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15 November 2000

General Resources

means that the page is in hangul (korean language) only.

Mr Penn's Stamp Page
Incredible source of information for collectors.

Images and details of every stamp issued since 1990 !

Korean Stamp Society Inc. USA
The Korea Stamp Society was formed to provide a focal point for the collectors of

Korean stamps and postal history.

Phila Tely & Phila Tour
A general resource for korean collectors.

Although this site is described by korean language, It has many, many pictures.

The Facts of Korean Classic Stamps
By Jae-Seung Kim.

Dealers located in Korea

Stamps, s/s, year sets, everything is in stock. Online shop. English & Hangul.
Publisher of KPC-Korean Postage Stamp Catalog.

Selling stamps online.

Stamp Store
Sell stamps of Korea and other countries.

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