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Today I'm working with this equipments: The 286 have the power supply died, instead the old PII works perfectly with Linux, in 6 partitions: 1 Fedora for networking and developing, 1 (old) RedHat for networking, 1 (old) RedHat for development, 1 Mandrake for gaming, 1 Debian for testing, and an riginal Win 95 that is used only for Dos PC-C64 transfer programs.

In this photo you can see my working room in perfect order (no, this become only one day a year).


The PC has a special frontal self built wind-fan for keep temperatire low. The Commodore computer are too much precious for keep them at dust, so they are connected only when needed.

Spre. RC

You can see my C64C playing Last Ninja II at Spresiano Retrocomputing 2003 meeting where I fix the game MArkanoid during the event.

room 1

Here my room in what I call "perfect computer order" (all are where I can find them soon)!
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