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Thank You to all the people who wrote me to express their appreciation for the restyled site !
As you may see, I'm trying to improve it further, including also additional info.

Favourite Links
last updated 17 Sep 2007

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General Resources

AJ's World of Stamps
Huge collection of links you can use as bookmarks for your browser.
All philatelic links in general from all over the world
By Willem Bakema, Holland.
ACNet - Australian Collectors Network
Central forum for Australian dealers, collectors and club members.
We specialize in worldwide postal stationery and covers, flights, PHQ cards and US souvenir pages.
American Philatelic Society
Antarctica Post
Antarctica Dollar Postage Stamp issued for the purpose of posting from the South Pole.
Arctic Post
Global Postal and Filatelic Information
Buy and sell stamps locally or worldwide. Open Your free Stamps related e-store.
Collector's Target
By Malte Aronsson. A very interesting resource for collectors and philatelists, with a lot of features. This site il linked to my postal authorities pages!

Education International - Postage stamps honouring teachers & education
EI is an international organisation representing 24 million teachers in 153 countries.
Superb resource, in 7 languages, for collectors of european countries. Comprehensive list of dealers, clubs, links and much more.. great.
Hawaii Post
Private courier which issues beautiful stamps. You can order stamps since year 2000. Not an official postal authority, so it is listed here.
International Shows
The best listing of shows I've found. Including FIP World Philatelic Exhibitions.
JJF's Philatelic Links
Philatelic links of all kinds.

Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web
The biggest collection of philatelic links
. A good starting point.
Keräilijä.net - huutokauppa, postimerkkiluettelo, artikkeleita keräilystä
About stamp collecting in Finland. Online auction and stamp catalog (only for registered users), articles, glossary, discussion.
PhilaGuide: The Golden Guide for Philatelist
"Philatelic Internet Portal with extensive link directories of websites, multilingual philatelic dictionaries, publications, special about philately in Holland, and much more..."
Philatelic Links Online - by Peter G. Aitken
database driven !

Philately - stamp collections
Philatelic site where you can find stamps collections gallery, forum stamps and buy and sell stamp collections.
Philately Universe
A lot of philatelic links organized by country.
Postal Postings
A general website devoted to all aspects of philately.
Postverwaltungen und Versandstellen
By Ludger Wehning. The site is like mine with all the postal authorities, but info is in german language.
Ray's Philatelic Articles
Listings of direct links to Articles on Stamps and Postal History. By Ray Ransome.
Roger's Philatelic Links
More than 3800 philatelic links & banners - Study King Baudouin I - Type Elström, Philatelic dealers & clubs, Postal rates, etc..
Scott Kitchen's Stamp Collecting Resources
Well organized links.
The ultimate philatelic resource site. Contains thousands of links.
Online catalogues,thematic catalogues,Europa Cept 2000 catalogue,database of philatelists in the world.
Stamp Albums Web
printable hi-quality stamp albums, worldwide coverage, for free !
Stamp Collecting - Doing it for enjoyment, not for profit
"A non-commercial site for beginners and intermediate stamp collectors. Discusses in depth how to collect stamps inexpensively for enjoyment and enlightenment, not for profit. Attractive, interesting, and informative." By Shoban Sen (USA).
Stamp Links
Stamp and Philatelic Links.
The Search Engine for Stamp Collectors
Stamp Yellow Pages Directory

Links to everything philatelic.

The Philatelic Computing Study Group
Listings of philatelic computer programs, CD-ROM catalogs, publishers, etc.,and the 1999 FIP Web Site Evaluation report.
Wayne's Stamp Resources
Stamp articles, links, philatelic newsletter, FREE stamps, trader list, philatelic software reviews.
The Wine Post New Zealand
The postage stamps of the World's Most Southern Winery.
WADP Numbering System
The World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU) jointly conceived and developed the WADP Numbering System - WNS, which was launched on 1 January 2002.
World New Issues supplement
Worldwide Stamp New Issues - by Dave Joll
Details of New Issue programmes, worldwide coverage!

