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  • , World Trade Center Photos By popular demand a from the photo collection of

  • Today's Random New York Transit Images Photo by: Doug Grotjahn Photo by: Joe Testagrose Collection of: Christopher Sattler Photo by: David Pirmann What's New? Thu Jun 8 2006 , Uploaded photo #50, 000 to! by Michael Hodurski was the lucky one

  • Mon Jan 2 2006 , Added a page of photos of the

    MTA NYC Transit Subways
    The Metropolitan Transit Authority's official site for the subways of New York City.

    The New York City Subway (page1)
    Tourist information on how to use the subway system.

    Abandoned Stations
    by Joseph Brennan. Facts and pictures related to unused stations around the NY City.

  • by Joseph Brennan Text, diagrams, photos copyright 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 by Joseph Brennan except as credited to others The mark § indicates pages with interesting updates in the past few months

  • The proposed ban on photography was not adopted by the M T A because of opposition by the public and by some elected officials


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    The New York Subway System
    Information regarding rolling stock, stations, history, and facts about the subway
    system. Includes a subway quiz, and several subway-related games.

  • New York City Subway System, Transit, & Railroad information and photographs at The JoeKorNer Subway-Rail Quick Index Histories, names, Opening and closing date of all lines

  • Including photos, rosters, assignments Transit photos from Don Harold, Frank Goldsmith, Larry Berke Tickets & Menus

  • Photos, giveaways on opening day, map and more Stillwell Ave Artist's rendering of the new Stillwell Ave Terminal

  • The Subway Cars Photos from the TA and rosters of cars from 1904 to 1980's

  • R-142 Information R142A on #6 Schedule for 30 day test #2 Line Schedule for 30 day test #6 Line for both trains with photo ops

  • R-143 Information Photo Pages The Trolley photos from Brooklyn in the 40's and 50's Postcards and photos from a friend The Transit Pages Photos taken from 1969 to 1972 of various New York Metro area and beyond rail interests

  • New photos are included taken with the Kodak DC290 camera beginning in 2000

  • Goldsmith was kind enough to allow me to make prints of his 1940's era photos of various NY City transit items

  • Photos provided by L

    The New York Subway Finder
    Subway directions to any Manhattan street.

    New York City Transit Scenes: Past and Present
    Historical and recent photos of the New York subway and other New York City
    transit scenes.

  • subway Subway Bibliography BMT Triplex Nostalgia Train March 14, 1999 Tour April 2, 1995 Tour Images from Bob Diamond The following exhibit is a photographic and historical tour of New York's first subway line, the IRT

  • The photographs are from two sources -- the New York Transit Museum Archives , and photographs I have taken on various Transit Museum sponsored tours

  • Quick links to selected stations City Hall Station Brooklyn Bridge 14 Street 91 Street Elevated trains Brooklyn trolleys Subway cars Construction Copyright Notice: The historical black and white photographs from the Transit Museum Archives presented in this site are the property of MTA New York City Transit, and may not be reproduced without the permission of that agency

    The IRT: First Stations
    Information about New York City's first subway stations. Includes photos.

  • During all stages of construction, from 1900 to opening day on October 27, 1904, photographs were taken to record the progress of the new subway

  • These photographs highlighted everything from an '86th St.' sign being tested at the 28th St

  • More than 35 such photos, at least one for each of the twenty-eight original IRT stations, are presented in this exhibit from the collections of the New York Transit Museum Archives

  • In addition, for several stations, including City Hall, there are photographs that I have taken within the last five years

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    NJ Transit / PATH / New York City Subway
    Includes New Jersey Transit schedules and station information, New York City
    subway directions, Port Authority Trans-Hudson information, and many tools to help ...

  • Use of the photos on this site is subject to our photo policy, which is available at each page a photo is on

    nyc bloggers
    A map of blogs in New York City, organized by subway line and stop.

    Where to find New York road maps, city street maps with NY travel ...
    Where to find maps for state roads, New York City streets, national parks, and
    state travel directions.

    New York City Urban Climate
    Research activities with a particular focus on air exchange in and out of the
    subway system.


    New York City Travel Guide - USA Tourist travel
    A guide to New York City including main attractions, travel tips and photos for
    visitors from other countries.

    New York - Wikipedia
    Informazioni geografiche, storiche, economiche e turistiche sulla città.

    The Subway Page
    Maps for subway transit systems from a number of cities all over the world.

  • image: Stockholm Local Transport Authority page, late 1990's (select a city's initial letter to minimize the need to scroll) [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] -- subway (principally) and other transit from my own collection and those of others relating to subways and urban transit Photo by Robert Reynolds City subway maps Tyne and Wear Metro Logo (thanks to Roger Fern for identification) ], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] Kerem F

  • Zagel; see 'scanned' or 'images' section for photos) (archival; map by Dmitry Zinoviev 1997; used by permission) (Official ; thanks to Milos Glisic, who advises in part 'There are three underground stations in the downtown core

  • They are CentreStation (Centar), Karadjordjev Park and Vuk's Monument (Vukov Spomenik).') (original map by Kovács Ádám; 12/05) (official ) (map thanks to Osiel Bonfim) (map by Osamu Abe 2004.12) (local download; thanks to Dmitry Zinoviev) pdf download (official ; thanks to Sebastian Weber) interactive city map (official ) (Robert Schwandl original; UrbanRail.Net) Photographs of all the Berlin U- and S-Bahn stations can be found in two recent publications by metroPlanet Press: and, both by Robert Schwandl (also paris, Hamburg, Bochum, and M&uumlaut;nchen) station photos QTVR/123d (thanks to Jean Gefroi) historical 1931-1994 (the formerly-presented 100 year history has been discontinued; thanks to Markus Jurziczek for the original and for information) (October 13, 2002; official S-Bahn Berlin GmbH; thanks to Sebastian Weber for original information and recent update; thanks to H

    NYPIRG Straphangers' Campaign
    A project of the New York Public Interest Research Group, the Straphangers Campaign
    advocates more service to ease overcrowding on New York's subways and buses.

    CitiDex New York On-Line Manhattan New York Edition Yellow Page ...
    Includes area maps and yellow pages directory.

    About New York City on
    Tips on what to do in New York City. Explore New York at your own pace. Meet people
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