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  • June 1, 2006 Site Maintenance By Kaori - June 1, 2006As you have noticed, the website was offline for some days this week for maintenance, thanks everyone for you patience
    Informazioni sui protagonisti con sezione multimedia, immagini ed una descrizione
    degli oggetti usati nella serie.

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  • For full details and Special Event with seek and YURAsama go to JOIN TEAM METRO: Want to be a part of helping run the biggest anime convention in Florida? Want to entertain people by hosting panels or events? If you do, then join TEAM METRO ! Sign up NOW! METROCON WELCOMES MARC MATNEY: Marc Matney makes his first METROCON appearance! Come meet this talented voice actor who's parts have included Ken Nakajima in ' You're Under Arrest! ' and Inspector Zenigata in ' Rupan III: The Fuma Conspiracy ' ANIME FAN FILM DEADLINE DATE ERROR: The entry deadline date for the Anime Fan Film Festival was incorrectly entered on the site as May 21, 2006

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    Inuyasha - Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi
    Complete manga translations, including some scanned-in pages.

  • (August 23rd 1997) , including scans, by Kyouka Asuka (pages are in Japanese, but the scans are at least interesting) Please note that scans on this linked site (as well as the site your are currently at) are under copyright

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    Ear-Tweak - It's all about the boy with the puppy-dog ears.
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  • So much of my website has been being used and also what I feel as "abused" lately that I have been feeling less enthusiasm about updating regularly, despite my love for the series still being there

  • A while back, I decided that if this website ever started to feel more like a chore and less like a hobby, I'd have to again think about how much time, money, and effort I should put into it

  • Though, I still want to keep as much alive with the site as I can, because it's something that's been part of me for the past three/four years

  • I am not taking the existing site down, and I will be continuing doing script translations and maybe posting a few select scans and full chapters when I feel appropriate

  • For every kind word, for every wonderful story, for those of you who have even become my real-life friends because of Inuyasha, and because of the website

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    SPAZIO ANIME & MANGA - Animazione & Fumetti made in Japan *** www ...
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    InuYasha World dot com - the ultimate resource for your favorite 1 ...
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  • Welcome to InuYasha World dot com - the ultimate source for your favorite 1/2 dog demon! :) June 04 Winner: Make a Donation Recent InuYasha World News Brief : Posted by Shippo on Sunday June 27, 2004 New screencaps, fansite contest updates and IY rumors

  • Some sites are beautiful, others are plain horrible

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  • ^-^ Posted by Shippo on Saturday June 19, 2004 Inuyasha Fansite Survivor Contest round #1 launched; More screencaps; Free webhosts reviews posted; New affiliate! Alrighty, we've all waited long enough for this

  • The highly anticipated Inuyasha Fansite Survivor Contest is now launched! We want to select the best Inuyasha websites and we want you to ! Here are some more screencaps for your enjoyment, again, lots of thanks goes to the kind hearted fans who continues to send these screencaps to us

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  • General Information Upton Information The image for the website banner is a detail from a painting by Jeannie Sellmer titled Flowers in Moonlight

    Fan fiction archive with My Brother's Keeper, Cats and Dogs, Crazy Little Thing
    Called Love, Jewels are Forever, as well as fan art.

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