Countries & Collectors' Pages

If you need more country related links just have a look here

Abu Dhabi Postal History
Best Malaysian Stamp Website
By Kenneth Loh from Malaysia
Bulgaria Stamps
Online catalogue for the recent stamps of Bulgaria, stamp exchange, selling stamps, Bulgarian history on stamps.
China postage stamps
Stamps of China including stamp images and related informations.
Collecting Stamp
Alessandro, a stamp collector from Italy. Lots of scans.
Collecting Stamps from Malaysia
By Teh Hean Lam. Complete catalogue of malaysian stamps, including latest issues.
Definitive Stamps - by James J. Zhou
Web page dedicated to definitive stamps, worldwide.
De Paepe Roger
Philately of Belgium and links. English & Dutch.
Dubai Postal History
Dubai - Indian Postal Stationery - Bangladesh - U.S. "flag over..." Efo's
By R. Howard Courtney.

Stamps of Argentina with new issues, images, links, etc.
by Enrico Prous from Italy.
Catalogue of Europa stamps
Most Europa stamps released since 1974 are scanned (English and French). By Breiz Positive.
Europa CEPT Malta
A website about Europa CEPT stamps, with a special reference to the Maltese Europa stamps.
Europa Stamps
By Jurgen Haepers from Switzerland.
Faroe Stamps
Faroe Islands stamps, with information, catalogues, wantlists and for sale lists.
Filatelia Argentina
A good starting point for collectors of Argentina. Links, images, latest issues, dealers, etc.
Frans van Min - phonecard collector
Also a collector of Europa-Cept stamps, sheets, booklets, gutter pairs and pre stamped cards.
Gallery Czechoslovak Stamps
Stamps of Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic.
See also related Auction - Internet Philatelic Shop and Internet Philatelic Shop
Henrik's Stamp and Cover Exchange
Stamp and Cover Exchange - Henrik Kullberg (Finland).
Indian Postage Stamps
Everything related to indian philately.
Joe Hahn’s Page -
A Page for Latin American Philatelists
A forum for Latin American collectors to investigate various aspects of Latin American philately.
Kari Paananen
Finnish collector interested in railways.
Les timbres de France et le oblitérations de l'Ouest

Malaysia Stamp Home Page
Malaysia Stamp, Internet's Premier Multi-Dealer that provides full list about stamps issued in the world for both new and old issues included images for recent issues.By Lim Yeow Ming.
Marques Postales
French classical philately. By Guy Maggay.
A detailed online catalog for Moldova and Transnistria (PMR). This is the most detailed catalog yet made for the these countries and includes full listings and colour images for stamps, souvenir sheets, minisheets, booklets, all and postal stationery. By Niall Murphy, Ireland.

Museo Filatélico de Medellín (Colombia)
Everything related to philately of Colombia, including info on recent issues.
By Hernan Gil Pantoja.
Pagina Filatelica 2000 and ATM stamp catalogue
By José Antonio Buitrago from Spain. Exchanges, links to spanish phil sites and more.
Pakistani Philatelic Resource
By Rabia Zafar. A country specific general resource about philately of Pakistan.
Personal web page for an old hobby in the new age
A general collector of fine used which regularly sells on eBay.
Philatelic Activity in the Victoria Area (PAVA)
Philatelic events in the Victoria, BC, Canada area. Also featured are articles on Canadian and British Colombia Postal History.
By Hugh Armstrong.
Philately Down Under
By Walter Schillani, from Australia.
A specialized webmagazine dedicated to italian philately. Italian language only.
News Magazine online di filatelia ordinaria, specializzata e storia postale italiana.
Postage Stamps and Hard-to-Find Stuff
Matthew Crawford provide you with information about postage stamps (particularly difficult-to-find information) and hard-to-find info in general.
Prashant Pandya's Home Page
Rakstampthai, world of thai stamp
To promote the global collection of Thai stamps.
Rui Carvalho Dias Homepage
Collector page about maxicards. By Rui Carvalho Dias.
Russian Philately, Stamps and Postal History
Russian specialty site - by David M Rowell.
Russian Stamps Catalogue
Russia catalogue of stamps by years, with many images. Stamps are also on sale.
St. Vincent Stamps & Philately
By Peter C. Elias. Visit also these sites run by Peter: St. Vincent postcard website -
War Tax stamps
- Airports on Stamps - Audi on stamps - Yahoo! Discussion Group on St. Vincent stamps
Stamp Newsletter
Philatelic e-zine by Tapan Kumer Roy.
Displays images of worldwide classic stamps plus related information.
Stamppage Belgium
By Jan De Wael. Trader list,want list,belgian stamps.
Stamps of the Pacific
Sylvestre Buoro
Stamps and covers of Central asian countries.

