The Truth About the DVD Case
Explanation of the court cases for DVD reverse engineering and some facts about
DVD privacy.

  • The DVDCAs response is easy to understand, they fight for their power and, in the long run, their existence

  • It's quite likely that I might want to do something along the same lines once data storage is cheap enough (although I wouldn't watch movies when I drive or work of course) and that's probably where MPAA's strong reactions against deCSS comes into the picture

  • Jason Kroll has written a long article called '' which puts this case in a much bigger picture

    CNN - Meet the kid behind the DVD hack - January 31, 2000

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  • info: COPY DVD LONG

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    Upstart seeks court OK for DVD copying | CNET
    "In a pre-emptive strike to stave off the wrath of the movie industry, a small
    software company is asking a federal judge for permission to sell and market its ...

  • The courts have long recognized the right of consumers to make personal copies of music and television shows, and protected manufacturers from liability stemming from products such as VCRs, tape decks and MP3 players

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    The official FAQ of the Internet DVD newsgroups. Its primary emphasis is on video,
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  • The next time the tape is played, the oxide particles, no longer encumbered by their binder, peel off - - taking with them all evidence of baby's first steps, Dave's graduation, Laura's wedding, a priceless historical 60's broadcast or that spur of the moment trip to Puerto Princesa

  • Yet all videotapes regardless of their bandwidth or recording technology have a short lifespan by their very nature and thus, this was only a temporary solution to the problem of true long term archival storage

  • Add to that the extremely long lifespan of a DVD, permanent archival is now possible at a reasonable cost that is well within the price range of even the typical home user

  • The media survives, but the hardware on which to read it has long since vanished

  • The media will sometimes long survive any equipment designed to play it, if history is any lesson

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  • If you want jpg files for convenience, they can be included along with the tif files, free

  • I'm putting the remaining 209 slides in the mail tomorrow, along with a check for the first batch." Greg S

  • I sensed you were trustworthy from the get-go but, as we all know, there's no telling what you'll get get when you're dealing with someone long-distance

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  • The latter method is explained in Direct Ripping play the DVD, calculate how long it last (including credits) in seconds, check if the volume is too low (because we can turn it up with software)

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    'No more music CDs without copy protection,' claims BMG unit | The ...
    "BMG is at it again, this time apparently set on applying copy protection to all
    its music products." By John Lettice. [Register]

  • But a year is a long time, BMG is at it again, this time apparently set on applying copy protection to all its music products

  • The UK version (and indeed the French – that'll annoy them) says “BMG too sees itself obliged to protect future releases by implementing a copy control system” and “BMG will be using copy control technology for digital media as has been used for a long time with comparable media such as computer software, video games and DVDs.” This is a clear commitment to 100 per cent copy protection, and once implemented will no doubt ease the workload of the various 'corrupt CD' identification sites considerably

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  • Copier Towers Standalone - Automatic PC Based - Automatic Publishing On Demand CD DVD Printing Services - CD DVD ROM ----------------------- Archives MFDigital CD DVD Information Library Monday, July 31, 2006 Encountering the third generation of DVD format It won't be too long until the third generation of DVD format to be unveiled

  • Thursday, June 15, 2006 A New DVD Format War Just when you thought it was safe to buy a nice new all-singing all dancing DVD player/recorder, along comes a new format war to add to an already confusing marketplace

  • It requires long working hours, enough man power to do the pasting and cutting plus the highcost of labeling it

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  • If you have slides chances are you haven’t seen them in a long time because of this inconvenience

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  • James 'Long Bear' Revey, a Lenape-Cherokee Indian, describes native contact with the first European settlers, elucidating the most potent cultural differences between the two populations

  • Her wistful sentiment becomes much more than a sequence of nostalgia when she suggests that if we cherish a meaningful connection to the place we call home, we'll never lose the sense of belonging that seems so important to us human beings

  • By communicating love and respect for her lifelong home, Debra's intent is to have us realize why it's so important to preserve our heritage for those who follow us and for those that follow them

  • Natyzak, the film is the result of a year-long project

  • Its a long story; there's alot stuffed into 55 minutes of video

  • Long Valley mill restoration

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