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I am a Linux fan, this site will be, therefore predominantly directed to this operating system. Currently, when i can, i study the library gtk+ and Gnome, and to verify the functionality of the various API I am developing an address book, Rubrica. Rubrica's source code are to disposition of whoever, the program is released under the license Gnu GPL.

What is Rubrica
You can see here some images (devel version) (stable version)
From here you can download the last rubrica's stable version.

Rubrica's porting to Gnome 2 is complete. You can download the new versions The GUI has improved. Here, you can read a brief features list.

Besides I will put on the site some works that I have realized and/or I will realize for university examinations, that can have connection with Linux. I am enrolled to engineering to the Federico II of Naples. Currently you can download

Undersign the petition against software patents

This I am about to do is one application not only turns, to whom already knows and appreciates the open source and the free software, but also to whom doesn't know the ideas of these two movements. If you have not done yet, I invite you to sign the petition to introduce to the European Committee, with which we ask not to allow the software patent. For the close examination of the problem, you will find on the site of the promoters of the petition further news, therefore if you will hold their reasonings valid, you can sign the petition.

There is no progress without the sharing of the ideas and of the experience. There is not progress if all knowledge is submitted to patents and it is make use of only few people.

I don't have intention to affirm that it is necessary to forbid every form of brevet, but, seems me opportune to grant only brevets for works really original and innovative, for which are sustained big investments. Don't seem me opportune, after years of use, ask to patent the idea of the link or the mouse pointer, or worse, ask to patent an algorithm. To grant the brevet on a algorithm would be as to grant a patent on the whole mathematics. (For example, the procedure that is taught in the Italian elementary schools that allows to divide two numbers, is an algorithm. Perhaps one day we will have to pay someone for the fact to have divided the account of pizza??)

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