla vittoria" (ITA ultra brutal antifa oi!core) SONA MIUSIK NEW!

THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA s/t (ITA heavy hardcore chaos w/By All Means 's members) HEROINE

THE MAN OF HELL s/t (GER great heavy'n'metallic sludge core w/good packaging..excellent!) ANTIC.D

THE KING "heart bit" (ITA modern hard'n'roll w / members of Receipt & Face The Fact) HURRY UP NEW!

THRONE OF MOLOK "nova diabolica res" (ITA sick death metal violence from Sicily) DIY NEW!

THIS SIDE UP "caught by..." (ITA best intense melodic hc-punk...sadly RIP) GOODWILL/DOT...

TOXIC BONKERS "if the..." (POL bulldozing crust core violence from East Europe) SOA

TWISTHEAD "no one escape..." (ITA loud fast melodic hardcore) DIY NEW!

TRUTH IN MY HANDS "a place full of..." (ITA positive xxx 88's old schoolsxe hc) STEP AHEAD

ULTIMATUM s/t (USA loud straightforward new school hardcore) DIY

UNABOMBER "come spesso sono" (ITA good fast italian old school hardcore/punk) POSITIVE CREW

UNSUNG "nail in the hand..." (ITA cool brutal metal core assault) TETANUS NEW!

URBAN SLIGHT "1998 - 2001" (FRA political streetpunx with drums machine) DIY NEW!

UTOPIA CONCRETA s/t (ITA raw diy hardcore punk ) SONA MIUZIK NEW! 

VAPURELLA "psicopatie" (ITA fast powerfull hardcore punk from the island Sicily) DIY

VICE & VANITY s/t (SPA nice modern rock and roll) BETTY' S PUNK SECRET NEW! 

VOORHEES "13" (UK supreme political fast core...last album!) ARMED WITH ANGER NEW! 

VILE FUTURE "nessun futuro" (ITA raw political diy crusty punx from Cagliari) DIY

VUOTI PERSI "generazione in fiamme" (ITA raw hardcore - punk from north Italy) ANFIBIO / .. NEW!

YOUTH - OY ' S s/t (ITA straightforward melodic punk - hardcore from Terni city) DIY NEW!

WHEN MINDS REFLECT "don't care about the rest" (ITA 100% Pescara hardcore) 8 RECORDS NEW! 

WE' LL FACE "What can..." (ITA fast 88's old school sxe hardcore) YOUTH CREW

WOPTIME "mi vida loca" (ITA powerfull & brutal hc...neverending ignorance!) BRUTUS RECORDS NEW!  

WRETCHED "vivi ogni momento" (ITA last repressing plus unrealesed stuff...the history!!) EU' 91 NEW!

V/A "no speed limit 3" (GER good grind comp w/ ABSTAIN, MIGRA VIOLENTA, ROT, .. ) UNDISLESS NEW!

V/A "grind in not a crime" (FRA grindcore blast w/ PTAO, OBLITERATION, ... ) EMERGENCE NEW!

V/A "as one league" (ITA cool hc sampler w/ IGNITE, AGATHOCLES, SOTTOPRESSIONE..excellent!) VH

V/A "benefit f.n.b." (ITA great hc document w/ DOWNRIGHT, ENDSTAND, REVEAL, KAFKA,...) NO RECS

V/A "twilight zone " (GER punk-hc comp w/ INFRONT, CLINT, STAND AGAINST,..) TWISTED C NEW!

V/A "ribelli dentro" (ITA political hc benefit comp w / UGO PIAZZA, LOGICA DI MORTE, ...) DIY NEW!

V/A s/t (ITA  fast hc sampler w/ PHP, HAPPY NOISE, WENDIGO,...) MOUSEMEN NEW! 

V/A "night of the..." (ITA internation grind comp w/ MIXOMATOSIS, DEMISOR, ...) GRINDMIND NEW! 

