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Radio Officer Rustu Cumhur ORANCI (TURKEY)


                                    The picture was taken in 1989 on board M/V Good Faith which was an Egon Oldendorff ship

Rustu Cumhur Oranci (born on October 28, 1960 in Istanbul) is a Turkish writer and literary translator. He left Turkey before the coup d'état of 12 September 1980 and spent some time in Europe working for the left-wing daily Aydinlik. He became a radio operator on merchant vessels. He wrote a magical realist account of his life on the high seas in his first novel Butterfly’in Intihar Seferi (The Suicide Voyage of the Butterfly), published by Telos, Istanbul in 1991. He currently lives in Istanbul and works as a full time writer. Personal website :  http://www.cumhuroranci.com/


Radio Officer Dierk VORNHEIM (Germany)


I’m Dierk Vornheim and I was born in Woehrden, a little village about 80 km south of the danisch border at the coast of the North Sea in 1937. After  visiting high school  I made my education as a electrician and radio mechanic.Then I attended the Ships-Ingenieur-School in Flensburg where I got my 2nd Class R/O Licence in  May 1959. After that I was R/O on board MV Carl Fisser/DCVU, MV Paul Honold/DECM and MV Widar/DHDW. After this, I was Radio Operator at german coastal Station NORDDEICH RADIO/DAN and Bearing Station ST. PETER-ORDING GONIO/DAG. The Photo: I’m watching the Frequency 500 kHz at DAN and in my rear the turning around “buoy” containing QTC’s for ships calling DAN for receiving their QTC’s. During visiting the school in Flensburg in 1958 i got Amateur Radio licence and callsign DL6NE. Later on my callsign changed tom DL8LD.


Radio Officer Ulrico BRACCO (Italy) now silent key


To remember our colleaugue and good friends, R/O Ulrico BRACCO who had the big opportunity to sail on board the biggest Italian Liners between Europe and North America in the 50's and 60's, he ended his career at sea after a long period also on board cargo ships, Ulrico was a good radio operator and excellent radiotechnician. After his life at sea, Ulrico entered in the school teaching W/T and radio procedures at Radio Officers Cadets, he left this life surely for a better life in the arms of God, he was a good man always ready with amateur radio novices showing that also amateur radio hobby could be done with professionality. Dear Ulrico we wish you fair winds and following seas.

Radio Officer Antonio ZERBINI (Italy)


Antonio ZERBINI born on 26 January 1935, because his father's job he entered in touch with W/T at very young age. During Navy service he worked as radiotele- graphist on board two warships "DUCA degli ABRUZZI" for 16 months and "SAN GIORGIO" for 8 months, after his service in the  Navy he entered in the Italian Coast Radios and worked in Cagliari Radio IDC and a life in Genoa Radio ICB. Antonio is INORC President since more than 20 years

Radio Officer Dr. Avi ROCHMAN (Israel)


Radio Room on M/V Dhalit

Hello, my name is Avi Rochman. I was born on 30th June 1958 in Vilnius Lithuania and immigrated with my parents and brother in March 1971 to Israel (4X/4Z land), where I live with my extended family till today.   I never lived next to the sea and my childhood experience with Baltic Sea during our family summer vacations was actually very bad; I felt terribly bad at the sea and always was sea sick as a child (Hi). In 1972 at age of 14 years old I was very curious and fascinated by electronics and the possibility to travel around the world, therefore decided to join Maritime Nautical School In Ashdod (Israel) where I was trained for 4 years till 1976 and become at the age of 18 Radio Officer on Merchant vessels holding 2nd Class R/O ticket.At age 18 (1976) immediately after finishing studies in the Nautical School, I joined the Israeli Navy where I served for 3 years ( till 1979) as CW operator on the missile ships. In 1979 after my demobilization from the Navy, I started my civilian R/O maritime career, but first of course, as an R/O Cadet in Haifa Radio 4XO for 3 month, and then 3 month in addition sea time at sea. I worked at sea starting 28 Nov-1979 till 28-Apr-1992 sailing on the following vessels:

Name of the Ship                           Shipping Co.                             Flag

M/V Dhalit                                       Rosenfeld Ltd.                            Israeli

 M/V Dror II                                      Tarshish Ltd                                Israeli

 M/V Moran                                     Tarshish Ltd                                Israeli

 M/V Maklef                                    Rosenfeld Ltd.                              Israeli

 M/V Tilia                                          ZIM Ltd                                      Israeli

     M/V Dona                                       Mano Ltd                                     Liberian  

worked at sea remittently, thus starting in 1983 till 1989 studied in the Beersheba University for B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering and sailed as R/O on my summer vacations which I must admit gave to me a very strong financial support to continue my studies. In 1992 I joined Motorola communications Israel where I managed Materials Technology Center and accomplished externally my Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering again in Beersheba University. I was employed by several Israeli/American Hi-Tech companies, still do, and also held in the past academic position of Deputy Chair Advanced Material Engineering Department in JRC (Jerusalem College of Engineering). Although got my extra class Ham license – 4X1WQ in early 1980s, never had thoughts of buying equipment and ”playing amateur" communications (Hi), but nostalgia and craving for CW never had abated, so luckily or by "mysterious guiding hand" I got in June 1989 from junk TS-820S transceiver……….and the rest is history. Hope to work you on the bands, 73:88, Good Health and Luck to all of you dear colleagues!!

Radio Officer Daniel YAARI (Israel)


Born 1941 in Rome Italy, given name was Fabio Giarri, but on arrival to 4X-land, for some complex reasons, I received the name Daniel Yaari. As I was raised in places close to water, first near the Sea of Galilee, and thereafter near the east Mediterranean coast line; it was immediate that my hobby included Paddles and Waves surfing, but also a lot of sails and swimming. At the periods of the elementary school, and even during the high school, learning physics and electricity, did not gave me a clue that Paddles and Waves may mean a very different things. Close to the date when I was drafted for the army service, I saw a movie where the actor Tony Curtis was carrying a radio transceiver, in a Marine combat on one of the pacific islands. That scene cached my interest and led me to spend more time tuning the “green eye” of our domestic broadcasts receiver. Doing so, I encountered the clicks of the Morse code. With growing interest, and investigating the matter, I arrived to a local radio service shop, were the owner was a Ham, and he build me a pitch oscillator with which I was able to read the cw stations that penetrated the broadcasts receiver. It was a `love from first date` and thus I learned the CW code all by myself. Being drafted to the army service, I was asked if I have any preference among 3 or 4 options put in front of me, without any hesitation I choose to be a radio operator.  During those years (59-61) it was mainly CW and after about 6 months course I graduated to be a Radio Operator and after further courses I became also a cryptologist. I spent my first Radio Career, mostly, in a commando patrol unit, operating all versions of the 19-set (190/191/192…) on a command car with the key belt to my leg. After the army service I found a job that called for proficiency in radio operation but also trained me to qualify for its special requirements in radio- communication. The job was for the Ministry Of Communication. In the early 60ties there were not many undersea communications cables and no satellites so most of the international communication was on HF. My job was to monitor all point to point radio links carrying all modes and all the country traffic to the world. That included a change of:- frequencies, antennas, receivers and transmitters. The place where I controlled all those was called a Terminal Station, from which I was orchestrating at least 3 far apart receiving antennas fields, transmitting antennas field and remote operated transmitters and receivers. It has to do a lot in understanding HF radio propagation and foreseeing a change before degradation in quality of the mode on use will occur. That job was my second career in radio; it has to do a lot with waves but not with paddles. Being a government job it was poorly paid but it was a great Hobby. Young and healthy, I was seeking to see the world and make more money, thus my roots in sea water, and interest in radio directed me to study and issue a Merchant Marine Radio Officer license. At that era it was also named “Sparky”, “P.M.G” or “Proficiency in radiotelegraphy”. That ticket put me on various vessels for about nine years and circumnavigating the globe at least two complete round voyages. That may be counted as my third career with a lot of paddles and waves. Still I did not thought about Ham radio. In the eyes of a healthy man that can row, swim and surf it looked insane to use your trade as a hobby on your free time. On the year 1973 I completed a study of junior electronic engineering, but also was drafted to serve as a radio operator in a tanks unit at the war of that year. I came out partly disabled. Still on a wheel chair, presuming that I shall not be able to go back to maritime mobile radio; I started my interest in Ham radio. Soon after a surprising quick recovery I started a 30 years career of practical seamanship instructor and a teacher for maritime communication and navigational aids in a nautical school. On the year 1976 I was offered a job, of a one way voyage, from Hobart Tasmania to Amsterdam Holland. It was only a three months voyage, but almost anything that may happen did happened on the proposed vessel. It was a small bulk carrier of a New-Zealand Union company and its name was “Union Trans Tasman”, call sign ZMPT, later changed to 4XYP. That voyage worth a book of its own, and it was the last voyage that I made as the sole Radio Officer.  During my 30 years as an instructor and teacher I made a lot of voyages but mainly as a whale boats and sails yacht skipper or as an instructor with students on merchant marine cargo ships. These were years with a lot, of both types, of paddles and waves. On the year 1973 I issued a Ham license 4Z4OL, but it was not until 1976 that I bought my first station. Radio Officers were granted an extra class Ham license after a temporary, one year second class. Around the late 80ies all extra classes were allocated with a “1” after the entity prefix, and as I was offered to choose my own suffix, I quickly found that F and C are the best on my preferred CW Iambic mode, thus I became 4X1FC. On the year 1999 when the Morse code was about to cease being an official mode for international communications, and the Radio Officers were a vanishing peoples of the seas, I went to a course for issuing  the General Operator Certificate (GOC) to be licensed to operate the equipment of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). I never had the chance to operate, at sea, the full volume of the system. I retired on 2003 and until 2007 worked as an examiner for the written parts of yachts masters and all other small vessels licensing categories. At the age of 70 with a cluster of health problems, it is the Ham radio and especially the cw paddles and waves that maintain my sanity…so, see you on the bands … - Giarri Fabio/Daniel Yaari 4X1FC

Radio Officer Geoff VALENTINE (England)


Hi my name Geoff Valentine  born 25.08.1952  Manchester UK. After completing my general education, I applied to attend the 'College of International Marine Radio Telecommunications'at Brooks Bar college Manchester from September 1972 until July 1975, after gaining my MRGC certificate, then completed DOT RadarMaintenance certificate. Applied for employment with the Bibby Line of Liverpool and joined my first vessel the mighty 'Ocean Bridge / GYKA' at Port Talbot South Wales March 1975. Completed Radio Electronics Diploma in 1983 at Riversdale College Liverpool. Radio & Eelctronic Oficers Union delegate member.Stayed with Bibby's all my sea time, ten years, sailing on the following vessels.. 

