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  • Monday , August 7, 2006 Smoke_Rulz has a New Apprentice Patch! "I've added the 8th Structure Deck, Lord of the Storm

  • It's titled: The Day Mofox got owned! Mofox is also starting a new section that he is calling The Deck Evolution Series

  • ;-) is starting up a regular series of Friday articles called none other than: " Maltos's Friday Deck "

  • Today's deck is "The Hex"

  • Thursday , August 3, 2006 Wh1t3Tyg3r sent us a for the new Lord of the Storm Structure deck

  • Today he is looking at a lockdown type deck

  • Today he takes a look at an Aggro Burn deck he came across at the KY Regional

  • The comprehensive package includes: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy (GBA), a Starter Deck of Trading Cards, Jaden and Chazz Duelist Packs, a Training DVD, and a set of Exodia cards

  • Upper Deck has announced four Q4 Yu-Gi-Oh! releases including a Dinosaur's Rage Structure Deck, a second series of Collectible Tins, a Cyberdark Impact Expansion, and a new Champion Pack

  • at the Upper Deck booth (#2829) and will be followed by a meet-and-greet session with Yu-Gi-Oh! fans." Wednesday , July 19, 2006 We have a couple nice today

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  • Embark for the Kingdom The glory at the Right Hand of the King The Kingdom These are replicas of the originals from the Pegasus Structure Deck

  • Rare $15.50 JMP-001 Blue Eyes White Dragon Jump Magazine English Promo ATK: 3000 DEF: 2500 Great Promo and variation of the Great Dragon to have in your deck! $15.50 JMP-001 Sealed in Original Jump Magazine Envelope The card is more valuable in the sealed envelope

  • Ultra Rare & Parallel Rare Special Order $37.50 G5-01 Black Robed Sage Type: Effect Monster Dark Magic Level 9 ATK: 2800 DEF:3200 The Monster can only be Special Summoned, and only from your hand or deck by sacrificing a [Black Magician] when a [Time Magician] successfully uses its effect

  • At that time, you may search your deck for 1 Magic card and put it into your hand

  • Shuffle your deck afterward

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  • Posted by: - Category: After every Shonen Jump Competition, I am compelled to instantly check the top eight decklists in order to see what decks are reigning supreme

  • Most of the time, all eight decks will look almost identical

  • There are times, quite often actually, when a surprise deck or a standard deck with surprise tech makes the top eight

  • .… [ ] Topic Posts Last Post By Forum 0 1 8 14 14 175 14 3 3 2 Deck Name Creator Format Cyber Raider Union Rider Blast Juggler Patrol Robo Posted by: - Category: When we think of wanting to find a single card that can just completely ruin most competitive decks, we typically think of something like Royal Decree, or maybe Cyber-Stein to combat the slow tempo that is commonly seen in high-level events

  • However, we tend to neglect the cards that appear to be too situational for main-boarding in your deck

  • After some chats about articles and all that fun stuff, I went over and watched Anthony Alvarado play a few games with the Apprentice Magician Swap deck

  • I hadn’t heard of the new ruling at the time, so it was good to see what the deck aimed to do before the Shonen Jump started..

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  • Go to the build deck menu and take all the cards you want out of your deck and exit the menu

  • Deck change: The game displays a password after it has been completed (for example, 92445276, 25774450, 92886423, etc.)

  • This password is to change your deck

  • Gate Guardian Ritual: Have #374 Gate Guardian, #667 Gate Guardian Ritual, #371 Sanga Of The Thunder, #372 Kazejin, and #373 Suijin in your deck

  • Deck change: The game displays a password after it has been completed (for example, 92445276, 25774450, 92886423, etc.)

  • This password is to change your deck

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  • This week I want to flesh out the idea and come up with a cool deck you can use to stomp on all your hapless opponents who didn’t go to the Power of the Duelist Sneak Preview (and even some who did)

  • Duelists who have experience with burn decks already know that there are two basic things you need when constructing one

  • For this deck, the first point is halfway taken care of by Destiny Hero - Dogma, and some of the defensive elements are fairly obvious

  • Chaos action figure ($9.99 plus tax, comes with leather duster, sunglasses, deck, and lightsaber…just because I want my action figure to have a lightsaber


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