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Thank You to all the people who wrote me to express their appreciation for the restyled site !
As you may see, I'm trying to improve it further, including also additional info.

Stamp Catalogues & Philatelic Literature
last updated 31 Aug 2006

This page contains mail address & link (where available) to catalogue publishers.
I list alphabetically by name of the catalogue (or the publisher).
-> Please help me to complete this list, send me details of other publishers! Thank you.

World Catalogues | Country Catalogues | Philatelic Literature

NEW on 31 Aug 2006 - Added Carmel and Isfila publishers.

on 22 Jan 2004 -
got the link to the publisher Brusden White, Australia

on 13 Oct 2003 -
Added "Costa Rica Postal Catalogue"

on 12 May 2003 -
Added "Dallay" a new publisher from France

Whole World Catalogues

Germany specialized catalogues.
Whole world in various volumes (Europe volumes published annually).
Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH, Muthmannstrasse 4, D-80939 Munich, Germany
Whole world in six volumes (published annually), USA specialized.
Scott Publishing Co., P.O. Box 828, Sidney, OH 45365-0828, USA

In addition to publishing GB, Commonwealth, and specialized catalogs, Gibbons does in fact publish a 21-volume range of catalogues for the entire world. They also publish, annually, a less specialized catalogue of the world in three volumes.

Stanley Gibbons Publications, 5 Parkside Christchurch Rd., Ringwood, Hants. BH24 3SH, England
France and Colonies full colour specialized.
Whole world in various volumes. You can order online all the catalogues and products.
Yvert et Tellier, 37 rue des Jacobins, F-80036 Amiens, Cedex 1, France

One Country and Thematic Catalogues

Denmark, Scandinavia and European Countries. Denmark also on Cdrom.
NORDFRIM a/s,DK 5450 Otterup,Denmark
Publisher of Spain CD Rom catalogue, also sells Edifil catalogues.
Afinsa Publications, Lagasca 18, 28001 Madrid, Spain
Publisher of specialized catalogues of Portugal and colonies.
Afinsa Portugal, Rua Ricardo Jorge 55, P-4050, Porto, Portugal
Publisher of Catalogo Oficial Anfil de Sellos de Espana.
Anfil, Calle Mayor 182, 28013 Madrid , Spain
Publisher of Color Catalogue of NZ Stamps.
Auckland City Stamps, PO Box 3496, Auckland, New Zealand
ANK Austria specialized (Osterreich Spezialkatalog).
Christine Steyrer, Taborstrasse 47-49, A-1020 Wien, Austria
Publisher of specialized catalogues of Italy & colonies.
Bolaffi, via Cavour 17/F, 10123 Torino, Italy
Publisher of: Bale Israel, Holyland BALE Turkish Period Catalogue, PALESTINE British Mandat BALE Catalogue.
ISRAEL BALE Catalogues
Chariot Ltd., POB 10824, Ramat Gan, Israel
email: ; Fax 972-3-6724647
Publishers of the Australian Commonwealth Specialist Catalogue.
Brusden White, 673 Bourke St. Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia
New Zealand specialized catalogue.
Campbell Paterson, P.O. Box 5555, Auckland 1, New Zealand
Publisher of specialized catalogues of Italy & colonies.
Catalogo Enciclopedico Italiano,
via Mac Mahon 86, 20155 Milano, Italy
Publisher of colour catalogue of Israel.
Carmel Press, P.O.B. 44440, Haifa, Israel
Catalogue of Belgium, Congo, Ruanda, Urundi, Zaire, Burundi.
Catalogue Officiel de Timbres-Poste Belgique
Chambre professionelle des negociants en timbres-poste,
rue de Fripiers 17, Galerie du Centre 343, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
Catalogue of Bolivia covering all stamps and postal stationery.
Catalogo de Sellos Postales de Bolivia "CEFILCO"
Los Amigos del Libro, Cochabamba Casilla 450, Bolivia
France and colonies specialized.
Cérès Philatélie, 23 rue du Louvre, 75041 Paris Cedex 01, France
Several catalogs on CD-Rom only format. Including the Netherlands,West Europe etc.
Software Generation, Julianstraat 96, 2405 CJ Alphen a/d Rijn,
The Netherlands. E-mail :
Created by Hector R. Mena, the 2nd edition (1997) of the catalog covers all Costa Rica stamps through the end of 1996.
SOCORICO (Society of Costa Rica Collectors)
PO Box 1483, Baton Rouge, LA 70808, USA
GF Catalogues for Faroe,Greenland, Iceland, etc.
DAKA forlag / Erik Paaskesen, Brusselse Steenweg 78, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium. E-mail only :
Two new catalogues: "Timbres de France" and
"Timbres de Monaco-Andorre-Taaf-Europa", published yearly.
DALLAY, 31 rue des Bourdonnais, 75001 Paris, France
They don't have a site but you can order these catalogues online (including a CDROM version) on:
Specialized Catalogue of Canadian stamps (french & english).
Darnell , PO Box 1104 , Montreal , Quebec H3B 3K9 , Canada
A wide range of thematic and one country catalogues.
Domfil Catalogos Tematicos Internacionales, s.l. Doctor Puig, 33 1° - Apartado de Correos 271 - 08202 Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain
Publisher of Catálogo Unificado de Sellos de España;
Catálogo Unificado de Sellos de España y Dependencias Postales;
Sellos de España - Especializado
(Spain specialized, in 3 volumes)
Edifil, Calle Mayor 29, E-28013 Madrid, Spain
Specialized catalogue of Sweden and Scandinavia.