Ocean Bridge / GYKA

Lancashire / GOUY [2] *

Dart America / GOOB

Wiltshire / GYKA

Lincolnshire / GOVX /ZELN [5] *

Hampshire / GOWA

Devonshire / GOWB  

Staffordshire / GYOD / ZELP [2] *

Berkshire / GYZK [2] *

* = Voyages

After my sea-time employed as a Marine Electonics engineer based in Falmouth Cornwall. Presently employed as electonics systems engineer. Member of the Radio Officers Association. Radio Amateur with the callsign G0UVX, whilst based in Cyprus utilised call sign ZC4VG.Photograph of myself in the radio room of my favourite vessel [ 2.5 years total]  LPG carrier MV Lincolnshire/GOVX

Radio Officer Dirk J. BAL (The Netherlands)


My name is Dirk J. Bal and I was born in the Netherlands near the Northsea coast. In 1978 I completed my studies at the nautical college in Vlissingen and obtained the general certificate for the maritime mobile service. Between 1978 and 1986 I worked as a Radio & Electronics Officer on-board gas- and chemical tankers and sailed the seven seas, on the following ships;
Coral Rubrum/PJUT
Coral Isis/PJWL
Coral Maeandra/PJLZ
After my great experience at sea, I joined Philips Electronics and in 1995 I move to Brazil. Already during my studies I obtained my ham-radio license and I've been active as PA3ALV and PC0PY I have made a website about my period as a R/O, but unfortunately it is written in the Dutch language only http://dickbal.wordpress.com
best 73, Dirk

Radio Officer Dietrich BRANDT (Germany)


My name is Dietrich Brandt and I was born in Elbing / Westprussia on the coast of the Baltic Sea in 1937. After visiting high school  I made my education as a radio and t/v mechanic.Then I attended the nautical college in Hamburg where I got my 2nd Class R/O Licence in  June 1959. From 1959 to 1963 I was R/O on board several german vessels, After that I attended the nautical college (now nautical high school ) at Bremen from 1963 to 1964 and obtained my 1st R/O Certificate. From 1964 to 1965 again  R/O on board german ships. The photo :  that´s  me and a part of the radioroom of the passenger liner TMS “HANSEATIC”/DABR , there were 4 R/O-Colleagues o/b. From 1965 to 1968 I was Operator in the  German Military Air Weather Service ( former Geophysikalischer  Beratungsdienst) at Cologne-Bonn Airport and got my 1st Class Weather Operator Licence (Prüfungsschein 1) .From 1968 to 1997 I worked in the Deutsche Bundespost, Telekom and was radio operator at NORDDEICH-RADIO / DAN. During that time I got my Amateur-Radio-Licence and the Flight Radiotelephone Certificate .Then after retirement I appreciate ham radio my C/S is  DL1BHM.Bst 73 Dietrich 

Radio Officer Riccardo MEMEO (Italy)


I was born in Bari, Italy, in 1945, but I am living in Holland since many years because my wife is dutch. After completing the Radio Officers school, I obtained in april 1964 the International Certificate of 1st class. In august 1964 I got my first job as R/O on the liberian vessel Calypso, c/s 5MIK. She was an american type Liberty ship. The radio room equipments were not the usual Mackay Marine or RCA console but had been refitted with a Marconi station. Main receiver Atalanta and main transmitter Oceanspan VII with an output of 100W. Since then I have been serving on many types of vessels: general cargo, bulkcarriers, tankers also VLCC, lpg tankers, OBO, ro/ro and full containers. The radio stations on these vessels were also of many different types and makers. In the course of the years I have witnessed personally the development of maritime communications and had to keep up with it: from the simple station of my first ship up to the latest computerized Inmarsat terminals. Of course CW could not compete with the velocity, versatility and reliability of these modern systems. However using them is no fun as it was with CW and even Sitor. Anyone, after a brief training, can operate them, just as well millions of people everywhere use daily their computers without really understanding anything about. Well, in few words, I have been a Radio Officer for all my working life until retirement on february 2007. In 1996 I had obtained my GMDSS GOC. Actually as from 1999, when CW was discontinued, I was on board a GMDSS operator with many additional duties, we were also the ship’s purser. I am now moderately active on ham bands with my dutch c/s PA5MX, but I am not interested in contests, awards etc. I just enjoy operating the radio and making a nice qso mainly in CW.

Radio Officer Aldo CASSETTA (Italy)


.My name is Aldo CASSETTA, I am  Italian, and has been born in 1957. I have attended for three years the course of R.T. for merchant marine in the splendid city of Venice, Italy, to the institute George Cini, situated in the island of Saint George of forehead the splendid sight of Saint  Marco square. Al according to school year, to the age of 16 years, I have passed the summery vacancy on the ship fleeting Ausonia/IBAX that carried out cruises in the Mediterranean. During the three summery months I have washed very many plates, but in compensation in navigation in the free hours I was in radio station and the R.T. then were much happy for training to me.To the evening, the R.T. of guard, often said to me: ” Aldo I see that you are right, it makes me a pleasure you you remain here in  listen to 500 Khz,  I am to the bar, if you have problems calls me to  telephone ”In the 1975 taken the licence of R.T. 1^ class and then I continued the studies giving a degree to me successively to the technical institute like electronic  in Telecommunications. From 1975 to 1980 I have had periods boarding like R.T. on the following ships; Poseidon/ICXZ - Ignazioemme/Messina Lines - Ruta/IBGU. From 1978 to 1979 the Italian governement has asked my “ collaboration ” for 18 months and has carried out the navy service on the Destroyer Ardito, like sergeant electronic launch missiles. In period 1979 -1980 in  service to  coast station R.T.F.  of Venice radio. In 1981 I had a good opportunity of job for an employment to earth. They have entered in a big electricity company and from then they are specialized to me on maintenance of electrical power plant , services and infrastructures of business telecommunications, systems SCADA, UNIX, systems of telecontrol  of electricity Now, in the 2010 I am  operator in a center of telecontrol of  “ TERNA ”  big  Italian company that manage the  high voltage grid. Thanks to a my friend, similar beloved of course R.T which gives many years execute installations and maintenances on the ship stations, I have had the opportunity to visit various ships, now with equipment  of G.M.D.S.S. With displeasure I have seen the premises radio once become warehouses for materials, old sealed and blocked RX and TX MF and HF. Now on the ships, passengers and ferries, the traffic radio it comes carried out also with net WI-FI to edge from the PC portable and mobile, through the Internet connection to satellite. During these years I have always carried out I listen on the HF through the transceivers of my station of amateur radio operator call sign IK3OGG. In some occasions they are successful to still maintain of the connections radio CW and USB with friends in navigation. Currently I carry out I listen on frequencies HF of the G.M.D.S.S through endowed RX of simple interface for PC and program of decodes DSC Decoder of  COAA production. It is I listen very interesting and in two occasion being been transmitted of the calls of SOS from ships in danger, on my PC has activated the previewed acoustic alarm from the program! Now since traffic CW once between the coastal ships in navigation and stations is not more  present, the HF are  more free, are less disturbances and come receipts mark transmitted them from long distances much, one of the SOS received from the sea of China, you memory that I live to 50 km from Venice. My e-mail address: cassetta@inwind.it  tel. Skype “ cassetta2” Best wishes to  all.

Radio Officer Bruno VALLE (Italy)


My name is Bruno Valle di Trieste, age 67 years (Born 07/09/1943) and I live in Trieste. I was pinned with duties of a former police officer in the Guardia di Finanza retired in 1993 (October 20) after 31 years of active service, I went out from work at the age of 50 years because I wanted to enjoy life because the military life was a a bit hard and take back everything I had lost earlier. I enlisted in the Guardia di Finanza October 10, 1962 making service all over Italian Country at first not as a radio operator, between Lombardy (Varese and Como), Campania (Salerno), Lazio and in Gaeta, I attended the course to become  Marconi Operator I did the specialist school  in the years 1964/65 then I left the school for   Tuscany: town of Livorno, (where I met my current wife). I was radio operator on High Sea Patrol Vessels and occasionally in the  Radio Center at shore from which we were mainly in connection with Rome (which was the main Network radio station) and all the other Italian radio stations. In 1968 I was transferred from Livorno to Trieste (now in my house, and happiness) to be employed in the Radio Station at shore in the Command of Trieste always responsible for carrying radio operator, which specialization I have maintained since July 1965 (year of appointment by Marconi, with final results of first classified above the 27 participants with a score of 19/20 and the final destination was again the department in Livorno until 1984, the year in which, for various reasons I resigned from the specialization of radio operator, going to the Customs at the port of Trieste in order to achieve in the year 1993 (October) the decision to go into retirement. Now I am very active as amateur radio with callsign IV3JWY and I have several friends from TRIESTE RADIO IQX both amateurs radio and not.

Radio Officer Gilbert GARRIGUES (France)


My name is Gilbert GARRIGUES. Born in Normandy in 1931 , 20 Km south of Rouen I became Radio Officer after one year at the “ Ecole d’Hydrographie  de Paris “ 1950-1951 .I worked as Radio Officer (and purser) on many liberty ships , Empire ships , cargo-ships and passengers ships , mainly with the shipping company  “Nouvelle Compagnie Havraise Péninsulaire “. This company sent her ships to load in Indian Ocean , Madagascar , South Africa and also into the Persian Gulf = my call signs were  FPPO  -  FOBO  - FPOV –  FNQW  - FPOO  -  FNQF  - FPGX  -  FNQS  - FNQA  - FNQB  - FNQD  - FNQO  -  and so on …. I served one year in the french Navy on the oceanic mine sweeper “Garigliano”    FASL . We took this new ship in the shipyard of Tacoma-Seattle in 1954 to bring her back to France. I left the merchant navy in 1963 and entered as electronics engineer in the firm “ SAGEM”  of Paris where I worked 23 years on inertial navigation systems for missiles and planes. Retired in 1987 in the same place where I was born.

Radio Officer Nino PACENZIA (Italy)


 Born in 1954 in Siculiana, on the southwest coast of Sicily. I have always been a sea lover and the obvious choice for me was to join the Merchant Navy as a Ship's Radio Officer. Between 1969 and 1972 I attended the State Marine Radio Institute in Porto Empedocle, Sicily, and while there I obtained my amateur radio licence and my first call sign IT9PZF. Immediately after I attended the State Technical Institute for Electronics in Agrigento where I graduated two years later .Between 1974 and the end of 1976 I have done my compulsary twenty-month "National Service" by the Italian Navy. As a newly promoted sergeant I started an eight-month period at the Electronic War Dpt. at " Mariteleradar" by the Navy Academy in Livorno and then I served the remaining nine-month period at  the Conference Hall of the "Nato Defense College" in Rome as a Sound Technician  with the highest NATO security clearance (Cosmic Top Secret). In 1978 I obtained a First Class International Certificate and a couple of weeks later I went off to work for the italian radio companies "Sirm" and "Telemar" being signed to various italian flag ships. Some months later I joined the VLCC Texaco South America/HPKG and then other Texaco tankers.  As I knew Paola for many years already, inevitably, I came to the decision to "divorce" from ships and in 1982 I married her. That same year we moved to Grevenbroich, Germany, were she always lived with her family. On my arrivel I applied for my german call sign  and soon after I was actively operating as DJ0DF.  Four years later (1986), Paola, our two-year-old daughter Sarah and I, moved to Siculiana, Sicily. In September of that same year I started teaching Marine Radio at the very same State Marine Radio Institute in Porto Empedocle I had attended in the 70's. Knowing that Satellite Radiocommunications would inevitably have abolished all Marine Radio Institutes, in 1992 I managed to re-qualify as a class-assistant teacher and continued as a teacher in charge of menthally disabled students. In September 2011 I will be celebrating my 25th year of High School teaching. Now I enjoy watching ships sail by and refresh some old memories of my career at sea while operating in the International Amateur Radio Service with the new call sign IT9RYH.           Fiendly yours, Nino PACENZIA.

Radio Officer Francois BROSE (Belgium)


    My name is Francois BROSE. I am an ex radio officer of the belgian merchant navy.I was born in Liège Belgium on July 24th 1936. I became radio officer after years of study at the SAIT school in Brussels.I sailed from 1958 till 1960 on various belgian merch ant ships such  as M/V Charlesville, M/V Leopoldville , M/V Jadotville , M/V Lusambo ,  M/V Mohasi and M/V Frubel Julia. I left the sea to get married !! I am now retired but still a sea lover ! Friendly yours, François BROSE

Radio Officer Ferdinando LIGUORO (Italy)


Born in Torre del Greco (Naples)  in  1937. After attending technical radio operator high school, in 1960 during compulsory Military  Service in the Navy I was assigned to the Navy Coast Station of LivornoRadio/IDK and then military ships as well. I become interested in radio so in 1961 I earned 1st Class Radio Operator Certificate. I worked as Radio Officer on merchant ships for several  years: - M/T Brattland/LANE,  MV MATTHEW, SS FLORITA,  SS MATEO,  MV MATROZOS. Then I came to work ashore as Radio Operator in RomaRadio/IAR. I than was  employed as tele-type technician  in a work place nearer my home than Roma. I ended up my career as Postmaster. Since retairement I have a lot of interests such as: painting, sculpture, music, recitation and last but not least a wine grower. Time to time with my brothers I like shareing with them memories about years spent at sea and I have to admit that often I feel the missing of open sea and voyages over the oceans.

