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My name is Fabio and I collect XX and XXI century world coins by type.
I love collecting world coins because of the huge variety of shapes, images and metals used to make coins on the five continents.
Coins can teach us a lot about one country's history and culture, but it's not always easy to recognize images or to understand the large number of symbols present on them. For this reason I decided to write these few pages to briefly describe what is depicted on Italian coins, especially the commemorative ones, and on the new Euro coins  that circulate since January 1, 2002. If you have similar information about the coins of your country, please contact me! If you want to trade with me, please take a look at my swap list and send me an Email with what you have to offer.
Enjoy coin collecting!

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Italian commemorative coins.


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The pictures of the Italian Euro coin on this site are taken from the official  EURO site