V/A "hc connection" ( ITA ny hc fury w/ COMIN' CORRECT, CAIN , ONFALL) BTC NEW!  

V/A "railroad to.." ( ITA death grind attack w/ DISARM, SPLEEN, M. TERESA,...) ZAS / TETANUS NEW!

V/A "think try" (ITA metal core comp w/ NEVER WAS, FOR DEAR LIFE CORP, AGAINST) HURRY UP NEW! 

V/A "hardcore connection" (ITA hc blast w/ THREAT OF RIOT, MILKADD, FPO) ZAS / ANFIBIO ... NEW! 

V/A "noise in stereo" ( ITA grincore stuff w/ UNDERTAKERS, BERLUSCONI SS, ZE M...) MASSACRO NEW!

V/A "merry chrustmas" (ITA political punx stuff w/ FLOPDOWN, AGATHOCLES, EXECUCAO,..) NK NEW!


5"- 7" ep :

ACLYS s/t (GER supreme metallic sludgecore...kick in the ass!) PERKORO

ALCATRAZ / TEMPO ZERO split (FRA / ITA screamed emotional hc w/ ex Peut Etre guys) OPALE

APOSTATES "burn" (USA slow screamed doom core ) NBS MUSIC NEW!

ATESTABASSA "clone ogm" (ITA fast powerfull old school hc from South Italy) RUMBLE FISH / ... NEW!

AVULSION "green scare" (USA violent crust - grind from hell!) DIY NEW! 

ASSHOLES "revenge..." (ITA catchy punk rock from Latina) VALIUM

AUTORITAR s/t (GER raw crust punk brutality from Berlin) RODEL

AUT OF STEP/ENTROPIA split (ITA fast brutal italian old school hc attack) TENIA

AXIOM ''establishing a..." (USA brutal political crusty/punk...kick the ass!) ANGRY

BANDOG "zigel" (GER powerfull rought hardcore crust) ANOMIE

BBC "under the..." (GER brutal hardcore thrash) BASTARD

BETERCORE/OLHO DE GATO split (HOL raw ultracore powerviolence w/attitude) ANGRY

BIGOTS "afraid" (ITA hard melodic emotional punk hardcore) DIY

BIPOLAR "blankets..." (Usa desperate screamed hardcore blast) RUBBERCITY

B.BUBBLE "poached egg" (ITA slow punk rock) SLOK

BRUTAL MASSACRE ''survival of the sickest'' (SWI raw crust grind assult) STRONGLY OPPOSED

BUSHFIRE s/t (GER good melodic hardcore) SHORT EGG

CLOCKWISE s/t (USA nice melodic punk / hardcore) MOTHER BOX

CLUSTER BOMB UNIT "last band standing" (GER dis - beat crust brutality...cool!) ANGRY NEW!

COMIN' CORRECT/DIRTNAP split (USA NY hardcore at his best) BACK TA BASIC

COMRADES/K.G.C. split (ITA/SPA violent ultracore crust brutality at his best!) VALIUM / ... NEW!

CONFUSIONE (ITA 2nd seveninch for this violent ultracore band...TO x HC!) RATZ / ZAS / ... NEW!

CONTRASTO/ALTRO split (ITA political italian od school hc/punk-hardcore) MVDS

CORNUCOPIA s/t (ITA melodic emo noise core from Aosta) SHOVE

CROSS FIRE "lost" (GER straightforward old school hc stuff) RPN

CRUNCH s/t (ITA brutal fast hardcore in pure Torino style) ANTICHRIST D.

