Il testo che segue, scritto dal compagno Blagoje Djordjevic, riporta tra l'altro i risultati elettorali delle formazioni comuniste in Serbia (settembre 1997). Lo riportiamo integralmente, con le nostre sottolineature ed i link alle pagine dedicate alle varie formazioni (quelle che siamo riusciti a trovare).

I finally was able to obtain the official results for the elections held in September for the National parliament. They were officially published only on the 22nd, I got the Official gazette today, so I am sending you the most important figures.

The number of registered voters 7,206,361, turn out 4,136.775 or 57%.
The number of seats - 250. Distribution:

SPS-YUL-New Democracy 110,
Serbian radical party (Seselj) 82,
Serbian movement of renewal (Vuk) 45,
Coalition Vojvodina 4,
League of Vojvodina Hungarians 4,
Coalition for Sandzak (Sulejman Ugljanin) 3,
Coalition of peasants and pensioners 1,
Democratic coalition Precevo-Bujanovac (Albanians) 1.

There were 29 election units with different number of representatives from each unit (between 6 and 12) elected proportionally within a unit. This is important to notice because a party could have won a seat with less then 15.000 votes and be without a seat with 150.000 votes, depending on dispersion.

LYC [SKJ] did not do very well. We ran in nine unites (seven under the name of S. Mirkovic, 1 B. Lozo and 1 O. Nadj.) We collected 6,786 votes or 1,64%.
Adding up Yugoslav working class of S. Hudovic, who used to be our member, with 351 votes (0,08%) it comes to the total of 7,137 or 1.73% in ten units.

LWY of P. Velickovic got 2,141 votes (0,52%), KPY (Boskovic) 749 votes or 0.18%. (Work party of Dapcevic did not participate.) NKPY (Kitanovic) did much better. They covered 22 units with 16.222 votes or 3,92%.

All of us 26,532 votes or 6,41%, but scattered all over the place, so far way from any chance for a seat.

If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

SPS - Partito Socialista della Serbia (di S. Milosevic)
YUL - Sinistra Jugoslava (federazione di forze di sinistra)
LWY - Lega dei Comunisti di Jugoslavia (titoista, "filojugoslavo")
KPY - Partito Comunista Jugoslavo
NKPY - Nuovo Partito Comunista Jugoslavo (cominformista, "filosovietico")
L'Alleanza civica della Serbia di Vesna Pesic, il Partito Democratico di Zoran Djindjic ed il Partito democratico della Serbia di Kostunica (scissione di quest'ultimo) hanno boicottato le elezioni.

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