Stamp collector Shoban Sen gives you a pictorial tour of India through Indian stamps. Contains lots of practical travel tips to India.
United Arab Emirates Postal History

History of UPAEP (Postal Union America Spain Potugal)
By Philippe Boulon. homepage about UPAEP equivalence to Europa-Cept, all stamps, congress, events, reply-coupons, letters'collection...
UNESCO World Heritage and philately
120 countries and 610 sites of the World Heritage List represented and illustrated by scans, around 1,000 stamps (English, French, Spanish, German). By Breiz Positive.

Stamp Societies & Clubs

Asian Stamp Collectors
By Bernt Bartholdsson. For collectors of China, Taiwan, Nepal, Tibet, Tuva, and every asian country. Auctions and wantlists.
Baltic States Philatelic Society
Joining stamp collectors of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania from around the world
Baroda Philatelic Society's Home Page
Briefmarkensammlerverein Krems
Stamp club. Actual information about new issues of Austria, United Nations, Switzerland and Fürstentum Liechtenstein. Furthermore we offer interesting news of some stamp magazines.
Cifr - Associazione Italiana filatelia Resistenza
Italian association on philately and resistance - in italian and english.
Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain
The site covers the society history, enables prospective members to apply for membership and has a growing gallery.
Dakshina Kannada Philatelic Association
Indian philatelic site. By Yogananda Jeppu.
Emirates Philatelic Association
Federazione fra le Società Filateliche Italiane (FSFI)
Italian national philatelic federation.
International Philatelic Society of Joint Stamp Issues Collectors
An advanced catalogue of joint issues, including info on latest issues.
Israel Philatelic Federation
Israel Encyclopedic Stamp Catalogue Hebrew/English with actual market prices (in NIS).
J&Y Stamps 2000 - Promoting Western Australia Philately

Les Timbrés de la Côte d'Opale
Côte d'Opale through stamps. This is a philatelic association of northern France. Site in english and french.
Mid-Cities Stamp Club
Scouts on Stamps Society International
Sequoia Stamp Club of Redwood City
Local Bay Area club featuring its calendar, stamp collecting resources and information about its annual show Penpex.
Sociedad Filatélica y Numismática Granadina
Spanish. Información sobre filatelia, numismática y otras formas de coleccionismo. Emisiones postales de España, ATM´s, Calendario Filatélico.
Stamp Arena
A non-profit web site, its aims is promote stamp collecting, and to help promote Australian Stamp Clubs. The articles on the site are written by Australian Stamp Collectors. It also has a forum for stamp collectors.
Thematics SA
Stamp club. Address: Thematics SA, P.O. Box 56221, Wierda Park, 0149, South Africa

ATM Stamps

ATMs - Automatic Machine Labels Of The Spanish Postal Services
Updated catalogue of the ATM stamps of Spain and Spanish Andorra.
ATM Stamps
Vending postage stamp labels (ATM) round the world - by Rainer Reimund.
ATM World
Klaus Barrasch - is interested to to swap ATM's.
Places of interest on stamps and ATM stamps
This site deals with stamps about places of interest in France with comments and photos, and about ATM stamps in the world.