Radio Officer Hans van den Toorn (The Netherlands)


Born   in  1946  in   a  small   farming village in Holland close to the German border. Nautical College Amsterdam from 1964-1967 where I got my 2nd class R/O license plus radarmaintenance. Sailed as R/O on  various  cargoships   and bulkcarriers till 1975. Returned to Nautical College Amsterdam and obtained  my  1st   class R/O license and in addition some courses in marine electronics.  From  1976   till 1989 sailed as R/O mainly on VLCC's and new containervessels. Resigned from the fleet in 1989 and transferred to the offshore oil- and   gasindustry. From  1989   till  2007 worked as logistics and  flight-coordinator  on  various   drilling-rigs   and production platforms worldwide. Retired  in  2007  after   40  years  at  sea  and now active as PA3ERE on the hambands, only CW of course. My email-address is hans.vandentoorn@gmail.com    Best 73 to all.

Radio Officer John DAVIES (South Africa)


My name is John Davies, born 1953 in South Africa. My parents moved  to   UK with the family  in   the 1960's. I  attended  Brunel  Technical  College,  Bristol  1977-79, obtaining the MRGC and radar certificates. My first few ships were with Unicorn lines of Durban, South Africa and in 1980 I joined Swire Pacific in Hong Kong, sailing on all sorts of vessels including cargo, container, two cruise liners and a VLCC. In 1988 I   transferred  to  their   offshore division and worked as ETO on Heavy Lift and Dive Support vessels. In 1983 I  had  returned to    Brunel  to  do  the  Diploma in Marine Electronics, and met Graham Wright, G4FUJ, who is included in these biographies. Graham and I used to study together and cram for the exams, forgetting it   all later after consuming vast quantities of beer!  The photo shows me with my daughter aged 5 on the cruse ship "Coral Princess" in 1987. I lived in Thailand   for  ten  years until 1991 when I moved to Singapore and got a shore job. Now I am back at  sea  again as  ETO on board a Dive Support Vessel working in Asian waters. I am quite active as a radio amateur from Singapore with the call 9V1VV, especially on the low bands. 73 de John

Radio Officer Rino LIGUORO (Italy)


My  name’s Rino LIGUORO, I was born in 1973, in Torre del Greco near Naples. Thanks to my dad Vittorio (Radio Officer and ham as well), I commenced pretty early to be interested in radio communications field achieving a great deal of cw dx in teenage years. In 1991, during last the year of secondary school, I passed exams in Rome obtaining the 1st class R/O licence. My first  ship was an Italian small bulk carrier abt 8000 tdw, voyages were mostly north Europe, west Africa and the Mediterranean.  One of the funniest thing, I can’t help of saying it,  was first qso with my father while he was on watch on 8 Mhz in Genova Radio/icb, I teased him mildly using c/s of  his first ship…hi. Even if this profession was very short for me, at least only six months, It was definitely one of the  greatest  experiences of my life. E-mail: rinoliguoro@yahoo.it

Radio Officer Vittorio LIGUORO (Italy)


 I  was born in Torre del Greco, close to Naples, after Technical school the great sea passion and the interest for the charming world of the radio took me to  obtain  1st class  Radio Officer’s cert. in 1964. I sailed on merchant ships as Radio Officer for about 4 years. My first voyage was on  m/v Stamatios G. Embiricos / SVFP (I was twenty yrs old), followed by m/v Sirena / ICAQ, then  s/s San Gaetano  / 5MIX and last one m/v Mare Sereno / ICHN. After sea period I worked as Radio Operator in Radio Coast Stations for a long while: Napoli Radio / IQH and Genova Radio / ICB. I shared this wonderful profession with all of my three brothers and even though some of them left this job to pursue other kind of careers, we are all agree to say: it was the most fascinating time of our lives…. Now I delight to carry out CW qso on ham bands, my c/s is IK8PPT. This is a great site for us to talk about Radio Operators and their romantic past. Vittorio Liguoro   ligvii@aliceposta.it

Radio Officer Denice STOOPS (U.S.A.)


I was born in Saginaw, Michigan U.S.A. in 1956. Joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 1974 and went to work as a telegrapher  for   RCA   as   the   first  female operator (T-3)  at  KPH   in  1979.  KPH   closed  in  1997.  I  joined  the radio department on the O'Brien  in  2007  and   upgraded my license to a T-1 to operate the transmitters. In 2009 I was offered a position on   the   SS Lane Victory/KECW and I sailed on her as 2nd R/O in Sept. I currently operate at KSM. 73/88   email: da.stoops@sbcglobal.net

Radio Officer Claudia WENDISCH (Germany)

Radio Officer Claudia Wendisch, maiden name Oehm, 1949 born in Bonn.

* 1969 Second Class Ship Radiotelegraph Operator's  Certificate.

* 1969/70 R.O.  M/V Linzertor/DDQM, bulk carrier,

* 1970/71 R.O. M/V Johannes Bos/DIBJ, general cargo,

* 1971/72 R.O. M/T St. Petri/DAKP, tanker

* 1972  R.O. M/V Belgrano/DGDB, bulk/car carrier

* 1972/73 R.O. M/V Santa Fé/DNFX, general cargo

* 1973 First Class Ship Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate.

* 1973/74 R.O. M/V Polar Brasil/DGBZ, reefer

* 1974/76 R.O. M/T St. Jacobi/DAJA, tanker

* 1976 R.O. M/T St. Clemens/DAHC, tanker

* 1977 Became mother of a daughter and stayed at home,

           later short substitutions:

* 1986 R.O. Substitution M/T Kurt Illies/DNKB, tanker

* 1988 R.O. Substitution M/T Immanuel Kant/DIKF, tanker

* 1989 R.O. Substitution M/T Hermann Schulte/YJXN6, tanker, flag Vanuatu

* 1990 R.O. Substitution M/V Atalanta/P3YD2, container ship, flag Cypres

* 1991 R.O. Substitution M/V Billie Fay/ELDN9, bulk carrier, flag Liberia

* 1992 R.O. Substitution M/V Columbus Olinda/ELHH9, container ship, Liberia, last ship!

* 1995 General Operator's Certificate (GMDSS), Flensburg

* Since 1989 Teacher for Radio Licences in my own school:       

* Since 2002  Publication of different books for Ship's Radio Communications

* Since 1986 Radio Amateur Licence with call sign DL5LBC


Radio Officer André CORDIER (France)


I was born in Aug 1938 in Saint Nazaire. After secondary school, I joined the National Merchant Marine School in Nantes, got second class R/O ticket in 1957, 6 months  at sea as cadet then R/O o/b T2 tanker Fina Portugal/FPZK (ex Grand Teton), 18 months of military service (compulsory at this time in France), 1st class R/O ticket in 1963. Since then worked all the time for Fina France Cy either as R/O or Electronician Officer on automated tankers. This Cy owned up to 6 ships in 1975, unfortunately sold one after the other since then until 1990.  Passed Ham Radio licence in 1979 (c/s F6GIN). In 1990, Fina France sold the last remaining ship “Fina Italie/FNVT”. After that I got back to National Maritime School in Nantes, city where I have been living (but as a teacher that time). In 1994 joined UNHCR as telecoms consultant for various missions in Guatemala, Mexico, West and East Africa. I enjoyed this period of time  very much. In 1996, the maritime school in Nantes asked me to come back as instructor for the new GMDSS Radio Simulator. My wife asked me to accept the proposal, I should say she insisted!  Retired in 2002, although last year I gave a hand to a maritime lyceum where a friend of mine is lecturing. It was interesting for a short period, but now I definitely prefer to take advantage of my retirement. Time is passing by so rapidly! However I miss the open sea. Hope to meet you during radiomaritime day 2010. Will be active all bands. 73/88 to all of you. André Cordier
 Mon website is: http://qst.mm.monsite-orange.fr

Radio Officer Jorma SALLINEN (Finland)


I was born 8th of August 1953 in  Ilomantsi (in eastern Finland),  which  makes me now  56  yrs  old (..and counting).  After  school I went to national conscript service 1973 (Army Signal Corps ,Signal Regiment, Riihimäki) and got out 11 months later as a 2nd Lt.  I   joined r adio-officers  course  in   Rauma 1974 and got my ship R/O licence 1976. Due a short time of unemployment I joined the Finnish Navy as signal officer onboard destroyer “Uusimaa”. My service lasted 9 months after which I joined my first merchant vessel M/V Finnclipper in Kotka 1977. I served on multiple ships of various types including icebreakers and also in Vaasaradio coast station for the next 10 years or so. My last vessel was icebreaker Hanse in 1988. Between 1983-1984 I served a peacekeeping tour in Southern Lebanon   as   operations officer (Sr Lt) and later 1996-1997 in Bosnia and finally in Kosovo 2000-2001   as SIGINT officer (Capt). Nowadays I´m working for the Finnish Defence Force on more or less signal related matters.   I   got   my   hamradio   licence   (OH8UL)   in   1976.  Since I started my radio-officers duty the license got expired and I lost my call sign. I went thru another course in 2004 (OH8GQT) and finally bought back my old call sign. I´m active on HF bands using mainly CW. I wish to send greeting to all my colleagues where ever You are and wish You all the best. I still miss my sailing years… Looking forward to meet You on the ham bands.Jorma “Josa” Sallinen (more info in QRZ.COM)  Kuusamo      josa.56@hotmail.com   

Radio Officer Sandro VIALE (Italy)


Radio officer  Sandro  Viale born in Sanremo 1956 and on 1977  International Certificate of Radiotelegraphist for Merchant Ships and civil Aircraft. First boarding on july 1978 in Pembroke (England): ss Texaco Caribbean as Cadet and on october 1978 promoted Radio Officer onboard ss Texaco Virginia. Sailing from 1978 upto 2001 on Tankers, Bulk carriers, General cargo, Ro.Ros and Full Container ships. Sailing Areas: Caribbean sea, Gulf of Mexico, North and south Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean sea, Black sea, sea of Azov, Arabian Gulf and Red sea. On 1998 G.O.C. (GMDSS) in Rome (Italy). Last port of call Genova (Italy) on 2001. Now working in the Tourism Branch of the "Provincia di Imperia" Administration.

Radio Officer Norbert GABRIEL (Germany)


Norbert Gabriel (Germany) born 1940 in Silesia. After finishing high school I apprenticed as an electrical and mechanical technician. In 1962 I became interested in amateur radio and after successfully passing the examination I received the call sign DJ7ZY.  In 1963/64 I attended Nautical School Bremen and acquired the “Second Class Ship Radiotelegraph Operator’s Certificate”.  I continued working as a radio officer on German ships and coast stations (DAN, DAO). This became part of my future profession and career with the German Telecommunication Administration. It included 7 years of monitoring service and radio frequency management as well as examining radio operators in the Amateur Radio Service, the Maritime Service and the Aeronautical Mobile Service. As a civil servant I was fortunate to serve with the “German Peace Corps” in Zambia/Africa during an amazing two-year sabbatical. In 1996 I attended further training courses at Nautical School Elsfleth and acquired the ``General Operator`s Certificate`` for GMDSS operations. I believe my namesake the patron saint archangel Gabriel has often protected me during my whole professional career. Since he is also the patron saint of all radio operators, I wish all of you the same good luck. My E-mail is:  Norbert.Gabriel@t-online.de

Radio Officer Salvatore BASSO (Italy)


Born in Torre del Greco (Naples) 1953 but from 1994 live in Rovereto S/S (Modena north Italy).   From 1973 to 1975 radio operator on war ship IMPAVIDO-IAML.  In the 1976  1 class license of Radiotelegraph Operator.  From 1977 to 1984 worked on merchant vessels: HPJI - ICBS - IBVJ -  IBSC - IBSQ- IBZF - IBTV - IBVZ - ILHR - CLARA EXPRESS ( C/S ??).  From 1984 to 1993 worked on Roma Radio - IAR the main Italian Coast  Station31/10/2008 Amateur Certificate call-sign IZ4PHG.  INORC members nr.583.  At the present time I am working for the Modena University.

