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Undeniable Proof that Paul McCartney was replaced with a Look-Alike: 
Part 1 of Facial Comparison: Getting A Reference. 
      Before comparing the faces of pre and post 1966 pictures of Paul it would be a good idea to show you just how accurate this process is by comparing two pictures that we already know to be of the same person. First we will compare two photos of John Lennon, taken 11 years apart, and see how much a face changes in this amount of time.   
     Then we will compare two pictures of Paul's girlfriend Jane Asher, one taken in the 60's, the other taken in the 90's.   
     Finally, we will compare two pictures that we know to be of the real Paul McCartney, one taken in 1963 and another from 1966 around the time that "Yesterday and Today" was released  and see how well they match. 
     Here we see two pictures of John Lennon, one taken in 1963 when he was 23, the other from 1974 when he was 34: 


     There is virtually no difference between these photographs, taken 11 years apart. Notice how perfectly all of the features fall on top of each other, the teeth, the eyes position, the overall head shape: even his Adam's apple perfectly matches.
The photos of Paul we will be using are taken from more accurate angles, and yet they do not match anywhere near this well after late 1966.. 
     A person's skull stops growing somewhere between the ages of 17 and 21. After this point, barring disfigurement, the size and shape of the skull is set for life. It neither gets longer nor wider, and the position of skull based features such as the eyes, nose, chin and ears stay absolutely fixed. All that changes is the distribution of fat in the cheeks and the wrinkles in the skin.   
     Here we see two photos of Jane Asher, Paul's girlfriend throughout most of the 60's, taken probably about 30 years apart (before you view this one, be aware that she had the bridge of her nose straightened between the photos, so this change is NOT a product of the camera angle.) 
     In this comparison as well, aside from the extreme chubbiness and a slight change in the camera angle, there is virtually no change.   


     The key thing to note is that the indentation of the eyes sockets, the outline of the skull, the spacing between the ears and the base of the chin are all copletely unchanged. The nose would be as well if not for her corrective surgery. To the naked eye these photos do not look like they will match, but the comparison doesn't lie. Excess fat can change the character of someones face a great deal, but it cannot change the underlying features which are based in the skull. After the very early 20's these features are set for life, as you can easily see from these comparisons.

     Now, here we see a photo of Paul McCartney from late 1963 on the cover of "With the Beatles" crossfaded with a picture from June 1966. Please take special note that this second photo is from the last official Beatles photo shoot before the "Sgt. Pepper's" photos were taken approximately nine months later. We'll expand on that in a second: 


     In both of these photos he is looking directly into the camera and the match is stunningly obvious. If you didn't know better you might think this was the same photo and someone just turned up the color and contrast. But these are, in fact, two unique photos taken three years apart. Again, notice the absolutely perfect match in every respect, but pay special attention to the line of the chin, the position of the ears and the width and length of the nose, as well as the outline of the skull. These are all an absolutely perfect match. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is the same person.   
     Now, before we compare the picture from above to a picture of the supposed imposter's face, let us first familiarize ourselves with the face of the man whom I am asserting is an imposter... 

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