Thematic / Topical Stamp Pages

Audi Car Philately
Bird Stamps
collection of bird stamps both by species and by country - by Chris Gibbins.
Caratex Stamps - Stamps with a Textile theme
Non-commercial web site featuring stamps with a textile theme by Derry Whyte.
Chess on Stamps
personal thematic collection and want-list about chess on stamps by Fabio from Brazil.
Chess Stamps
By Alberto Borges.
Elvis on Stamps
The home of specialist thematic International Elvis Presley Postage Stamps, Sheetlets, Commemorative Covers and Elvis Philatelic Memorabilia.
Europa-CEPT,  America-UPAEP,  WWF and  European Joint Issues
By Jacky Panhuyzen from
Belgium. A lot of information about these topics listed by years with Michel Catalogue numbers, wantlist and stock lists.
Golf stamps
By James Dewar, UK.
Helicopter on Stamps
By Peter Street, UK.
Mike Duggan's Owls on Stamps
100's of images of the owl stamps with information about the birds. Stamps can be viewed by country and species.
Petroleum Stamps
Interesting thematic site about OIL (Petroleum): geological origin, prospecting, perforation in ground and in sea, refinery, petrochemistry, oil terminal, pipeline, oil tanker, enterprises of petroleum etc.
History of ships with stamps: Sailing ships as clippers, but also races as Olympic games, America's cup; Passengers ships as ferries, liners and cruisers; Polar ships.
Stampaganza is a website focusing on thematic stamp collecting. Stamp gallery, links, and information on new stamp issues. There is also a competition open to stamp collectors worldwide.
Space Stamps
All about space stamps collecting. By Sergey Okun.
We sell european topical postmarks and slogan cancellations.
The Stamp Dad
British Royalty mint stamps and covers.
Topical postal stationery of Russia
Offer for exchange or sale to worldwide collectors. 100's of images of all FDC, illusrtrated envelopes, postal cards, postcards, cancels, envelopes with special stamps, which have been scanned. Many interest topicals-fauna, ships, trains, space, olympic, airplanes, flowers and many other categories.
Turkish Stamps Centre
Selling WWF (world wide fund for nature) all issues 1969-2005; Europa Cept (Post-Europ) all issues 1956-2005.
by Gunter Pilz.
Worldwide Topic stamps catalogue
WWF Stamps
By Ruslan Nechaev from Russia.

Stamp Exchanges

1 for 1 Mint stamps exchange
You can see 100's of images of all stamps. Fast and easy exchange. Mint topical sets of Russia offer for exchange.1 for 1 base. Sergey Belaev from Russia.
All stamps of Russia
All stamps of Russia and booklets with images of all stamps. Exchange or sale offers.
Specialized site for swapping french stamps.
All Stamps Paradise - Free stamps exchange board
A Free stamp exchange newsgroup. In french and english.
Insert your stamp offers for free.
nal Philatelic Club
By Javier López. Free membership club, exchanges.
Russian Stamps
Stamps exchange with Russian collector. By Igor Marunenko.
Siberia Stamps Exchange Club
Mint russian stamps for exchange.
Simon Milkus
Exchaging list and ukrainian stamp catalogue.
Simon's Stamps Exchanging Page
philatelic material to exchange, Ukrainian Stamps catalogue, Postal Stationery, Postal Tariffs, Philatelic Sites, etc. - By Simon Milkus.
Sriram's Stamp Page
Looking for Cats and Fishes.
Stamp Listing
Postage stamp collecting, stamp trade, stamp exchange and much more category on philately.
Stamp Trader List
Exchange stamps with worldwide collectors.
Stamps from the whole world
Danish collector seeking philatelists from the
whole world to exchange stamps with.
Stamps of East Europa
Mint sets/online catalogue with 100's pictures/offered for exchange. Follow East Europe countries and all themes.
Swap Used Definitives
Have used w/w definitives with copies in quality condition for trade on 1:1 basis.
The World Wide Stamp Exchange Club
By Michael Drolet.
Used topical stamps of the world for exchange
Used topical sets of about 30 countries offer for exchange with images. Sergey Belaev from Russia.

