The Fila brasileiro is a dog from the temperament much fort and therefore for many persons it can remain a dog difficult to manage. For instinct protect its family and its property and whichever thing it thinks of its belongings. Its aggression is fast and instantaneous; for who it knows the characteristics of the race and will learn with the time to interpret of the behavioural modalities this will not be a problem why it will be in degree to arrest or to prevent the attack, for this reason your Fila must be under every control which time someone enters in your property or when it accompanies you to the leash, to the park or where it can perceive a situation of danger for you or for her. If you think not to have of the time or think is simple to remove from he these characteristics with the socialization or felt in degree the Fila is not a dog for you! Here why second me the Fila brasileiro to the contrary of how much some think are a dog to make to socialize most possible so that it learns to assimilate "the friendly" situations. For direct experience I can assure that the characteristics of the race will not come changed, the Fila is a careful guardian and a defender without fear, these are dowries inborn in its genetic patrimony, make part of its history and creed that you cannot be training or socialization that can remove. Creed that the socialization renders more ready and sure the dog than if same, why able to interpret the atmosphere around to if and to behave themselves consequently; for this my  Fila always gives the possibility to me to be with he, to travel with he, to go in any place and situation, becoming therefore an optimal dog from why always ready defense to every situation. The socialization process is between dogs that persons must ahead be carried since the first months of life of the dog, in fact the Fila for temperament already between the first months of life will show beyond that the mistruful also a remarkable aversion in the comparisons of the strangers, to the contrary of whichever other puppy of any other race it will not be for null ready to play and in the comparisons of the strangers and this "ojereza" (mistruful for the Brazilians) must and will be always one of the main characteristics of the Fila brasileiro. After an taken care of socialization it always must remember itself of having between the hands a Fila brasileiro and to behave always with the due precautions in how much an attack of this dog will not remain for nothing unnoticed. All these observations are based on personal experiences and are in the attempt to help anyone were interested to this magnificent race and for the curiosity to feel your opinion in merit.