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The BohShell Project

BohShell is a simple shell for *nix systems. Small and easy to read, understand and extend is a good way to study and use a shell for basic system administration
BohShell is developed by Santostefano Giovanni and is released under the GNU/GPLv3

General Info


BohShell is a command shell... like Bash, designed for *nix systems. Developed by Santostefano Giovanni
The actual features of Boshell 0.3 prealpha are:

version 0.4b prealpha
  • Improoved the association file/program support.
    Now you can write a thing like that:
    $ ,/c to open automatically with your favourite program all the c files
    in your current working directory.
  • Fixed bugs in the association and propmpt customization implementation

  • version 0.4 prealpha
  • file association system. ,/ (comma-slash)
    You can specify in the bohshell configuration file the association
    between extensions and softwares, so you can write in the config something
    c | jed
    and next in the shell
    $ ,/main.c association.c something.h
    the shell will open jed with the files
    Actually you can't specify something like:
    $ ,/c
    to specify *.c
    This is probably a 0.4b version feature

  • version 0.3 prealpha
  • Customizable prompt
  • Shell History
    $ ?? show the history
    $ ?[number] call the [number]-th command in the history

  • version 0.2b prealpha
  • Now you can launch programs and write parameters with a space in the name using the wildcard \[space bar]
    like: $ ./program\ name.out
    $ command\ name parameter\ one parameter\ two para\ meter\ three
    ->Program: command name
    ->arg1: parameter one
    ->arg2: parameter two
    ->arg3: para meter three

  • version 0.2 prealpha
  • launching foreground programs and commands (./my prog , ls ....)
  • redirection
    < input
    > output
    >> output with append
    # error
    ## error with append
  • pipe (ls | more)
  • cd command
  • exit command
  • find command or files ^
    ./bi^ find all the files bi.... in the cwd
    bi^ find all the commands bi.....
    EX: ls^ returns ls,lspci,lsmod..... etc
  • complete new structure for builtin commands

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