Worldwide Dealers / Auctions

AB Philea
From Sweden, online database with approx. 30000 different stamps, sets and FDC´s.
Ali Philatelic Traders
Topical stamps coins banknotes phonecards Low Prices. Items From Pakistan and Worldwide.
stamp collections of all different stamps in country packets and topical packets.
Archer Stamps Auctions
"After collecting for over 60 years, I decided to liquidate the very large, major world wide stamp collection+++". By Raymond Archer Marriott.
We specialize in British Commonwealth stamps and reference literature of Canada and British North America.We carry catalogues, album supplements and supplies from the finest manufacturers.
Art and Stamp Collectors Club
Postage Stamps and Stationery of Russia and USSR. By Sergey Ivanov.
New Stamps Territory. All stamps from all New Independent Republics of the former USSR. Serving professionally stamp collectors and dealers.
Chrysalis Stamps
Located in Ireland, specialists in classic and rare mint postage stamps of the British Empire and Commonwealth to 1935.
Classic Philately-Till Neumann
Rare stamps and postal history of the world
Coins - Banknotes - Stamps - Kiloware
Stamps, coins and banknotes from Estonia and other countries.
"Philatelists of all over the world, discover on the most simple, complete and effective site dedicated to philatelic auctions. English,French & Dutch."
Emmanuel Said
We deal and specialize in Malta Stamps and Coins. Our site lists images and prices from 1860 up to date. Constantly updated. The company is located in Malta.
Italian postal history on sale.
Fevzi Aricioglu
Stamp dealer in Turkey, specializing in the Ottoman Empire, republic Of Turkey and Northern Cyprus stamps.
Football Stamps List On The Line
Football Stamps for sale.
George's Stamps
Online price guide for US Postage Stamps.
dedicated to the stamps of Great Britain, with an emphasis on modern issues.
By Larry Rosenblum.
We specialize in Postal History and older Stamp-Lots of European Countries, with an accent on the Netherlands.
High Seas Ship Covers
Ship Covers from Al Eckert.
Interstamp Poland
Klaus-D. HAHN / Germany
New issue dealer in Germany, on his site you find parts of the newest worldwide stamps/topics.
Len and Socorro A&R Worldwide Stamps for Collectors
British Commonwealth and Foreign.
We sell stamp albums and protective mounts. Online shop.
Mediabd online store
Bangladesh stamps. By Mosharaf Husain, Bangladesh.
Mike Stamps
His specialty is British West Indies and other British, mainly GeoVI & earlier. Many Stanley Gibbons & Commonwealth varieties. Also some other Foreign.
Mongolian Stamp Issues
Stamp dealer of Mongolian stamps. Offers a mongolian catalogue on CD regularly updated (contains pictures of all stamps, from 1924 up to date).
Joe Frasketi's Space Covers
Space and other Topical Covers.
Jirí Marvan Filatelie
Czech Republic, Slovakia and Czechoslovakia stamps directly from Czech Rep.
Stamp Mixtures For Stamp Collectors.
Penny Black 1840
T-Shirt Store, Stamp Gallery, Stamp Auctions and Philatelic Book Shop dedicated to the world's first stamp.
Official issued postage stamps at discount. Buy & sell.
We own the second largest visited stamp multi-auctions site in the whole world-net today (only exceeded by eBay). The march media climbed to 11400 daily visitors.
Robert Murray Stamp Shop
Auction catalogues, price lists of United Kingdom and Isle of Man stamps.
AFFORDABLE Russia stamp album with COLOUR or greyscale illustrations, stamp titles, set titles, stamp history etc - SUPERB! Printed pages on acid-free paper or PDF on CD.
Great Britain and Commonwealth stamps on one of the most regulary updated sites.
Sovereign Stamp Company
Specializing in Postage Stamps of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.
Online stamps shop for collectors and dealers. USSR - Russian full year sets at wholesale prices. Soviet Union and Russia (1951 - 2001), old and new issues.
Stamp and
Stamptrader Mall
By Chris Waterman.Philatelic sources of information, resources, sales, and trading services.
"Stampvault America's leading Worldwide Topical New Issues Site. All the Latest featuring the Greatest. Huge inventory of stamps featuring Personalities and Themes, and current trends. Dedicated to honest dealings and personal service, we make stamp collecting an enjoyable experience."
Online shop of german stamps (sets, singles) and much more. By Gero Gonser.
"Extensive listings of stamp collecting information plus stamps and fine postal history for sale - find that elusive stamp or cover you have been searching for."

The Stamp Dad

Dave Ramsay is a dealer in Canadian mint stamps, sheets, booklets and FDC's. Also British Royalty mint stamps and covers.
Turkish Stamps Centre
By Okan Akgunes, Istanbul. Selling Turkey all issues 1921-2005; Turkish Cyprus all issues 73-2005; and much more.

New Issues Dealers

Bombay Stamps

Stamp Center


Online stamp Magazines & Printed Magazines

Australasian Stamps Magazine
Australian printed stamp magazine.
Cronaca Filatelica
Italian stamp magazine.
Hungarian Philatelic Magazine.
Japhila Philatelic Netmagazine
By Bret Janik. Updated daily. Very good magazine !

Linn's Stamp Magazine
Not to be missed !

Oceania & Asia related philatelic magazine.

Philately's Internet Magazine.

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