DEAD BOYZ CAN'T FLY "moi fratello.." (ITA demential punk rock) DIY

DEBELI PRECJEDNIK s/t (CRO straightforward melodic hc - punk blast) DOT

DE FAULT "restraint" (GER angry raw grindabbestia in your face) ANOMIE

DEHUMANIZE "restore..." (ITA melodic & dark death metal sxe inferno) SURROUNDED

DELIKUIUM "libertà a randello" (ITA diy political grind crust from Cuneo) DIY

DIM MAK s/t (USA powerfull metallic vegan sxe new school hc) SURROUNDED

DINT s/t (ITA dark and furious hardcore/chaos) BEHERE

DISFEAR s/t(SWE megaraw crust assault to rule your world) RODEL

DISFLEISCH "hear nothing.." (GER harsh rought crusty dis-core) RODEL

DISPENSE "nothin but..." (SWE raw crust punk...disharge lives) RODEL

DISARM / H 407 split ( ITA/ POL devastating death grind brutality!) TETANUS NEW!

DISARM / BORNSICK split (ITA disarm like above / rawcrusty punx w / attitude) TETANUS NEW!

DISARM / OBBROBRIO split (ITA great grindcore inferno/brutal crust from North) TETANUS / ..

DIVISADEROS s/t (ITA catchy and loud garage punk' n' roll) SLOK

DOGS IN SPACE s/t (ITA nice melodic punk rock) HAVIN'A SPAZZ

DOMO ARIGATO s/t (SWI rude diy punk ala Discharge / Crass) STRONGLY OPPOSED

DOWN BY LAW "yellow rat.." (USA supreme melodic punk hc by this legendary band) BREAK EVEN POINT

DRUNKARDS / NIKOTINA split (ITA Alessandria VS Firenze raw crusty - punk) NKTN

ELEVATE / PEDESTRIAN CROSSING split (FRA intense emotional hc  chaos) EMERGENCE / ... NEW!

EMETH "breathing the uncleanen" (BEL bulldozing death core violence) SCREECH RECORDS NEW!

EIGHTFOLD / TORMENT s/t (SWE desperarte screamed hc chaos) DIVING RECORDS NEW!

ESTIGIA "jamas el ojo humano.." (SPA brutal political hardcore from Zaragossa) DIY NEW!

FASE 4 s/t (ITA nice 60 ' s punk rock from Livorno) SLOK

FRANK DREVIN s/t (ITA devastating diy metallic grind core fury...kick your ass!) SANTA SANGRE

FH 72 "demo 89/90" (GER aggressive crust punx w / atitude) RODEL

FUSTIGATORI DEL CAZZO s/t (ITA glorious italian old school punk-hc) SCINDERSFAIZZ

GONNA FALL HARD "slap by gandhi" (ITA devastating bandana thrashcore assault) COUNTDOWN NEW! 

GREVIANCE s/t (ITA very impressive metal / emo / chaos) BIBA

GREEN BERET / MOKOVY KHAMENI split (USA/CZ crazy hc - chaos ala' Locust VS raw ultracore) DIY

HASTUR / P208P split (ITA furious death grind / powerviolence from Viterbo & Rome) DIY

HARKONEN s/t (USA intense hardcore chaos...great!) CYCLE

HARDHEADED SOUL "waiting..." (HOL melodic emo core) SACRO EGOISMO

HELDBACK "kill'em all" (SWE good fast old school hardcore in your face) DIY

HOBOFOBIC "certe situazioni" (ITA good melodic diy hc punk) TERAPIA INTENSIVA / BOBOCORE / ...

HATED YOUTH "hardcore rules" (USA cool hardcore - punk stuff) BURRITO RECORDS NEW! 

H 100 S "texas death match" (USA thrash core mayhem is the law!) HAVOC RECORDS NEW!

HUMAN SIDE "fragments..." (ITA loud new school hc from Sardinia) STEP AHEAD

KEROSENE "superstereo..." (ITA Firenze lo-fi punk rock) SOTTOSOPRA

KOBAYASHI / PROGRAM C s/t (AUT dark and fierce hardcore chaos) CARPEET NEW!

KRYPTOSEXUAL CANCROID/DEVIANT VS split (ITA/SLK brutal grindabbestia delirium!) MUTATIONED

KURORT "oslo" (AUT brutal noise hardcore chaos in your fuckin' face!) CONSPIRACY

ICE NINE "psychology and extreme.." (USA fierce metal core mayhem!) RHETORIC RECORDS NEW!

