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Probably in 1986/87 I write my first SID tune for the C64. The music engine used was the Basic/assembler of A. Colin published in a Commodore book. The engine only gives 3 fixed instrument voices, but the data are inserted in Basic instructions. I don't remember the exactly year I did this tune, but I studied music from '84 to '86 and studied assembler language after '87, so 1986-87 is the correct time point.

The music uses this scheme: AABBC that's like a symphony or something like this (I don't remember the exactly music definition). It is based onto the first 9 music measure published in the book, so it was called "The return of Sheba" because the books music was the "Arrival of the queen of Sheba" of G. F. Handel.

It took me a saturday and a sunday to insert all the music data into the program, so I had no control if I putted invalid data respect my music partition. If the music seems out of sync or has some strange notes, these only means that I'm not a good musician.

Well, I recently found the original music partition, so I insert the notes in a Midi file and I look that there's a timing error in the partition (in C section). However I find the Sid tune more beautiful respect the Midi version!!!!

Finally, in January 2001 I have converted the tune to use only machine code, so a SID file version is available.

I was very happy for composing this tune, but how you can listen, I'm not a musician. However I had always  found the music in the C64 games the best yo can heart. I built a cable for registering the C64 tune in the Radio for then listen them without loading the game (I think that all the sid lovers had done something like this).
Unfortunately I had not time to learn how to build music with the Sid until recently, so now I have some C64 tune being creating.

The first is a Matt Gray "Driller" remix, using Rob Hubbard music engine with his kind of instruments. These is giving me the opportunity to learn how the Hubbard and Gray engines work.
The tune is near to finish, but I'm changing some instrument for making the music with the same Matt atmosphere (Well, Driller music make the Driller game fantastic).

The others are the implementation of some piece of classical music for two voice. Just an musical exercise.

Download the tune, choosing the format you prefer:

"The return of Sheba" (6.2KB) sid tune original program in CBM format
"The return of Sheba" (4.0KB) sid tune modified program in CMB format.
"The return of Sheba" (4.1KB) sid tune is PSID format.
"The return of Sheba" (28.2KB) source in CA65 syntax.
"The return of Sheba" (14.4KB) in MIDI format.

Title Year Chip Length Engine Type/Comment Download
The Return of Sheba 1986/87 6581 3:36 BASIC/ML by Andrew Colin Inspired by "Arrival of the queen of Sheba" of G. F. Handel. "The Return of Sheba" (4.1KB)
I remember a rainy weekend passed onto this tune!
Driller Hub Style 2001 6581 8:41 Rob Hubbars player self modified Cover of Matt Gray "Driller" "Driller Hub Style" (3.4KB)
"Sources" (24KB)
A never finished tune that I find recently in my backup.I remember that some points were to be fixed (you listen this in some points).
Even incomplete I like too much some of the instrument in it due to the use of Hubbard player
Little Girl 2002 6581 4:37 Goattracker 1.21 cover of "Great Giana Sister" tune 2 by Chris Hulsbeck "Little Girl" (2.5KB)
First tune made using Goattracker. I need to reboot the system with Windows for using it. A shame...
Infernal Rythm 2002 6581 1:48 Goattracker 1.34 original "Infernal Rythm" (1.6KB)
"Sources" (5.7KB)
This is an attemp to look at hard synchronization of the SID: so it is not a tune, but just a infernal sound!
It is born with this porpoise: experiment. But I find the sound amazing: you need the real C64 for being captured by the rhythm...
Silent Night 2002 8580 0:35 Goattracker 1.34 cover of "Silent Night" "Silent Night" (2.2KB)
The filter is expecially setted for 8580. The tune want to give Christmas athmosphere with simplicity
Crap Intro 2003 6581 1:25 Goattracker 1.34 original "Crap Intro" (2.5KB)
Maybe this is my style
FD 2003 8580 3:39 Goattracker 1.4d self patched for fade-out cover of "What a Feeling" from Flasdance "FD" (3.0KB)
I based all the tune with arpeggio. Fade out is exactly what I want for this tune and I modified Goattracker for this
Evil 2004 6581 0:46 Goatracker 1.5 binary patched + Digiorganizer 1.0 cover of "EndTheme" amiga mod module by Karsten Obaski "Evil" (20.4KB)
I want to create a sample based tune and this is the result
15BB 2005 6581 0:15 512b player cover of "Bat of Basses" of Mike "15BB" (636B)
Now I can listen to the init of Mike tune as long as I want
Random Ninja 2005 6581 0:07++ 256b player Remix of Matt Gray "Last Ninja II - Central Park" (Chris Holm edition) "Random Ninja" (376B)
You need to listen to the Chris midi to find exactly where this music come from
XL5 2006 6581 0:35 256b player Cover of Jeff "X-Large 5" "XL5" (395B)
Removed 53 bytes, but finally the sid is at the right size
RM 2006 6581 0:46 512b player Cover of David W. "Red Max" "RM" (637B)
Original sound is very eleborated, so it was difficult to reach this point
What Is Love 2006 6581 4:40 Goattracker 2.48 Cover of Haddaway "What is Love" "What is Love" (4KB)
"Sources" (62KB)
I like the Haddaway tune and I want to listen it to the Sid
Turtle 2008 6581 0:58 JITT64 E1.00, P1.0 Cover of Gr8_Times_2_Expose_Ur_Mind #2 "Turtle" (8KB)
This is a cover for testing my first version of JITT64
STRH Mix 2009 6581 0:46 JITT64 E1.01, P1.1 A remix of Sid_Ripper_and_Hawkeye_02.sid of Sid The Ripper & Hawkeye "STRH Mix" (7KB)
It is LN's Matt like ;)
Carillon 2009 6581 1:02 JITT64 E1.02, P1.2 A cover of Morricone's Carillon (from a midi version) "Carillon" (7KB)
To make the cover of this song was one of the input for me for implementing JITT64

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