PROGRAMS for C64 and PC
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My old and new programs for C64
You can find:
  • BASIC:
    • Simulation program
  • Sids music
  • Games
    • Snake 512b, Snake2K for Minigame Compo 2001
    • AP, Elicoph, BulderJones for Minigame Compo 2002
    • Haras 1K, MArkanoid 4K for Minigame Compo 2003
    • Little Sara Syster 4K for Minigame Compo 2004
    • Ann Gong 4K for Minigame Compo 2005
    • Elav 4K for Minigame Compo 2006
    • LSS 1.5 8K for Minigame Compo 2006
  • Demo:
    • Silent Night for the Christmas Compo 2002
    • FD for the Christmas Compo 2003

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My programs for PC
you can find:
  • Reader: Read C64 tapes directly from the PC
  • Antivirus: SVDL and MVDL language
  • BCE: a strange experiment
  • A Java client/server simulation ambient

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If you have SidPlug, then you are listening to
Silent Night

(from the Demo)

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