From the Past...looking at the future...

Merchant Marine Radio Officers
Radio Operators of Maritime Radio Coasts Stations
World Wide Event

To remember our past at sea and to support the future of W/T inside New Generations the second week-end of April Merchant Navy Radio Officers and Radio Operators of Maritime Coast Radio Stations will be active on HF bands to meet Amateurs Radio for a special event:
A special AWARD will be issued to those will partecipate at the event...

Who forget the past has not a future but we want a future for the radiotelegraphy, and Marine radio-communication.......a way to enter in touch with friends world-wide...used for a Century W/T saved thousands of lives at sea and every day thousands of Ham Operators use CW to establish contacts with otherAmateurs for DXing and expertiments

Our motto is "Our Past is our Future" our way is to be Radiomen!



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