Radio Officer Örjan THOR (Sweden)

 Örjan Thor, born 3rd January 1953 in Stugun,  Sweden  Radio  telegraphist   in  the Swedish army 1973-74. 1st class  Certificate at the Swedish Merchant Navy Collage in Härnösand 1976.  In the United Nations forces as Radio Officer on the   island of Cyprus in 1977, and - together with all the UN´s peace keeping forces – awarded the‘Nobel Peace Prize’ in 1988. R/O on board M/S San Fransisco/SJZN and since 1981 R/O at Stockholmradio/SDJ.Active as SM0GII and “George” on the amateur bands.

Radio Officer Giancarlo D'ITALIA (Italy)


Born on 1931 in Trieste. First Class Radiotelegraph Operator for Merchant Vessel. On 1954 entered TRIESTE RADIO callsign  IQX until January 1980 then for 5 years on board Phillips Tankers and other 5 years on board Marathon Tankers. On January 1990 back in TRIESTE RADIO until 1994 date of retirement.

Radio Officer Eva Marie JENSEN (Norway)


Born in Tønsberg, Norway 1952.  First time to sea with “Shikoku Geir” in 1975. Then busdriver before sea again. Was radioofficer from 1978, I sailed with Texaco Norway A/S company  until  1985,  my  favorite  was  the   beautiful midship tanker “Texaco Skandinavia”. Even the callsign was melodious:  LEID.  Then in Bergesen company from 1986 to 1991, mainly  as deck officer on gas tankers.  Last  ship   was  “Rosa Tucano” in 1993.  From  then  on   I worked in “Kystverket”,  the Norwegian Coastal Administration. (At that time I had taken over my father’s farm, I run it until 2004.) In 1998 Kystverket established a VTS, monitoring the ship traffic in the Oslofjord, and I have been here at Horten VTS ever since. At the moment (2009) I’m working with yet another Texaco reunion, see www.texacotreff.com . My regards to all! Eva M Jensen texacotreff@hotmail.com

Radio Officer Einar HOLM (Norway)


Photo from my first ship S/S INGERFIRE with c/s LLPO. She was a general cargo ship with a mid ship and poop, looked from a distance rather like a small T2 tanker – about 4.300 tdw. The picture is taken in November 1959 and is from the Radio station, equipped with a MARCONI OCEANSPAN II modified to III, supposed to deliver 400w… But pounding brass in the late 50ties from the Mexican Golf – trying to reach Bergen Radio in  Norway  - it felt more like there was only 40w. It was a long way to fly from Bergen to Tampa in Florida. But 6 months in the sulphur trade between Coatzacoalcos and Tampa – a couple of trips to Cuba, one trip to Turbo in Venezuela and a couple of trips to Canada – before putting our bow towards northern Europe – Aberdeen in Scotland, was very interesting. From Scotland to Newcastle and finally reached my hometown Bergen in May of 1960. Then onward to Spitzbergen with coal to Copenhagen for another 6 months, before I could sign off in November, after 16 months onboard my first ship.The 4th of January 1961 I joined the Norwegian Navy as a spark on a frigate and later on a mothership for the Norwegian MTB’s (motor torpedo boats). The last 3 months in the navy I spent moving the land station equipment from the old navy site inside town to a new navy base outside Bergen on the coast. After 18 months in the Navy I set sail again in the Fred Olsen Line, Oslo Norway.I started on a passenger ship, m/s BREAMAR on the North Sea for 3 months. After that I sailed on the Mediterranean and Canary Island trade for 3 years. Made a complete change –  to the Norway – Pacific line, also Fred. Olsen, from 1966 till 1972. Then I went on to the Fred Olsen passenger ships BLACK WATCH / LFOM and BLACK PRINCE / LHXI for my last years at sea. All together more or less 20 years at sea.Started working in Bergen Radio / LGN in Sept. 1978 (as a summer job I was on the passenger ships in the North Sea for Fred Olsen till 1986 (last time at sea)), then I signed off Bergen Radio in September 2003. Bergen radio was then taken out of business March 2004. Summing it up: 20 years at sea and 25 years on coast radio station. I was pounding brass on a straight Morse key for 30 years, from 1959-1989 (12.6.1989 Bergen Radio turned silent key).

Radio Officer Cosmo DI NITTO (Italy)


Radio Officer Cosmo DI NITTO sailed on board many Bulk Carriers and then in Naples RADIO IQH, Now is very active with his Amateur callsign IK0JFS.

Radio Officer Biagio VENANZONI (Italy)


In the picture OM Biagio on 1971 on board M/T Alderamine/IBBJ.                    

Biagio  Venanzoni  born on 1942. On 1962 Radioman with Italian Navy and on 1966 International Certificate of Radiotelegraphist for  Merchant Ships.  On  1967 on board T/T Agip Gela with duty of Radio Cadet.  On  1968  on  board   M/V Valdarno and on Passenger ship  T/S Castelfelice, on  1969  on board M/V Scebeli  and  for few days on board M/V Somalia.  On  1970  on   board M/T Agip Genova and on 1971 on M/T Alderamine, on  1972  on   board  M/T Agip Trieste,  on  1973   again on   board M/T Alderamine  and on  1974 on M/V Poseidon,  on 1975 again on board M/V Poseidon until the 23 October when I entered in  Rome P.T. Radio / IAR where I have worked as Radio Operator since 1988 when   I was moved to  Istituto Superiore P.T.  Happy retired in 1998. From year 2005 I have started my amateur radio activity with callsign IK0PRH. During my life at sea I have made a couple of very hard period on board ships: on Dredger Ptolomee and on board Ponton Castoro I employeed along Libian Coast in the period when Gheddafi took the Power from King Idris

Radio Officer Umberto NOTO (Italy)


A life on board any kind of ships,   worked  also   in GENOVA RADIO ICB. Umberto ended his carrer at sea with the entrance of GMDSS and now is retired,  he lives in North Italy and is very active as amateur radio with callsing I1OXO.

Radio Officer Tony COOKE (England) now silent key


I was R/O from 1952 to 1958 with IMR on rms Scythia (maiden voyage for me age 17 yrs 10 months), ss Clearton,  M/V Welsh  Prince,  M/V Seattle Star, M/V  President Kruger, then   privately   employed by Lamport&Holts on Lassell, Roscoe and Devis. Came   ashore and  after 18  months  in the   wine cellar at Harrods stayed with PO Telephones/BT until early retirement some 15 years ago.

Radio Officer Walter BAUMANN (Switzerland)


Walter Baumann   DJ3FY  born 1935 and raised in Basel/Switzerland I went through secondary  school  and  finished  my  apprenticeship  as  an  electrician.   After the compulsory military service for me in the field of radio communications   I decided to become a professional RO and applied for training at the  Seefahrtschule in Bremen. Thanks to SF Bremen I got 1956 my 2nd class RO-Licence in Bern/Switzerland and left immediately for Antwerp to take up my first job   aboard  Anunciada/HBDM.  MS Anunciada  was a real tramper and my inherent wish   to see the world was in a way fullfilled. My second ship was MS Cristallina/HBDL trading between Europe and the Caribbean, but in  1959  my seafaring  time  came  abruptly  to  an  end as during a lengthy holiday in my country I “swallowed the hook” and decided  to get work back home. There I got a very interesting job in the “Swiss overseas radiotelephon service” operating via shortwave as satellite communication did not yet exist.  Then   my  life took another unexpected abrupt turn. The Ministry of foreign affairs needed a skilled RO for their Embassy in Cairo. I applied, got the approval, and moved with my family to Cairo where I was responsible for the radio contacts which were conducted in the good   old  morse  code.   Looking   backwards   I   must confess that operating the embassy   radio  kept  me  happy  but I   had ambitions.  Without going into lengthy details I must admit that in a way I was  always  damned   lucky.  My application to change from radio into the consular career was accepted. Studies and examinations followed and so did the postings. From Cairo to New Delhi, then to Beirut, Bangkok, Jakarta, back home to Berne and again abroad to Sofia, Accra, Mulhouse and finally to Dublin as consul general with the title as counsellor.  It  was a highly  demanding life which was not always easy for me and my family.  Reviewing  those   times gone by I must admit one thing: the most fascinating time,   the most interesting time and the most enjoyable time in my  life was the time I was RO aboard HBDM and HBDL. My email is dj3fy@t-online.de

Radio Officer Richard J. Monjure (USA)


U.S.    Radio-Electronics     Officer    Richard   J.   Monjure   on    board    the   M/V Ambassador/KRFK   in  1994.   Shore   station  operator at  Slidell Radio/WNU  and Mobile Radio/WLO,   then   out   to  sea  on  many ships.  Federal Communications Commission First Class Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate with Sea Service and Radar Endorsements.

Radio Officer Robert GROSSCHOPFF (Germany)


Robert Grosschopff  was  born in Munich in 1958. Having been brought up in different countries he decided that he wanted to see the rest of the world  as   well.  When he was  old   enough  he  jumped  at  the   first chance and worked as a deckhand on a coastal  vessel  traveling  between  Germany   and  Spain during the school summer holidays. After an apprenticeship as  a  radio and  tv technician he earned his "Ship Radiocommunication Operator's General Certificate"  (Allgemeines Seefunkzeugnis) at the Hochschule  für  Nautik in Bremen. He also got the GMDSS-GOC to keep up with   technical  and  procedural changes in ship radio comms. He  does also hold a ham radio license (DL1BJO). Due  to  changing  circumstances  he could not further pursue the katakana operator proficiency. Having  worked  on   different type of ships trampers  have  always  been   his favorites.  Not  knowing what the next port of call would   be  or  how  long  he  would   serve  on a particular ship made it all the more interesting. Highlights  were trips  on  the  Andalusia/DDSK, Adriano/DHAO and the Satsuma/DGFS. It was a time not to be missed. As a colleague aptly put it "I would do it all again!"

Radio Officer Horst NIENDORF (Germany)


Horst Niendorf, born 1938 in Jueterbog  south of  Berlin. Started radio career in 1960 with  "Grossfunkzeugnis  2. Klasse"  after   2   years study in Königs Wusterhausen which allowed to work as op at coast radio station   "Ruegen Radio/DHS". Thereafter acquired  step by step   all   levels  of  maritime   radio   certificates   up to 1st class radiotelegraphy certificate and even GMDSS certificate.   Sailed on abt. 40 ships  as r/o in deep sea fisheries,  merchant marine and passenger ship "Hanseatic/C6KA9" as well. From  1978  till   1991 worked  as   a  teacher  at  the "Nautical Engineering College Warnemuende/Wustrow"  and   trained   more than 300 future radio officers. Ended   maritime  radio   career  1998 when the GMDSS killed our jobs. Since 1980 ham radio op holding c/s DL4NH.   As co founder and head of the Marcom radioclub mostly  operating   from   the museum ship ex "Dresden/DAVK" moored in Rostock. Her  former   radio   room  is used as Marcom's clubstation using the c/s DL0MCM.

Radio Officer Juan PARRILLA MEDINA (Spain)


Juan   Parrilla  Medina  born: 1950  in   Lanzarote  ( Canarias).  Licensed   as  Radio Officer  in  the  "Escuela  Superior   de   Nautica de la Marina Mercante" in  Tenerife (Canarias).  At   the  sea:   4  years.  Ships: M/V "  GARCIA MUNTÉ" - EFCF. M/V "MONTE ANAGA"-EBVE.  Radio   Amateur  since  1977. Call sing: EA8VI. I include a photo of my aprentis radio period on board of  M/V GARCIA MUNTE. 

