Blessed are the feet of those who bring messages of peace


Dancing for Peace

An evening of fun and friendship
 with ethnic dancing from many cultures

-" Dancing for Peace" is a project which  has been developed to promote peace and non-violence through the sharing of cultural values. It was organized by the "Permanent Center for Peace Education".

-To build a peace culture, with values coming from ethnic dancing. -To live in balance with one's body, and with all people.
-To develop the concept of a flexible , harmoniosus and natural lifestyle. 
-To recapture one's inner rhythm of life through more focused breathing, walking and running. 
-To have an awareness of the passing of time like the movement of the wind and the waves.

The dance
-Those attending this event will not be expected to give a performance, only to enjoy these dance with us. Our aim is not that you acquire perfect or competitive-level techniques, but rather that you patecipate and enjoy the dancing.

The organization
-Members of Dancig for Peace have been meeting  since 1992 every Wednesday at 8:45 pm, in the Permanent Centre for Peace Education. 
-The group in open to all who wish to pursue these goals with us.



Associazione di promozione Sociale Danzare la Pace        
Corso Verona, 122         38068 Rovereto (TN)        ITALIA
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