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Undeniable Proof that Paul McCartney was replaced with a Look-Alike: 
Part 5 Continued: Eye Color. 
     Does the supposed look-alike have the same color eyes as Paul? Amazingly, it appears that Paul McCartney had brown eyes, whereas the look-alike has green eyes.
     I think most fans of the early Beatles remember that Paul McCartney had very rich dark hazel colored eyes as seen in the pictures below: 



     Now technically, it is possible for a person's eye color to change by a minor degree, due to exposure to certain chemicals and metals, as well as film and lighting, but even if this was the case, it is unlikely it would happen to this degree and in this short a time. So what color were "Paul's" eyes after 1966? Amazingly, one of the first appearances of the "look-alike" after the supposed switch features several crystal clear close-ups showing his GREEN eyes!

     We'll look at a few screen captures from the promotional video for "Lady Madonna". 
     But before we do that, let's first use George's eyes from the video as a reference. George's eyes were just a shade darker than Paul's, so if something is wrong with the film or the lighting that will make "Paul's" eyes appear to be a different color than they really are, then it will also effect George's eyes in the same way: 


     Here we see George's eyes are very dark brown as we'd expect them to be; so whatever color "Paul's" eyes appear to be in this video should be somehwere close to the color that they are in real life. Ofcourse, if this is really Paul then they should be very close to the color of George's brown eyes as shown above; so let's have a look: 


     They appear slightly greyish because of the faded quality of the film, but there is certainly no way you would mistake these for BROWN eyes, as we have already seen how dark George's brown eyes show up in the same video. Also notice that his brown hair shows up darker, as opposed to his eyes, which are lighter. 
     Here we see a more recent photo of the look-alike from the year 2000: 


     Again, these eyes are clearly green. 
Clearly if the imposter has green eyes, he has been wearing contact lenses in many photos, or has had his photos retouched with paint. Look at "Sgt. Pepper's"again:



     Look closely at the reflection in the right eye (his left); it is not as the same place as the other one, it is bigger and is slightly offset to the left; this seems unnatrual to begin with, and is even more strange considering that the other Beatles barely have ANY reflections in their eyes; and look at the bottom eyelids and corners of the eyes; it looks as if this photo has been retouched with paint and then slightly overexposed to cover up the brush marks.  
     Look at this, it is an original copy of the photo, printed before the remastered CD was released; look at how different he looks between these two photos: 


     No wonder many people originally thought that this was a wax dummy. All the other Beatles look essentially the same, only slightly darker and paler, but "Paul" looks like a different person. Look at the shape of the nose and the expression in the eyes, not to mention the puffiness of the cheeks and width of the chin base. This original photo looks much closer to the photo in the "White Album" poster: 


     And below we see some more photos from after the imposter supposedly apparently joined the group. Noticed again how much different he looks during this period than you have been led to believe: 



     Very strange; he almost looks like Vincent Price. And look below at this bizzare photo. This is supposed to be a photo of "Paul" taken outside of Abbey Road studios on December 20th of 1966. Obviously if Paul really died, then this is presumably the first known public appearence of the imposter in the role of Paul. What in the hell is wrong with his face? This must have been just after the very first round of preliminary plastic surgery. 
     Paul was very chubby and overwieght at the time he dissapeared, about two months previous, and it appears they were apparently trying to duplicate this look in the imposter by puffing up his face with collagen or botulin in order to phase in the new, thin "Paul"; with these bizarre results. 
     So this is why they had to clean up the Sgt. Pepper's photos, notice how closely this one resembles the original print of the Sgt. Pepper photo: 


     Here is an picture of real Paul from August 31st of that same year, only three moths and 20 days prior to the picture above: 

     And take a look at this, the Sgt. Pepper character is none other than the imposter "Faul" (false paul) himself! Just look at the crooked chin and weird puffy lips: 


     Is this a clue that perhaps the imposter was a member of the armed services before being recruited to the Beatles? Well, we'll get into all of that later on in the "Clues" section. To think that they could have actually taken this person and made him into a passable Paul McCartney look-alike. Just scary! 

     Well, I don't know about you, but I'm convinced. You'll have to make your own mind. Now that all of that's settled we can move on to the Plastic Surgery and Scars. Even though the two bore a very strong resemblance, there were still a few major problems that nescessitated numerous surgeries and the wearing of facial hair. Remember the crooked V-shaped chin? And I suppose you also remember about a year and a half spent in a beard that he hasn't worn since? Let's take a look...
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