Radio Officer Graham WRIGHT (England)


Born in 1958 near Herne Bay on the north coast of Kent.  This might explain some of my fascination with the sea  and  ships.   Eventually  moved  to Cheltenham in 1969 with a few years in Aylesbury along the way.  Attended   Brunel Technical College in Bristol from Sept '74 to Dec '77,  obtaining the Marine Radiocommunication General Certificate   (the follow-on to a PMG1)    plus DoT   Radar  Maintenance.   Company sponsored  cadet.   Joined   first  ship  (owned by British & Commonwealth / Cayzer Irvine Shipping)  on  3rd  Jan 1978 at Tilbury - the m.v. Clan MacIver (GXBX) - general cargo   alternating  runs from   UK to E. Africa  and   UK  to  India.   Five  and  a half years spent with Cayzer on various ships.  Returned to Brunel Tech in 1982,  gained the HND in Electronics (Marine).  Joined Christian Salvesen Shipping riding coasters from NE UK to Thames power stations, loaded with coal.   Second  trip was 8 weeks duration swinging on an anchor off  Southend   pier  during   the miners' strike.  In '83 moved to the   North  European   Fleet   of  Chevron Shipping Co.  Manning  office at that time was in Copenhagen.   Spent   seven  and   a half years with Chevron before swallowing the anchor in '91.  Now work in IT for a major  American   multinational  IT outsourcing   company.     Licensed   radio  amateur  with   the   call   sign   G4FUJ. http://www.qsl.net/g4fuj/    Email:  graham-g4fuj ( at ) talk21.com  

Radio Officer Malcolm MCLEMAN (Scotland)


Born 27 May 1939.  Studied   Leith  Nautical  College  and  went to sea March 1956, direct employ with Blue Funnel  and  Glen Line,  1960  free lance Niarchos and 1961 PD Marchessini.   Left the sea 1963 joining the UK  coastal radio service, working at Highbridge (Portishead)/GKL, Cullercoats/GCC and Stonehaven/GND.  Retired at 55, now living in SE France, continuing CW through  amateur   radio,  GM3UIN and now F5VBU.   Email   f5vbu@cegetel.net    Picture   shows    radio    room   of    1948 Niarchos-owned st "World Peace," call sign  ELAF,   the   first ship registered under the Liberian flag, IMO number 101.

Radio Officer John Taylor  (England)


Born   in   Lancashire,   North West England in 1942.  I started work as a Radio and Television trainee in 1957  I   also loved the sea so the obvious choice for me was to join   the   Merchant   Navy   as   a  Radio Officer.   I studied at the Radio College in Manchester and obtained a 2nd class PMG certificate.  While  I was there I took my amateur radio exams and have had call sign   G3OWO  since 1961. I went off to sea working for Marconi International Marine Co. in 1962 being signed to various shipping lines. Shell, Baltic Trading Co., Turnbull Scott etc. In  1965 I was married and came to work ashore as a Radio technician for the Police, Fire and Ambulance services. In 1975   I  began   teaching   Marine   Radio at the Northern Counties Radio School in Preston, where I now live.  While   I   was  teaching I updated my Marine certificates to MRGC and DTI Radar and returned  to  sea as an R/O with P&O in 1977. I stayed with  them   for  5  years   before  moving   around various other companies including Kuwait Tankers, Houlder Brothers, Furness Withy  etc   finally ending my sea career in 1990. I am now retired and enjoying amateur radio and watching the ships sail by. It was a good life. I would do it all again!

Radio Officer Urbano CAVINA (Italy).

 Urbano CAVINA born  in   Forlì.   At   sea  from   1966   to  1970.   Four  ships: m/v Activity/HOWZ, 8950 DWT, tramper mixed passenger by Trading Lugano, (ex m/s Kaladan/MBPX by Elder Dempster Co.), launched in Greenock (Scotland) in 1950, radio by Marconi London, QRC  SAIT   Bruxelles.  M/s   Butterfly/5LYM,  22000   DWT,   by   Coal   Overseas Corporation, launched from Japan in 1964, Console Unit by RCA 500W, QRC SIRM. M/s Deneb/5LZB, Butterfly's twin, QRC SIRM. M/t Brezza/IBRE,  23000   DWT,  by COSARMA   Compagnia   Sicula  di  Armamento   (agency in Venice),  launched in Monfalcone (Italy) in 1958,  radio  by   Marconi   Italiana, QRC TELEMAR. He is the author of the only  Italian   books  with  Radio   Officer’s  stories: “Marconisti d’Alto Mare” C&C,Faenza,  2000; “Onde Radio e Telegrafia in Mare” Il Rostro,  Milano, 2003. And finally,  “La Telegrafia Aerea (Chappe e Depillon)   nell'Italia  dell'800” Sandit-Libri, Albino (BG), 2006. “La Telegrafia Elettrica e  le  origini  del   Morse (Uffici   e   linee   nell’I talia   preunitaria) ”  Sandit-Libri,  Albino  (BG),  2008. “La Telegrafia Senza Fili e il suo sviluppo in Italia (1895-1914)”  Sandit-Libri,   Albino (BG), 2009. Radio e Marconisti Italiani su Navi Mercantili (1900-1970) Sandit-Libri,   Albino (BG), 2012. E-mail: urbano.cavina@tin.it

Radio Officer Rolf MARSCHNER (Germany).


Rolf Marschner born 1937 in Flensburg after   school  graduation  businessman   in Kiel/Flensburg. 1958-1961 German Air Force, 1961/62 Radio School Flensburg. On German ships from 1962 to 1972. Call signs: DAFU, DHQT, DEER, DEET DKNH, DEJM, DLCD, DEAQ and DLCM. Also working on coast radio stations as they are: "Colombo Radio"/4PB, "Santo Domingo Radio"/ HIA and "Bern Radio"/HEB. From 1972 to 2000 Operator at the   "Max-Planck-Institut for Radio Astronomy".  Retired since December 2000. Activities:Working on the history of wireless telegraphy at sea and amateur radio with call DL9CM. Author of the book "Sparks what's going on?". E-mail: dl9cm@t-online.de


Radio Officer Luca M ILONE (Italy).


Luca MILONE born the 30 September 1973 in Brindisi, licensed radio officer in 1990 in   the   W/T   school   of   Brindisi  -  South  Italy. In the picture Luca is on  board passenger ship "AUSONIA" c/s   IBAX during one of his two training  periods at sea. Ended his job on ships because the entrance of GMDSS.  Amateur Radio with callsign IZ7GEG.  E-mail: iz7geg@tiscali.it


Radio Officer Lino PAPPALARDO (Italy).

Lino PAPPALARDO born March 1949 in Sicily but living in Rome (near Fiumicino airport). In the1968 License of International Radiotelegraph Operator for Merchant Vessels. From 1968 till 1970 worked in Anconaradio (c/s ICA) radio operator (CW). In the 1978 licensed ex I0ONP and in the 1999 licensed IZ0DDD. From 1970 to 1978 worked on Merchant vessels  HPPF, ICXS, ICKZ, ICIA, IBLV,  ICGE, IBMM, 6ZYF, ICGZ, IMIX. From 1978 to 1988 worked in Roma Radio (c/s IAR) the main Italian Coast Station.In the year 2000 I.N.O.R.C Member no. 374 and reitred since oct 2005. E-mail: iz0ddd@yahoo.it


Radio Officer Sylvester FOECKING (Germany).

Sylvester Föcking born 1941 in Kleve/Rhine near the  Dutch   frontier.  After  school graduation,   apprenticeship  as  electrician/radio mechanist.  1963  Student  at  the  Nautical School Bremen  for the maritime radio certificate   2nd  class.   Unti l 1972 radio-officer on several   German   cargo  ships.  After  that  technical  programmer  -  systemadministrator  for   typesetting  machines   at    several  German newspaper publishers. Since 1999 retired. Publisher and Author of the Book "SPARK WHAT's GOING   ON ?"  and  CD:   Maritime   Radio   Telegraphy   Worldwide   News. Radio amateur with call sign DH4PB (DAN/HEB/4PB). E-mail: sparks@seefunker.de


Radio Officer Hans POLAK (The Netherlands).

Hans Polak (The Netherlands) born June 29th 1930 in Amsterdam. Primary schools: Amsterdam, Den Helder, Utrecht. In 1942 HBS in Utrecht; attended Conservatorium in Utrecht (piano). In 1945 back to the HBS. Graduation in 1947 in Den Helder. In 1947 nautical school Groningen, navigating officer. Owing to bad eyes, had to change to the radio officer s class. In 1949 certificate radio officer 2nd class. In 1950 assigned to Radio Direction Finding station Willemsoordgonio/PBW, Den Helder. In 1953 employed by Radio Holland. Ships: Koningin Emma/PFKT, Indrapoera /PEWD, Tjiluwah/PHZE, Tjitjalengka/PIAD, Straat Banka/PHTL, Ophir/P& Banka/PCXZ, Hudson/PEUJ. In 1955 Scheveningenradio/PCH; certificate 1st class. In 1960 representative of Technical Publishing House Stam, Haarlem. In 1963 vice-president of Publishing House Spruyt, Van Mantgem & De Does (SMD), educational publishers, Leiden. Started medical study in 1964 in connection to the publishing of medical books. In 1966 president of SMD. In 1985 retired. From 1985 thru 1997 written three books:  Weerkaartontvangst op fax  (WX on FAX) ;  De klinische geriatrie in de dagelijkse praktijk  (as ghostwriter);  Werken met akkoorden  (piano). Author of the book "Sparks what's going on?"E-mail: hansp@scarlet.nl


Radio Officer Boris CHUISTOV  (Ukraine).

Boris CHUISTOV born in Moscow, on age of 14  years  became interested in radio. On 17 years, after secondary school from 1957-1958,  went  to  the radio school in Kerch, peninsula Crimea. From 1958 to 1962 R/O on fishing vessels, from  1962 to 1968 on passenger ships in the Black   Sea.  While working  as   R/O  studied   for electrical engineer. Now in retirement. HAM radio, call sign: UU5JK


Radio Officer Alfredo DE CRISTOFARO (Italy).

Alfredo DE CRISTOFARO born in central Italy the 17th Jan 1967, On 1980 entered the Nautical College in Ancona and in 1986 started his profession at sea as   Radio Officer on the following vessels:   IHLT, IHLY, IGDE, IGDG, ICJR, IBJM.  First class cerificate of proficiency in radiotelegraphy   for  merchant   ships   and certificate of RADAR  observator,  he   updated  the    end  of   his   carrier   at   sea    with   the GMDSS-G.O.C. Certificate.    Nowadays  he is Secretary of  Italian   Ship's Master Association in the Office of Giulianova (central Italy) and nautical instructor for yachting. E-mail: ik6ijf@hotmail.com


Radio Officer Valery PAVLOV (Russia).

Valery PAVLOV is a radio engineer, i.e. he has high Russian qualification as radio operator and electronic engineer. After high seas time he was   a  radio  teacher at navigation school in St. Petersburg. After closing down this profession, with a friend he went into business in the importing and sale of automobile spare parts. Excellent constructor and rebuilder of  old  Morse-keys. Radio  amateur  RA1AOM,  E-mail: ra1aom@mail.ru


Radio Officer Giuliano SANDAL (Italy).

Giuliano SANDAL started with interest on radio at 13, building a   crystal receiver. After he discovered SW listening and as a consequence the Amateur radio activity. He started Ham activity on Jan 1966, at about 18, with home made tx (807 as pa, about 50W out) and a modified home radio as receiver. In  1967  he  obtained the International Certificate as Radio Operator for the Merchant Navy. Giuliano is the Italian coordinator for the 500 kc/s campaign (Museum Frequency).                         E-mail: i1saf391@gmail.com


Radio Officer Adolfo BROCHETELLI (Italy).

Adolfo BROCHETELLI born in LA SPEZIA 9 Jan 1959 after school for Ship's Radio Operator embarked soonest in the 1975 age 17 on a Tanker ship( with third class radio-operator certificate, and from 1978 as first class radiooperator age 18) sailed on merchant ships since1990. From 1990-1999   Electronic   Service man for AEG HAMBURG. From 1999 since now AD electronic designer for military   SHIPYARD OF LA SPEZIA. Just retired from job due health problem on   28   December   2006. Amateur radio license IK1DQW from 10 Jan 1984 always used on board ships and as amateur radio busy with BUG KEYS. E-mail: abroc@libero.it 


Radio Officer Juergen GERPOTT (Germany).


Juergen GERPOTT    born   in     1945  in   Arendsee, Altmark. After   education   in Bremen became apprentice with "Hagenuk Radio Service" (Manufacturer of maritime radio equipment), went to Nautical Academy Bremen (Seefahrtschule) for 2nd class radio operator's certificate.  After  working   several   years   for the famous Bremen shipping lines "DDG Hansa" and "O. Wallenius",  became  a  civil   servant with "Deutscher Wetterdienst" (National Weather Service).  Amateur   Radio   License (DL8HCI) since 1980. E-mail:   dl8hci@darc.de


Radio Officer Lars KÅLLAND (Sweden).


