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German Radio Officers website, lots of pictures of ship's radio stations and maritime radio equipments.


ROA - British Radio Officers Association website with several interesting links and beautiful radio rooms photo Gallery.


French Radio Officers website with accurate information about modern sea radio communications.


Italian Radio Officers website, INORC is the italian club which join former R/O's and amateur radio fashionated of morse communications.


Website owned by Italian Radio Officer Lino PAPPALARDO with pictures and stories of his life with the radio at sea and at shore. Link to the unofficial website of ROMA RADIO - IAR (italian language)


Website owned by German Radio Officer Sylvester FOECKING with old CW sounds of coast radio stations and other information, special section dedicated to the 500 kc/s petition.


The famous website of Radio Officer Ian Coombe...



Marine Radio History by Radio Officer David J. Ring (USA)...SOS from M/V PRINSENDAM.

A   very   interesting   website    from   the australian coast stations, created by Peter Hewitson.

St.  Lys   Radio  website  the  French  Coast Station definetively closed.
Roger   Wendell   website   with   lots   of information about Maritime Radio and nice pictures

Larry  BENNETT    website   dedicated  to PORTISHEAD  RADIO  GKA   and  Radio Officers worked in the main British Coast Radio Station.


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