INSULT/EXECUCAO "uomo artificiale" (ITA Alessandria crust-punx assault!) ANGRY/UNDISLESS... NEW!

IN4S s/t (SLO nice emotional punk - hardcore) DIY

INEDZIA / MERDONALD' S split (ITA catchy streetpunk..colored vinyl!) ANFIBIO / PUNKAD .. NEW! 

JILTED "follia omicida" (ITA ferocious ultracore assault...great record!) ANGRY

JINX "circuits" (ITA slow noise core from Milan) RIOT

LANDMARK "faith" (USA fast forward hardcorefury) DIY NEW!

LAZY CAIN s/t (USA emotional modern hardcore) RUIDO NEW!

LAZY SUSAN "pinwheel" (USA nice melodic hc-punk) CARGO

LIGHTBULB s/t (USA powerfull hardcore blast) LAST STAND RECORDS NEW!

MAN IN THE SHADOW "pax americana" (SLO raw ultracore crust) CHOOSE LIFE

MISAMEE "philippe" (GER screamo powerviolence chaos) FLOWERVIOLENCE NEW! 

MOLTO RUMORE PER NULLA "potere" (ITA intense emotional hc) SHOVE

MOL "dos mondos" (SPA powerfull hardcore) MALA RAZA

MOM "warlive" (JAP ultra raw live violence by this sound terrorist) RODEL

MY OWN LIES / WILBUR COBB split ( GER harcdcore crusy brutality for this cool 5") FLOWERV NEW!

MUDDLE "the beginning..." (ITA Viterbo new school hc heroes) PUNISHMENT

MUROROA s/t (ITA screamed hardcore delirium from Milan) I THINK

NOT ONE WORLD "daybreak" (ITA sxe old school fury with a message) HEAD ON NEW! 

OCME "day light" (SWI loud new school hardcore from italian canton) DIVISION

ONE DAY CLOSER "unconquered" (HOL great new school hc sxe w/ Mainstrike's guys) DIY

ONE LAST SIN / WITHDRAW split (BEL ultra brutal mosh metal core) BRAVE HEART RECORDS NEW!

ONE LAST SIN / DEVICE CHANGE split (JAP like above...devastating power) ANSWER NEW! 

OVERFLOW "the worm" (CRO nice fast and melodic surf punk ) GOODWILL

OVERCAST s/t (USA powerfull metallic new school hardcore) DIY

OUTLINE / DOAA split (SWI screamed new school hardcore from both the bands) DIVISION

OX - EYE s/t (USA positive powerfull hardcore blast) JUSTJOY RECS NEW!

OHUZARU "trash is business" (ITA best bandana thrashcore for this 5" w / SOD cover!) HEROINE NEW!

PHP "incompleto disordine" (ITA good intense melodic hc/punk) GOODWILL

PROUD YOUTH "nothing change" (GER positive xxx old school sxe hc) KEEP IT ALIVE

PRODUCT X "hometeam" (HOL sxe old school hardcore pride) COMMITMENT

PULLMANX "è tutta colpa..." (ITA fast political punk - hardcore w/ attitude) DISCHI STORTI

RABIES / DEN ZA DNEM split (CZ diy raw dirty punk by both the bands) IMPREGNATE NOISE LAB NEW!

RAWS "100%..." (ITA rought punk / hardcore in your face!) TOTAL NOIZ

RESPITE "Thoughts" (ITA metallic and modern hardcore - Milan) HAVIN'ASPAZZ NEW!

ROTTEN SOUND "psicotic..." (FIN scandinavian grind warrior at his best) SOA

RUBBISH HEAP / UPSET split (BEL/GER chaotic noise hardcore) CONSPIRACY

RUDIMENTI s/t (ITA screamed/emotional hardcore) SHOVE / L' IDIOTA/ ..

SCUM OF SOCIETY / FULL OF HATRED split (ITA cool political crust punx w / attitude) DIY NEW! 