Lars Kålland born in 1937 in Gothenburg.  Graduated   1st class  certificate  at   The Radio College in Gothenburg 1958. Radio-telegraphist in the Royal Swedish Navy for 15 months    (mandatory,  drafted)   1958-59.   Served   on    Coast   Radio   Station, Icebreakers  and  a   Motor   Torpedo   Boat  as   radioman   Merchant    Navy   from 1959-61: Bohus/SIYT,  Braheholm/SDJO,  Venezia/SFXA,   Murcia/SEVA,   Gunilla Billner/SDBW (1962),   passenger   ship   Gripsholm/SLQT   (1964)  and icebreaker Oden/SMLQ in 1991 with  a  Scientific Expedition   to   the Arctic Sea and the North Pole, as radio-officer. First  time   employed  at   the coast radio station Gothenburg Radio/SAG in 1961 and ended  up   as Traffic Manager and Deputy Station Manager. Until 1991. 1991-94 in "Maritime Safety Communication Department" under Swedish Telecom Agency 1994-95. Retired in 1995.    Active  radio   amateur   with   the call "SM6NM" since then. Member of the Gothenburg  Radio  History Society with Radio Museum, Grimeton Radio/SAQ,  Gothenburg Maritime Centre,   Royal Naval Society and   more.   Member   of  Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society   (R.N.A.R.S),  Radio Officers   Association   (R.O.A.), Poldhu Amateur Radio Club (P.A.R.C.) in Cornwall, UK, Duxford Airfield Amateur Radio Club. E-mail: sm6nm@telia.com


Radio Officer Bengt PLESSEN (Sweden) now silent key.


Bengt   PLESSEN   born in 1927 at   Helsingborg. 1946 - 1950 served   the   Royal Swedish Navy as a radioman.  October  1950   1st class maritime   radio certificate October 1950 - May 1957 RO on several Swedish cargo vessels. June - September 1957 RO at Stockholm radio/SDJ. October 1957 - December 1977 RO at Goteborg radio/SAG.  January 1978 - February 1987  at   the   office   of   Telecom   Radio at Goteborg. February  1987 retired.  In  the  picture Bengt  at  500 kHz posn on  SAG  Amateur radio with callsign SM6JSS. E-mail:  plessen@telia.com

Radio Officer Wolfgang HELLRIEGEL (Germany).


Wolfgang HELLRIEGEL born 1942 in Bremerhaven.  1959 - 1962  apprenticeship as radio and television technican. 1962 - 1963 nautical school Bremen: 2nd class radio operator's certificate. 1963 - 1966 radio officer on board the ships  MV "Liebenfels"/ DLAW,    MV "Ruhrstein"/DEAL, MV "Lechstein"/DDQK,   MV "Lindenstein"/DEHJ. 1966 - 1967  nautical  school  Bremen:  1st class radio operator's certificate.  After school  worked  at Norddeutscher  Lloyd  in   Bremerhaven and DEBEG in Bremen.  1967 - 1969  MV "Europa"/DDQH, MV "Lahnstein"/DDUU, MV "Moselstein"/DEDR. 1970 - 1998 radio operator at "Norddeich Radio"/DAN and service manager. Wolfgang closed the station on medium wave and on vhf, retired since 1999.

Radio Officer Romano ANDREOCCI (Italy).


Romano Andreocci born 09 June 1930 in Rome. Certificate of Radiotelegraphist for Merchant Ships, A life spent in ROME RADIO IAR from 1955 until 1991. Now retired and amateur radio with callsign IK0OFM


Radio Officer Alberto U. SILVA ( Argentina).


Alberto SILVA  born the 26 February 1945 in  Buenos Aires province. High School Technical radio operator,  LPD (Pacheco Radio)  radio operator  from  1964 to 1968. Argentinian Federal Police Telecommunication  officer  from 1968   to 2002 International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, Member and Chairman  of  the Standing  Committee  of  Information  Technology  from  1987 to 2002.  Retired as General Commissioner in 2002. Amateur Radio LU1DZ/AY1DZ since 1962.     E-mail: auranito@speedy.com.ar

Radio Officer David BARLOW (England).


David BARLOW born Malvern,  Worcestershire,  England  1940.  Attended Wireless College Colwyn Bay. First Class PMG certificate. Sailed with New Zealand Shipping Company and Marconi Marine ( all with Crawford Shipping Company). Left the sea in 1966.  Worked for the Confederation of British Industry  in  Birmingham, London and Brussels. Moved to   the   Engineering Employers Federation as Industrial Relations Executive. Retired to Cornwall in 1992 living one kilometer from Poldhu the famous Marconi site. Obtained amateur radio callsign   G3PLE   in   1958 and operates from home QTH using Kenwood TS870 and G5RV antenna. Founder member of the Radio Officers Association (ROA)  and   served   as   Chairman and Secretary of the Radio Officers Association Radio Society (ROARS). He edits the ROARS newsletter QRZ and writes articles for the ROA journal QRZ. Co-ordinator of the ROA campaign to have 500kc/s recognised as an International Heritage Frequency.                                  E-mail: david@lizardwireless.org

Radio Officer Ian COOMBE (Canada).


"I received  my  1st  Class    PMG   Certificate   and  Ministry  of  Transport   Radar Maintenance Cert. in 1959. Then   spent  approximately 5 years   at   sea as  Radio Officer on bulk carriers, cargo passenger vessels and passenger ships. Routes were North Africa, South Africa, the East coast of North America, South America, various UK ports and Norway. Before emmigrating to Canada I studied for  the  Intermediate City & Guilds Cert. in Telecommunication. I came to Canada  in   the   mid   sixties.  Returned to the UK for a   couple  of  years   and   worked   at  PortisheadRadio  in Burnham, Somerset   (GKL). Following  a  final   return   to   Canada  I   worked  as Engineering Technician  on   RCAF   radar   systems   and   my  last   30   years of employment was with   Northern   Telecom   (NORTEL)  in  microwave   engineering, materials management and for the last 10 years in   product marketing.  At   age 64 today hobbies include jazz  guitar,  ham   radio,  computer  web  site  maintenance (mnnostalgia.com), reading and fitness.   Also  volunteer   work   at  the   local Vet's Hospital. Amateur radio with callsign VE2DOH

Radio Officer Ray SM ITH (USA).


Ray Smith, senior Morse operator at "San Francisco Radio"/KPH. He closed the station at Bolinas/Point Reyes in 1997.


Radio Officer David LANE GIBBON (England) now silent key.


David LANE GIBBON born in London 19.5.38.  educated at the Wigan Mining and Technical College in Lancashire. After doing my compulsory Military Service in the Army,  studied  at  the College   of    International  Marine Telecommunications  in Manchester, getting my Radio Officers Licence in  1960.  In  August  1960   joined Siemans  Edison and Swan (a part of the AEI group) who appointed me as 2nd R/O on the  M/V “Gloxinia” GXMP,   I   was  soon  operating  alone  as  R/O   before the mandatory six months as a Junior R/O. In  August 1961, I went freelance, and joined a Panamanian bulk carrier S/T “Drepanon”  HPZS and stayed  3½ years, during this continuous service co-founded the  888 club for Radio Officers working   on  “foreign flag” ships,  whose purpose was to facilitate long range communication  by the QSP system,  with   distant  coast  stations  mainly  SVA. In   March  1966 I  joned the Vlassov  Group of Monte Carlo, and sailed on their various tankers, cargo ships, and cruise liners until  May   1979   ending my  seagoing career  on   the   TSS “Fairstar” 5MXH  as   Chief   Radio   Officer. In  July 1979  I   joined    E.W.Saybolt SA, as  a Petroleum Inspector based in Greece, I  stayed   with them until 1981 when I formed my own firm of Cargo Surveyors, called   Oil   and Cargo Surveyors Ltd , still working with  ships   both   in   Greece   and   around  the world,  which employed six Marine Surveyors, most ex-seagoing Captains. I retired  in 2003, to look after my dogs, and grow roses.E-mail: gibbon@otenet.gr


Radio Officer David J. RING Jr. (USA)


David J. Ring Jr. R/O from 1980 to 1993 on USA ships, and worked at Tuckerton Radio/WSC. Author of  the  website www.qsl.net/n1ea   with  the  facts  of   M/V PRINSENDAM.


Radio Officer Elizabeth (King) ANDERSON  (Canada)


Elizabeth (Beth) was born in England but   by   the  time  she  finished   her  Senior Matriculation in Vancouver, B.C. she had lived in four countries, traversed the Indian Ocean, Suez Canal, and crossed the Pacific seven   times.  Beth  earned  her   2nd Class Certificate in Radio in 1944 and went to work at VAI (Pt. Grey Rdo. Stn.) as a Marine   Room   operator   and   later   a   Katakana   operator.  After war's end she transferred  to the Dept. of Defense in Intercept.  Hearing of  an  opening for a ship's operator in February of '47, Beth flew to San Francisco and joined the M/V Vito for a year and a half.  After a holiday she then signed on M/V Skaubo in Seattle   WA in early '49, remaining  with  that   ship   until Feb. of '51.  Her   many voyages on both vessels covered the Pacific routes and she touched at most ports from Japan down to Australia.  Since leaving the sea Beth  has   lived in many countries and has held numerous DX amateur calls signs - EP2EA and YB0ADT being two of them.  She is a keen DXer and has taken part in a number of DX-peditions over the past years.  Her present call sign is VE7YL. 


Radio Officer Olive J. (Carroll) ROECKNER   (Canada)


Born in Toronto, Ontario, Olive grew up in the west coast   city   of  Vancouver, B.C.  She became interested in radio while at high school and upon graduating  attended the Sprott Shaw School of Radio and earned her   2nd  Class Certificate in Radio in 1944.  She then was employed by   the   Canadian   Department  of  Transport as a Katakana Interceptor operator at   VAI, the Pt. Grey Wireless Station.  At war's end Olive transferred to the Canadian Dept. of Defense in Victoria, B.C.,  again  working as an Interceptor operator.  Early in 1947 she flew   to  San Francisco,  California to sign on the Norwegian passenger freighter M/S Siranger as Wireless Officer.  Duties included those of Purser and Captain's Secretary as well.  The ship's regular run was from the U.S. West Coast down the west coast of South America, through the Strait of Magellan, up the east coast,   through the Caribbean and Panama  Canal  and  so back to the West Coast.  In late '48 Siranger was  put on   world wide charter which took the vessel to much of the rest of the world, with the exception of the Orient and Australasia.   After four years of sailing  and   many   adventures  Olive   signed   off Siranger   December   '50  and  returned   to Vancouver.  Since retirement Olive has written a column and numerous  articles for maritime and radio related organizations to which she has belonged.  In 1994 she authored a book about her years at sea entitled Deep Sea Sparks, a Canadian girl in the Norwegian Merchant Navy.  Her present amateur radio callsign is VA6ERA. Postal address - 429a - 161 Festival Way, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada  T8A 4X2. E-mail: roeckner@shaw.ca


Radio Officer Per MIKALSEN (Norway)


Per MIKALSEN born: 13 May 1944. Radio school: Norwegian Army Signal Scool at Joerstadmoen, near Lillehammer, in addition to the military   exams, I  also  got  my amateur radio license and my civilian maritime 2nd class radio officer license   there in 1966. I passed my 1st class radio officer license test in   1973  at  the  Norwegian PTT in Oslo, Norway.E-mail: permikal@online.no


Radio Officer Heinrich BUSCH (Germany)


