In the 2008 and 2009 I contributed to the "Festival della Scienza" making a Holographic Gallery, fabricating over 350 50x50mm Holographic Plates and building a small but functional Holographic Table. The plates were used to make holograms during the guided tours. Each school group came back home with a small White Light Refection Hologram made  from live in only 5 minutes.

didactic activities

In the 2008 and 2009 I contributed to the Festival della Scienza association building a all-inclusive laboratory where it was possible to make White Light Reflection Holograms in only 5 minutes. At the same time  I made  a thirteen 250x250mm White Reflection Holograms gallery.
In a week and half were made over 350 50x50mm holograms which were given to each visitors group leader or school.

Working with the Festival della Scienza has been a challenging experience but it was worth to work with.



A guide is explaining basic principles of Holography


The "pret-a-porter" Holographic Table used for making  Holograms from live













Visitors watching Holograms during guided tours


     A guide is showing to a class how to make an Hologram