SEALED WITH A FIST "beside the lion" (USA heavy metal core assault) NAMPOST NEW!

SENDER s/t (ITA loud emotional melodic punk - hardcore ) GREENRECORDS NEW!

SEUCHENHERD s/t (GER bulldozing grindcore in your face) CIVILIZATION

SENTENCE s/t (ITA devastating sxe new school hc pride) TOMCAT

SINATRA s/t (ITA roman emo noise core) RUMBLE FISH CORP.

SLAPSTICK s/t (ITA powerfull NY hc - very original packaging!) SCUFIOT

SLOW SLUSY BOYS s/t (FRA 60 ' s beat punk and roll) SLOK

SFC "don't wanna..." (ITA nice punk/hc from Taranto) OVADA

SHEARS / DIA split (ITA ultra brutal grind - gore assault) DIY NEW! 

SNOWFALL s/t (ITA intense and melodic sxe hardcore) TWILIGHT

SOFFIO s/t (ITA devastating grindcore w/ 2 voices..similar to ENT) SANTA SANGRE

STRAHLKAHL s/t (8SWI brutal punk-hardcore in your face) STRONGLY OPPOSED

STORMCORE "rennes..." (FRA old hardcore heroes) FAST ' N ' LOUD

SULLE SPALLE DELLE PIETRE s/t (ITA screamed metallic emo delirium) EMPTY CHAIRS

SUPEREROI "piero" (ITA a classic of italian melodic punk hc - double seveninches!) FIERI RECS NEW!

SUMMER DAY IN JUNE s/t (FRA fast 88's melodic old school hc) OPALE

SUBURBAN NOISE "sunwards" (ITA true melodic punk - hc w / attitude) MEMOKID

TEARS OF FRUSTATION "demo 98" (USA straight forward powerfull hardcore blast) AOV NEW! 

TEAR ME DOWN "terzo" (ITA political old school hc rawness from Viterbo....great) ANGRY

THE PUBLIC "caged coscience" (SLK good powerfull hardcore blast) TASTE OF BLOOD/...

THIS SIDE UP / WHITE FROG split (ITA / BRA good melodic hc w/ Bad Religion cover!) GOODWILL /...

THE BOILS / BRIGATE ROZZE split (CAN / ITA loud streetpunk - hc) MAD BUTCHER

THE FALL OF JULIUS s/t (SWE metallic hardcore powerviolence) DIY

TYRANNICIDE s/t (USA metallic hardcore thrash) BAD CARD

UP TO DATE "solo silenzio" (ITA political italian old school hc in TO style) VINYL CREW

UNDERGROUND SOCIETY "the other.." (FRA metallic new school hardcore) OVERCOME NEW!

VALLIUM "flagello" (ITA furious raw crust grind w/ members of Ohuzaru!) STEP AHEAD / STG

V/A s/t (HOL brutal evil death core comp w/ ASHFALL, CONTRITION and MIASMATA) THREESOME

V/A "R' n 'r anthems" (ITA great hc/punk/oi comp w/ TEAR ME DOWN, RAZZAPPARTE, KLASSE K...) AQ

V/A "Comunication" (SPA hardcore/punk comp w/ MOL, LA FAMILIA MANSON...) MALA RAZA

V/A "Do it yourself" (ITA good hc-punk document w/ THIS SIDE UP, EVERSOR, NIA PUNX...) GOODWILL

V/A "ascend to..." (HOL fast posi-hc stuff w / ONE DAY CLOSER, UPRIGHT, ...) THREESOME NEW! 

YOUNGANG s/t (ITA nice street punk oi from the north) HANG OVER / MULINO NERO / ..

WOOD "[@#]" (ITA modern screamo hardcore from extreme north Italy) CYCLE RECORDS NEW! 

WORMWOOD s/t (USA heavy and brutal new school hardcore violence) DIY NEW!

"noi non siamo liberi..." Infezione 1988