My name is Heinrich Busch, born in 1943 in Westfalia/Germany I joined my first ship in 1965 as an Assistant Engineer. Due to health problems I had to leave the engine room in 1970. In 1972 I started a second maritime career, now in the Radio Room with 2nd class and later 1st class radio operator's certificate which I had proofed for in Bremen/Germany. Had several ships with Hansa Line (Bremen) and from 1981 with Hapag-Lloyd (Hamburg): DDTY, DDPP, DDSM, DEIV, DEAX, DEEQ, S6AG, DEEM, 9VYN, DHRG, DHEE, DHHL, DHEC, DDUT, DEBX, DDUT, DNCT, 9VPL, DILE, DHNE, DLAL, DDRL, S6IH. Above Photo shows me in the last minute in my last Radio Station (Humboldt Express, cs after DDRL now S6IH) before retirement in December 1997.My Internetsite is http://www.seefunknetz.de


Radio Officer Peter HEWITSON (Australia)


My name is Peter Hewitson, born in Manchester, England 9th Dec 1946. At age 15 I commenced studying for the Radio Officer’s cert. of proficiency which   I   passed  in 1964. My first ship was "Baron Kinnaird"/GXRS for the Marconi Marine Co.  followed by "Empress of Canada"/GHLA, "Crispin"/GVGG, "Hollybank"/GMHV and "Ahmadu Bello"/5NAB. I  then   joined   Zim-Israel Lines on "Nahshon"/4XRS, "Rachel"/4XMR, "Esther"/4XME, "Kineret"/4XYE and "Timna"/4XXO. Then on Maritime Fruit Carriers ships, "Satsumacore"/DGFS, "Sultana"/DHRS and finally "Navelinacore"/DADC. In 1973   I  moved   to Australia and joined "Sydney Radio"/VIS followed by "Townsville Radio"/VIT,  "Darwin Radio"/VID   and   finally    "Brisbane Radio"/VIB.   In 2002 the Australian coastal radio service was closed down and I retired from work at age 55! I am   currently   living   on   the   Sunshine   Coast, Queensland and my interests are amateur radio, CW, travelling and meditation.   Please  visit  www.coastradio.info for information on Australian coast stations. Vy 73, Peter


Radio Officer Marianne Mäder (Switzerland)


I  was  born  and  raised  in   Bern/Switzerland.  After   secondary  school,  which  I finished in 1974 I started a commercial apprenticeship from 1976 to 1979, which was followed with the second apprenticeship  at   Bernradio/HEB.   Successfully finished this training in spring 1982. I then worked   as   a radio operator at Bernradio/HEB for the next eleven years, then changed back into the commercial sector, becoming the billing   officer   for  the   mobile   services   of   Bernradio/HEB  and  Bernafunk, the aeronautical  radio  station.  Left   this  position   finally   in January 2005, when the operated station was terminated and changed into a solely automatic station. During all   this   time   I   still  kept  working   at   the  station   for   weekends and holiday replacements. The picture was taken on the last evening shift on CW at HEB.  Her email is:  xstitcher_ch@yahoo.com


Radio Officer Birgitta GUSTAFSSON (Sweden)

Birgitta Gustafsson  (Sweden)  Born   in   the north of Sweden in 1933. Obtained 1st class  Radio   telegraphist  certificate  in  Stockholm   1956.  Sailed   1956-61 in the Swedish merchant navy, where the Radio officer also was purser and  the  Skipper's secretary. Trades were mostly the Mediterranean, north and south Africa, the States and China. I married a Sea captain and we both left the sea in 1961.  I  then  worked as   a  journalist   in   the   local daily paper for 25 years.  Retired in 1998.  Author of Radion  och   Radiotelegrafisten -  Från  gnistepok   till   satellit   ( Published in Swedish 1991).  Supplement  in   English   Radio  and  Radio Operators -   From   Sparks    to   Satellites (Published   in   English   2003).  Member    of  Society   of  Wireless   Pioneers     (USA):   www.sowp.org      Historical    Radio    Society    of   Western   Sweden: www.radiomuseet.se      Radio   Officers   Association,    ROA (UK), www.roass.org  . E-mail: birgitta.gustafsson.221@telia.com


Radio Officer Pasquale DE CEGLIA (Italy)


Pasquale   DE CEGLIA   born  in  Molfetta  on  12/05/1951.  From  1967   to  1969, Merchant Marine School  for  Radiotelegraphist  Operator  (I.P.S.A.M. Molfetta). In 1970, first amateur radio license with call I7DCT and in  1992 new callsign IK7TVE. In 1971 passed exam  in   Rome  for  the  First  Class  Radiotelegraph Operator for Merchant Ships. From 02.07.71   until 15.06.73  radioman of Italian Navy, at first in Rome  Navy  Base  (Receiving  Radio  Station  S' Alessandro  c/s IDR)   and   from 11.04.72 till 05.06.73 on board Navy ship "San Giorgio" c/s (IARG). From1973 until 2006   Radio  Officer  on Merchant Ships. In 1998 GMDSS Operator. Retired  since June 2006. E-mail: ik7tve@libero.it

Radio Officer  Hans-Jörg PUST (Germany)


Hans-Jörg Pust born 1944 in Marienwerder, West   Prussia.  Grew   up on the North Sea on the Island of Föhr.  After school graduation,  served an apprenticeship as an Electric-Maschine-Builder in Stuttgart. 1964 - 1967 Attended the Nautical School at Leer in Ostfriesland for training as Radio Officer 2nd Class, and subsequently served as Radio Officer on several German ships. 1971  Repeat  attebdance at the Nautical School, this time for Radio Officer 1st Class.  At the end of 1971 began  working  for "Norddeich Radio"/DAN at the coastal radio station  of  the  former  German  Postal Service, and worked there continuously until the End 1996. Callsign  now:  DL7DAN E- mail: hj.pust@t-online.de  The photo  shows  Hans-Jörg  at  Norddeich  Radio   in September 1981

Radio Officer Erkki Similä  (Finland)


Erkki Similä from Finland. Born 1939 in Oulu North Finland. Primery schools 1946 to 1958. Abitur 1959. Radio training 1959 - 1960 in   the  Army, but 1961 - 1962  Radio School in Helsinki. 1962 2nd Class Radio Ship Radiotelegraph Operator's Certificate. Ships: OHAC, OGDP, OFIT, OFRF, OFVY, OGDQ, OGCT, OGCE and OGYD 1976 Radio School in   Rauma  for  "General Certificate". From  1980 - 1997 Police  short wave communication. In retirement since 1997. Amateur  radio  OH7QR. The   photo shows Erkki in the w/t station of the MV "Aurora"/OGYD in 1976.                             E-mail: erkki.simila@pp.inet.fi


Radio Officer Ray Maurstad (USA)


04/04/28   Born  in  St.Paul, MN.   1944-45 U.S. Maritime Service training; Catalina Island   boot   camp and Gallups   Island Radio Training School, Boston Harbor MA. 1945   Chief   R/O (age 17)  Liberty Ship   (SS David Lubin)   in   convoy invasion of Okinawa.  1945 On SS North Sea, Passengers Seattle,  Ketchikan,  Juneau, Sitka. 1946 On SS Typhoon, returning   troops from Philippines to U.S. 1946 A.A.C.S. On Wake Island Pan Am Radio Op Call letters   NCL5.   1947 Northwest Airlines Radio Opr. Mpls/StPaul and Grand Forks, ND. 1947-49 Ships in Atlantic and Caribbean as R/O.   1948  Cable Clerk Western Union  St.Paul MN.   1949-50 In Korea U.S. Govt mission with XYL Marion.  Caught in invasion by N.Korea; as ham HL1CE sent first alert to Gen.MacArthur in Daichi Building Tokyo. Marion   evacuated. 1951-57 Ships in Atlantic & Caribbean  as   R/O.  3  years   sailing  to/from Africa. Crocodile Safari. Gorongoza Safari. On July 25, 1956 I was the first Radio Officer to respond to the S.S. Andrea Doria and M.V. Stockholm in collision; 4th rescue ship alongside Doria. (Tanker SS Robert E. Hopkins). 1957-60 Transmitter tech,  Press Wireless L.I. NY.  1960  Transmitter  tech KOOL/CBS TV Ch10. Phoenix AZ. Disk Jockey at KBUZ Radio Mesa,  AZ.  1960-1989  RemRand Univac,Sperry Univac,Sperry,Sperry Univac, UNISYS. 1960 Founder: Amateur Radio Club,  Gillette  Hospital for Crippled Children. 1963 Univ of MN 3 yrs Engrg night school. 1 989-1996 Ships in Pacific and Gulf/East Coast as Radio Officer for Texaco and Sabine Transportation. 1996 Retired at  age  68.  Operate  CW, SSB   as   W3HUV ex: HL1CE, W2JNA, EL0C, ZD4CE, 9G1CE, W0BNM.  Author of the book: "SOS KOREA 1950" (Dec. 2002). The book is available from the author, W3HUV, E- mail: raymaur@peoplepc.com


Radio Officer Joan (Aiers) Henriksen  (Canada)


Joan   was  born   in Shanghai, as were her parents, and  the family escaped to Canada   in   1941,  settling   in  Ottawa.  After  earning   her Second Class Certificate at the Radio College of Canada   in  Toronto   Joan signed  on the brand new T/T Kirkenes in New York City  January  of  1945.   She  served almost two years aboard the vessel and experienced operating under both  war  and  peace time conditions on the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific waters.  Joan now makes her home on Vancouver Island.


Radio Officer Nazzareno  ACCIAI (Italy)


Acciai  Nazareno born in Genova, escaped  during the second W.W. to Forlì,  where studied  to   became R/O.  First embarque in 1952 and the last in 1999.  40 years at sea. From 2004 Nazzareno is ham radio with callsign IZ1FZJ uses  ICOM IC-765 and homebrew   antenna.   Now  continues  his  job as radiothecnic with smd and vsmd radiosets. During his job at sea he used semiautomatic key like Vibroplex Champion and  Marconi  straight   key type C. Various kind of merchant vessels, he ended his career at sea on Ro/Ro and Container ships.


Radio Officer Thorleif BYGNES (Norway/Canada)


Thorleif Bygnes began his sea service in the Norwegian MN in 1937.  After serving in the deck department   on   four vessels, and surviving three torpedoings, he attended Radio School at Little Norway in Toronto, Ontario August of '41, receiving his license the following May.   Thorleif   then   joined the M/T Trondheim as Chief Radio Officer, later serving aboard the  S/S Brush,  M/T Thorsholm and  M/T Marina.   It was  while aboard Marina after war's end that Thorleif had to send out an SOS   when the tanker caught fire off the west coast of Panama.  A   fireboat   came out from Panama  and, although  heavily   damaged,   the  tanker  was  able  to continue on to New York for drydocking and repairs.   Thorleif's  last ship  was M/S Vinland and he served aboard her until December of '50 when he 'swallowed the hook' making his home in Ontario, Canada.  Thorleif's   amateur   radio   call is VE3JPN and he is very active on the HF bands.


Radio Officer  Elio FRASSI (Italy)


Radio  Officer   Elio   Frassi  born  in  La Spezia  2.6.1932   1°class  Radiotelegraph Operator  since  1952.  Worked  at sea as Chief R/O from 1954 till 1970 on 13 ships and  from   1970   till  1994 Radio Operator  at   Rome Radio IAR. Now retired, he is  INORC member and amateur radio with callsign IZ0INZ.  (In   the  picture Elio at the operating position of IAR - ROMA RADIO).


Radio Officer  Antonio IACCARINO (Italy)


Born  in  Sorrento (Italy) on the 22 July 1931. Radioman in the Italian Navy from 1951 until 1953. In  the  year  1954  Cerificate of Merchant Ship's Radiotelegraph Operator (1st Class). Served on board the following ships: Navy ships Carini/IAEG 1952/1953 and    Andromeda/IABM   then    Radio  Officer   on  Merchant  Ships:   M/V   Capo Miseno/ICPZ    1954 - 1955,       M/V   Maria   Paolina   G    1955,       M/V   Maria Fausta/ICBM  1956,   M/V  Orsolina/ICQS  1957,  M/V   Vivara/IBMV  1958.  Radio Operator  in  ROME  RADIO  IAR from 16 December 1964  till   18   November  1992


Radio Officer Vincenc M.GRGIC (Slovenia)


Born 1944 in Slovenia. Attended   technical  school  in  Maribor and graduated  from Higher   Marine   School  in   Rijeka  (Croatia)   in 1967. Sailed for 5 years on board Yugoslavian cargo vessels.   Acquired 1st Class   R/O   licence in 1969. In early 70's founded a family  and   stopped sailing, working for 19 years in data processing and microfilming.  Renewed the licence and went to sea again in  1991.  Sailed on board flags-of-convenience ships for another 7 years. Described this life period in a 530 pg book   titled     Pomorscakov   kruh    (The Seaman's Bread),   published    2007,  ISBN  961-218-617-3. Amateur call S52CC (ex YU3TRI/MM, YT3CC).


