TSID: Time SID Manager
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Ice Team Free Software Group and Ice Team logo are copyright (C) 1999-2004 by Tognon Stefano.
Ice Team is copyright (C) 1991-2004 by Tognon Stefano.
All the other mark and logo are copyright (C) by their authors and/or companies.

The porpoise of Ice Team Free Software Group is to develop open/free software under a GPL (or equivalent one) license.
This TSID project is for "sid" people!

The sid tunes I compose can be free listen.

The rips provided (with sources that can produce executable) are provided only for studing porpoise and for preserve these music to become lose (they are a peace of Commodore history).
You are not allowed to do other issue with the provided rip. Conctact the original author (I hope you can find them, because something are unknown) for a bussinnes use of the file.

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