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I am Torino do brasileiro but for comfort and I hope also for aesthetic sense I call me Pelè.I come from the Kennel of Umbrìaco My origins are Brazilian, my fathers work in the fazendas, put in line tauruses, unfortunately they went to recover the slaves you escape yourself from the  plantations and someone more without fear go huntinged of jaguars; then they came used for the guard and the defense and said of we that we were dogs plans you for the attack to the man and there is who anchor has the courage to say it, now someone uses to us is for the guard and in police but also for pet-terapy inasmuch as in the all this speech we have not said that we are very sweet, limitlessly  and without shame in love of ours landladies of our family and from those who they are welcomes and opportunely it introduces to you; we are ready to giving all for nothing only asking a little love from part of our masters, but we are all that and a lot more than what a person could itself be waited for from a whichever type of dog, we are sincere and faithful we can be of the sweet but at the just moment we have the force to pull outside all that one that is our great history and to become of the defenders without equal. I personally have been accustomed to socialize with dogs and persons and never I have not given problems of no type, I remain however decidedly bearing away from the strangers and if they are not of my convincememt they are not timid in demonstrating it . Still they are not adult and sure it is soon in order to speak but in these ten months are demonstrated a lot balanced giving of me characterial vision to me to 360 degrees, making me to pull the ears from the children and jumping against the door to the passage of a stranger; that does not remove that I am difficultly controlable in how much I demand much time, affection and cure and to my opinion more than an iron training a friendly understanding that is the much most difficult one to obtain, sure I am stubborn and every a lot must remember us that still we are of the dogs for the rest to describe to us in all and for all would remain impossible and then inasmuch as they are mistrustful not me goes to tell you all, in order to understand us to the maximum must have a Fila brasileiro and hopes ce has it and I assure to you that having you will discover it that the only thing who lacks there is the word! 

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