Radio Officer Ciril DERGANC (Slovenia)


Born 1932 in Trbovlje, Slovenia. Attended technical school in Ljubljana,   joined  local amateur radio club and made first  QSO  already in March 1951. In late 1953 started to work as technician  at Rijeka Radio (YUR). Went to sea in 1955 and acquired  2nd Class RO licence in 1956.   Ashore from 1960 held different technical positions with radio and tv station in Ljubljana, an electronic parts factory,  a   chemical plant,  and river Drava  power plants in NE Slovenia. Founder and instructor of an amateur radio club known for youngest   members,  educating many young operators. In  a  unique family of hams wife Danica,  son Marko  and   daughter Mojca were all active hams! Son Marko became a RO as well. Went  to  sea  again  in 1985 and retired in 1992. Author of a richly illustrated book Na morja široki cesti (On the Wide Road of the Sea) published in 2004, ISBN 961-6337-08-4.In the photo aboard MS "Ljubljana" in 1989: Ciril - YU3AE/MM with wife Danica - YU3QY/MM.

Radio Officer Richard (Dick) SINGER (USA)


In 1939 I was born at Pana, IL. U.S. In  my   early teenage years I was interested in Amateur Radio. During 1957   I  learned the Morse code and in early 1958 I received my ham license with the call K6KSG. In 1958 I joined the U.S.   Navy  as   radioman and later served on the aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Midway/NIIW until 1961.  I   worked ashore  as  a  civilian  in   various   jobs   until   I   decided   to   get my commercial radiotelegraph license to ship out on merchant ships. While waiting for a ship, I was breaking in to be an operator at the ITT coastal station   KOK   in Los Angeles, CA. Meanwhile the U.S. Government hired me to work as R/O on their ship  the   Hughes Glomar Explorer/WCHG. When  that   project  was  laid  up, I then shipped out on a tramp tanker  for  six   months   on   board the  SS Mount Explorer/KTSY.  My next employment was  with   the  Exxon Oil Company working on their tankers as Radio Electronics Officer.   Exxon   sent   me   to the following schools, the Fort Schuyler Maritime   Academy   at   Bronx,   N.Y.   for    instrumentation  and   automation, Sperry  Marine  for   the   Collision   Avoidance   systems.   Later   I   attended   the Communications Associates Inc. single sideband school, Raytheon   radar   school, Limitourqe electrical valve systems, and Tano engine room console. The SS Exxon New Orleans was my favorite ship.  All in all,  I served  on   19   ships in my 22 year career as a seagoing Radio Electronics Officer. I retired from Exxon Oil Company in 1994. It   is  sad   to hear the demise of CW on the marine frequencies. 73 to all the R/O’s that I have passed on ships in the middle of the night on the high seas.


Radio Officer Warren T REESE (USA)


I am "TR" and worked from 1976 until the station KPH closing in 1997.  The first 15 years as an operator, and the last 6 years as a transmitter technician.  Following the closure of KPH,  I  spent   2  years at a broadcasting group in San Francisco (KOIT, KDFC, KZQZ) as assistant to the Chief Engineer where I maintained transmitters & studios.  Following  that,  two  years  at  Agilent   Technologies   as  a   micro-wave technician,  and   after  that  2  years  at  KFS/KPH   as   a transmitter and receiver technician.  This last station KFS/KPH bears the same callsign, but has no live CW operators, it is completely computerized. www.globewireless.com I   am now retired at age 60, but may return to the workforce  in   another  one  or   two years.  I live in Eureka  and  my  amateur   callsign   is WB6TMY.  I am active in the National Traffic System (NTS) that is run by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) in the United States of America (USA).  We still handle messages on CW !
May I invite you to visit my website ?


Radio Officer Larry BENNETT (England)


Qualified as a Radio Officer in 1979 from Brunel Technical College,  Bristol, and also obtained my Radar Maintenance Certificate.  I  then worked as a  technician  at   the BBC Monitoring Service, Caversham until December 1979, and   started   work as an R/O   at  Portishead  Radio/GKA in January 1980.  Worked  there as a Radio Officer and Customer Services Officer until 1995,  and then worked for BT Satellite Services as   part   of   the   Customer   Support   Office,   based  at Portishead Radio.  I was responsible   for  the  service  activation  of   Inmarsat  terminals  on   UK-Registered vessels,   amongst other Inmarsat services. Left BT in 2001 when GKA closed down and the Satellite unit was sold to Stratos.  I now work at the UK Hydrographic Office, Taunton as a Radio Signals editor, for the  Admiralty List of Radio Signals Volume 6 (Pilots,  Port Operations and Vessel Traffic Services).  Married with 3 young children and live in Burnham on Sea, Somerset.   I   am  webmaster  of   the GKA website at www.portisheadradio.co.uk  Hold radio amateur callsign G4HLN.


Radio Officer Spud ROSCOE (Canada)


This is one picture of me on duty in the SS GYPSUM PRINCE/GHYX. I sailed in 12 ships over the years.  In the radio room of them all.   3 Canadian Navy.  1 Canadian Icebreaker and 8 Merchant Ships.  Amateur radio VE1BC. Visit URL  of  SpudStory:  http://www.coastalradio.org.uk/spudstory.htm E-mail: spudroscoe@eastlink.ca


Radio Officer  Shirl J PREWITT (USA)


Licensed  WN0TUT  1954:  HAYDEN,   COLO.  SWL,  BOYS  LIFE  RADIO  CLUB, HEATHKIT AT-1, S-38C, WINDOM ANTENNA, CW TFC NETS, DX/MM SHIPS. First assignment 1966: Tropical Radio Telegraph Co., Receiving station: Pearl River, LA - WNU.  First  ship   assignment   1967-1968  UNI. of Miami Marine Laboratory,  R/V "JOHN ELLIOT PILLSBURY" c/s KNFA.  RADIO  OFFICERS  UNION:  1968-1998 FREIGHTORS   TANKERS, PASSENGER SHIPS.  Best  assignment:   SS   "Santa Merchedes" c/s WHBH 1978-1983.  W0TUT 1998:   Retired,  CW rag chewing on 20 m. CW, speaks Brazil Portoguese, also comprendos spanish, love to repair the old vintage COLLINS tube radios, but also have knowledge of solid state troubleshooting. DXing on 20 m. CW only and working on the 300 COUNTRY MARK with  inverted  dipole  and  vintage   COLLINS KWM-2A,   (4)  and   COLLINS 51S-1 (2) receivers, trying  to  relive those carefree High School days again I.E. (DXing,Rag Chewing) ARRL,   SOWP,   COLLINS   COLLECTOR   ASSN #1059   1059, ROYAL NAVAL  AMATEUR   RADIO  SOCIETY   # 4622.  Recent   new   equipment   (Old Vintage) S-LINE XMTR 32S-3, ITT MACKAY 3020A receiver,   HALLICRFTER SX99 RCVR. Would  like to hear from  anyone who listened to the Ben Hunter Night Owls over  KFI   mid  Fifties  and  any   R/OS  that  worked at the Arctic WX Stations and QSOed Stan W9NZZ. Would like to receive photos of the COLLINS rigs at the Arctic Weather Stations, I.E. EUERIKA, ALERT, MOULD BAY, etc.                              E-mail: w0tut@comcast.net


Radio Officer James S. (Jim) FARRIOR (USA) now silent key


James  S. "Jim" Farrior, b.1920,  Birmingham,   Alabama,   U.S.A.   Radio  amateur W4FOK since 1938. Served 1938-1941 as U.S.  Government   point to point wireless telegrapher.   In London, May 1943, he  joined the  American  Merchant Marine  and sailed from Hull, England, to New York  as Chief  Radio  Officer  on  the Liberty Ship S.S. John Chandler, on which he made 6 additional voyages to various ports   is the  U.K., Mediterranean, and to Cuba.  He held First  Class  Telegraph  and  First Class Telephone  licenses.   In November, 1946,  at New Orleans,   Louisiana,   he  joined another Liberty Ship, the S.S. Anthony Ravalli, as Chief Radio Officer. He served for two voyages, in   the   Pacific.   The  first  included  the   Philippines,  New  Guinea, Australia, and New Caledonia.  The second  voyage was from Tacoma,  Washington, to Okinawa, and arrived there just at  the   end of WW-II.  The ship returned  without unloading in early December, 1945.  Returned home to Montgomery,   Alabama.  In 1949 received BS Degree in Electronics from   Auburn   University.  Retired  in  1980 after a career as an aerospace engineer and manager with the U.S. Government and with the Lockheed Missiles and Space Co.  He  now  resides with his wife Peggy in Florida.   He is the author of the popular computer program  "The Mill"   that teaches both American Morse and International Morse code and the operating procedures for both. The program and several books telling about his life experiences  are available as free downloads at his Web Page: http://home.comcast.net/~w4fok  An e-mail link to the author is also available.  The August, 1994, nostalgic  photo shows him in the radio   room  of   the   Liberty  Ship   Jeremiah  O'Brien   during  its   fueling   stop at Jacksonville,  Florida,   while  returning  home  to   San   Francisco   from the D-Day Celebration in France. The Chandler and the O'Brien were   identical  ships from the same ship yard two months apart. E-mail: w4fok@comcast.net

Radio Officer Joerg TRAUTNER (Germany)


I sailed from   1981  till  1993 as  a  radio   officer in deep sea fisheries and merchant marine. I hold a ham radio lis since  1972   when   16 yrs old. Now I am working for a german   research   institute   ( www.iap-kborn.de )   as   a   graduated engineer with atmospheric   research   radars.  Before that   I   did  work for an other insitute in the same   field   mostly  operating  a  research  radar on the  arctic   island of Svalbard. Therefore   most   of   my   recent  ham   radio   activities   had  been  under the call JW/DL3NRV. I am also member of the MARCOM group (former r/o doing ham radio) which operate the former radio room of the museumship   ex "Dresden"/DAVK  as  a club station. This is also the location of DI2AM. The MARCOM members took part in nearly  all  maritime   amateur  radio   events   of the last years (MRD, museum ship events and others) using the club call DL0MCM.


Radio Officer  Antonio DI FOLCO (Italy)


Antonio  Di   Folco  born on 27 June 1930 in  Torre Annunziata (Naples). In the 1948 First Class Radiotelegraph Certificate   for Merchant Ships.Then sailed on board the following ships: 1953  M/C  LAVORO/IBMR - 1954 S/S  GIOACCHINO LAURO/ICFX - 1955  T/N   SYDNEY/ICRB  -  1955  M/C   ACHILLE  LAURO/IBAF - 1957  S/S    CLELIA CAMPANELLA - 1958 S/S FIDELIO/IBFN - 1958 M/C   ESSO SAO PAULO /HPEC - 1959  M/C  ESSO LIGURIA - 1960  M/C    AGIP PORTAMAGGIORE/IBAC. From  14  August  1960  to   02 January 1990  Radio Operator in ROMARADIO/IAR  " The Voice of Romaradio".


Radio Officer  Paolo GUIZZARDI (Italy)


Jan 24th 1956 Born in Bologna, Italy.  Sep   1st   1982   -   license   of   International Radiotelegraph Operator for Merchant Vessels.  Nov 10th 1982 - IK0BOU is licensed Dec 1st 1984 to Dec 31st 1989: worked as radiotelegraph/radiotelephone operator at Rome Radio (c/s IAR), the main Italian Coast Station Jan 1st 1990 - On duty at the Italian MoFA Jan 26th 2004 - "posted" in Rabat (Morocco).  Dec 9th 2004 - licensed in Morocco as CN2PG (presumably until end 2007).






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