Facit Förlag AB, VD Leif Jaråker, Box 321,S-721 07 Västerås, Sweden. Phone: 021-800 555 - Fax: 021-800 502

Publisher of Catalogo de Sellos de Espana, Andorra y Guinea Ecuatorial (also on Cd Rom).
Filabo, 08970 San Juan Despì, Barcellona, Spain
Specialized full colour catalogue of Poland in 2 volumes.
Fischer, Rynek 11, Bytom, Poland
Tel./fax: (0-32) 282-72-06
| email:
Greece & Cyprus specialized catalogue.
A. Karamitsos, I Dragoumi 4, 54624 Thessaloniki, Greece
Turkey and Northern Cyprus specialized catalogue.
İstanbul Filateli ve Kültür Merkezi A.Ş.
JSDA Japan colour catalogue.
Japanese Postage Stamp Catalogue
Japan Stamp Dealers' Association, 2-16-1-612, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105, Japan
Japan specialized JSCA.
Japan Philatelic Society, Foundation
171-0031 Mejiro 1-4-23, 4th floor, Philatelic Museum, Japan
JB Catalogue of Malta Stamps and Postal History
Sliema Stamp Shop,
91 Manwel Dimech Street, Sliema SLM14, Malta
Colour Catalogue of South Korea.
Korean Philatelic Co., Ltd., CPO Box 323, Seoul 100-603, Korea
Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of U.S. Stamps.
Krause/Minkus Publications, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54945, USA
Publisher of LAPE catalogue for Finland, Aland, Estonia.
Postimerkkiliike LAURI PELTONEN Ky, Pl 39 (Lasitehtaankatu 3), 10901 Hanko, Finland
Publisher of theme space stamp catalogues.
Lollini, Case Postale 635, 06011 Nice Cedex 1, France
catalogue of the postage stamps of Hungary.
Philatelia Hungarica, H-1675 Budapest, P.O.Box. 28, Hungary
Stamp catalogue of Switzerland, Liechtenstein.
Müller Katalog Marken Müller AG,
Postfach 105, 4054 Basel, Switzerland
Norway Specialized.
Oslo Filatelistklubb, Frydenlundgt. 14, N-0169 Oslo, Norway
Colour catalogue for Finland & Aland.
Suomen Postimerkkeily Oy,
Ludviginkatu 5, FIN-00130, Helsinki, Finland
Publisher of Speciale Catalogus van de postzegels van Nederland (Netherlands & colonies).
Nederlandsche Vereniging van Postzegel Handelaren,
P.O. Box 910, NL-2501 CX The Hague, The Netherlands
Newfoundland stamps specialized.
Walsh's Philatelic Service,
9 Guy Street, St. John's, Newfoundland Canada A1B 1P4
A comprehensive colour catalogue of Pakistan stamps.
Pakistan Postage Stamps 2002
M I Choudhary , 20 First Floor, Singhar Centre, 16 Maclagan Road, PO Box 2424,Lahore 54000, Pakistan
Colour catalogue of Indian stamps.
Design Crafts, 67A (27A) Metcalfe Street, Calcutta 700 013, India
Luxembourg Prifix catalogue.
Banque du Timbre, 17 Boulevard Prince Henri, 1724 Luxembourg
Pulko Ottoman Empire and Republic of Turkey Postage Stamp
Catalog. In tukish and english.
Pulko Ottoman Empire and Republic of Turkey Postage Stamp
Catalog, PK 129 Beyoglu, 80072 Istanbul, Turkey.
Tel: (0 212) 251 05 87 | Fax: (0 212) 244 35 93
Catalogue of  Brazilian stamps.
RHM Filatelistas, Caixa Postal 3577, Ag. Central, CEP 01060-970, Sao Paolo, SP, Brazil
Japanese full colour stamp catalogue.
Japan Philatelic Society, Foundation
171-0031 Mejiro 1-4-23, 4th floor, Philatelic Museum, Japan
Italy and italian area specialized.
Edizioni Sassone, via Benedetto Croce 68/116, 00142 Roma, Italy
Latest release is 1998 with an update published for 2000. In spanish.
Sellos Postales República Argentina
Daniel Hugo Mello Teggia,
Larrea 871, 1° "A" - 1117 Buenos Aires, República Argentina
Tel: (01) 961-9294 Fax: 371-6187
Publisher of Colour Catalogue of Australasia.
Seven Seas Stamps Pty Ltd.,
P.O. Box 321, Brookvale, NSW 2100, Australia
South Africa & bantustan specialized.
South African Stamp Colour Catalogue
International Philatelic Service,
PO Box 567, Johannesburg 2000, RSA
Colour catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei with postal history.
Standard Catalogue
of Malaysia,
Singapore & Brunei
International Stamp & Coin Sdn. Bhd.,
GPO Box 12016, 50764 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Colour catalogues of thai stamps and fdc's. Also on CD-Rom.

