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Undeniable Proof that Paul McCartney was replaced with a Look-Alike: 
Part 5 of Facial Comparison: Plastic Surgery & Scars. 
     One of the most glaring evidences of this incredible fraud are the obvious changes that have taken place in the look-alike's face since he first joined the group, along with the very faint but very real scars from numerous plastic surgery procedures.
     First let's take a look at some photos of Paul throughout the first half of the 60's and focus in on the shape of his chin: 


     Now, admittedly, a little chub can make the sides of a chin appear a bit rounder than they usually would, but as you have already seen from the facial comparisons, these men's chins simply do not match in length, width and general outline.  

     Now let us take a look at Faul's chin: 



     First of all, you'll notice that in some of these photos the chin juts to the right instead of the left; they have probably been flipped horizontally, and I simply didn't want to be accused of altering them by flipping them back in the correct direction; so, you'll still notice the crooked chin with a crooked cleft which has a distinctive V-shape and is very different from Paul's strong, round, set chin. But more than that, you can plainly tell that this is most certainly NOT at all how Faul appears today, nor how he looked during most of the 70's.  

     Now let's take a few pictures from around 1973-75 after the beard came off, and compare them to Faul's pictures above: 

     For starters, what the hell happened? He looks completely different. These pictures are only six years apart. Notice how different the corners of the eyes and the shape of the eyebrows look; more like Paul McCartney's (see next section). But more importantly, notice the chin. Suddenly, after the beard comes off, it's all round and straight, kinda like real Paul's in the pictures above; and if you look below at the young/old comparison, you will see the entire left side of his chin appear out of nowhere.  
     He is also not very chubby in any of the above pictures, so even if this was your explanation for Paul's round chin, then what is your explanation for Faul's suddenly round chin? This brings us back to the young and old comparison from section 2: 


     If you look closely at the right side of the face (his left) you'll notice that an entire side of his jawbone magically materializes out of knowhere, and in the middle it widens and becomes flatter, rounder, and less pointy, and looses the crooked cleft on the side; adding a straight cleft down the middle which you can't quite make out in this picture. Why in the world would Paul McCartney need plastic surgery to look MORE LIKE PAUL MACCARTNEY?! 

     You're probably wondering if a procedure like this would leave a noticable scar; we'll get to that in the next-to-last section.   
     Now, take a look at the pictures below. You've probably never heard of a procedure called lip lift surgery. It's a cosmetic procedure wherein a small football shaped piece of skin is removed from either just above the upper lip, or just below the nose. The procedure is primarily performed on the elderly since, as one ages, the upper lip tends to slip down and curl under itself; so when the mouth is parted slightly, instead of the top teeth showing, the bottom teeth show. It is also occasionally performed on younger people who have the same problem. Our Mr. FalsePaul was one of these unfortunate youngsters. Now we have the explanation for the sudden mustache. Take a look at these pictures taken on the set of the film Magical Mystery Tour: 

     Just look at how far that lip hangs down! No wonder they had to fix it, he looks like an ape. Compare it to the pictures above; again, these are only about six years apart. Does this first picture look like Paul McCartney, even as you know "Paul McCartney" today? Also, again note how much taller than John Lennon this man is; the perspective is a little off, but they're still standing pretty much side by side. 


     Again, a surgical procedure like this is bound to leave a scar of some sort. We also have to consider that he would have been wearing alot of makeup to better conceal these scars, so some pictures will give us a better look than other's. But, before we start looking for scars, let us first briefly take a closer look at the corners of those eyes; notice how the corner of the eye drops down in the young-old animation above... 

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