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Short Guide to Italian Republican Coins
First issue (1946-1950)
Please note: all pictures are scanned larger than actual size to better show details.

        The Republic's first issue, is made of 4 coins: 1 Lira (orange) Km#87, 2 Lire (wheat) Km#88, 5 Lire (grapes) km#89, 10 Lire (olive branch -Pegasus) km#90.
        There is not much to say about the images on these coins since they are pretty much self explanatory. Most of them represent the main agricoltural products of Italy:oranges from Sicily; wheat used for bread, pasta, pizza; olive oil, and of course wine. The 1 and 5 Lire coins show onthe obv. an allegorical portrait of the Italian Republic, that you can also see, in different portraits, on most current coins.

1 Lira Km#87:

Obv.: allegorical portrait of Italian Republic (Repubblica Italiana)
Rev.: an orange.

1 Lira Km# 88:

Obv.: a farmer.
Rev.: an ear of wheat.

5 Lire Km# 89:

Obv.: allegorical portrait.
Rev.: grape.

10 Lire Km#90:

The 10 Lire coin has on the obv. the image of Pegasus. Pegasus, the winged horse, was born from the blood of Medusa (mithological creaturewith snakes in place of hair) when Perseus cut her head off. Medusa had been Poseidon's lover (the god of the sea), so this mithological horse is considered his son. He carried lightnings to Zeus (the king of Olimpus), and was rided by Apollo (Mercury), the gods' messenger.
Rev. an olive branch.

    All the above coins were minted in Italma, an alloy of  962°/°° Aluminum, 135°/°° Magnesium, 3°/°° Manganese.
     All of them are no longer legal tender.

Republic's second issue (1951- 2002)

 Many thanks to:
Dan's virtual coin collection  (He has an extensive gallery of world coins pictures)
The picture of the silver denarius is taken from The Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins
an incredible site worth a visit!
Karl Fink Of WHITING INDIANA U S A ,  for the scans of the 5 Lire coin Km#89, 20 lire, 200 lire commemoratives (Montessori, Philatelic expo, Taranto, Fao)
Oldbook, for the scans of the 50 and 100 Lire coins