The International House of Stamps (SIAM) Co.,
PO Box 266 Bangkok 10501 Thailand

Colour catalogue of thai stamps.
Thai Stamps
Siam Stamp Trading Company Limited,
A 407 (4th Floor) World Trade Center Plaza Rajdamri Road, Rajaprasong, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Colour catalogue of thai stamps. Paperback & Silkbound version.
Handbook of Thai Stamps and Postal History 2001
Vichit Eurtivong, PO Box 23, Bung Kum, Bangkok 10231, Thailand
Full colour catalogues of italian area, colonies, west Europe, Israel.
Edizioni C.I.F., C.P. 1708, 20101 Milano, Italy
Specialized Catalogue of Canadian stamps.
Unitrade Associates,
99 Floral Parkway, Toronto, ON, Canada M6L 2C4, Canada

Publisher of Vaccari Catalogue Postage Stamps and Postal History (Italian States - Provisional Governments - Kingdom of Italy 1850-1900).
They also publish many other books specialized in italian philately.

VACCARI srl Filatelia - Editoria via M. Buonarroti 46,
41058 Vignola (MO) - Italy
Greece specialized in two volumes.
Orestes Vlastos, 40 Vassileos Georgiou Str. 152 33 Halandri, Greece
CTS / SBK - colour catalogue of Switzerland & Liechtenstein
(in german and french).
Swiss Stamp Dealers Association, VSBH Secretariat, Postfach 1538, CH-8640 Rapperswil, Switzerland.
Colour stamp catalogues of Hong Kong, PR China, Macao, Imperial China, etc.
NC Yang, PO Box 95565, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
  The Fidelity Trading Company has a site providing Yang Catalogues for the People's Republic of China
Netherlands colonies (Suriname, Indonesia).
Zonnebloem, Haarlemmerstraat 74 , 2181 HD Hillegom, Netherlands
colour catalogue of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Zumstein & Cie., Postfach 7, CH-3000, Berne, Switzerland

Advanced Philatelic Literature

If you've published a study or a specialized literature, and you want to sell copies of your hard work,
I will be happy to list here your publication, even if you don't have a site.

"Study and Checklist of Jersey Definitives and Booklet Panes" 1969 - 1997 (40pp) softback

"Within the work I have many Illustrations of all known flaws and errors along with a detailed single and plate listing for sheet stamps and booklet panes.Since publication this little book has won a Bronze Medal at "Lorca'98 and at the 5th. National Exhibition in Canada."
Jack G Hesketh, 122, Oldcroft Place, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB16 5UD, UK
Dealer/Member APS#189135 | Email:

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