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16 Jan 2011 HVMEC 1.0 released
11 Ago 2009 HVMEC 0.9 released
1 Mag 2009 JITT64 1.02 released
1 Feb 2009 JITT64 1.01 released
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My research of prime magic squares with the computer help
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What are magic prime squares? How we can make them? This is the story of my research that start in 1996 (from what I see in 1992) and it is not yet concluded. Follow the link and see how I build manually some of them and how I write automatic programs that build a random prime magic square. 
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In 1994 I start to build a C64 emulator for PC using assembler language. Actually I'm building a new emulator using the Java language: JC64.
This is a  GPL  (free software) project.
The emulator uses accurate VicII emulation, so it need a high speed computer to run.
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This section contains related works to SID music.

TSID the Time Sid Manager library is at version 0.9
TSID2 the next generation of TSID is at version 0.3 new
SidWine a C64 online sid music competition made in 2002, 2003 and 2004
Tiny Sid a C64 programming-music competition made in 2005 and 2006
SIDin a paper sid related magazine: issue #12 is out new
HVMEC A collection of music engines: version 1.0 is out new
SidEngine a perl engines scanner: ver. 0.01 is out
Rips psid rips of old games like Dig Dug and Lazarian
Music my sid music: nothing of special...

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Here you can find (and download) my other computer programs:
  • Sid tune, demos and (mini)games for C64
  • Algoritmic antivirus (SVDL, MVDL for PC)
  • PC experiment with executable (BCE)...
  • A Java client/server simulator ambient

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If you have SidPlug, then you are listening to
The return of Sheba

(my first SID tune)

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