The BohShell Project
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The BohShell Project

BohShell is a simple shell for *nix systems. Small and easy to read, understand and extend is a good way to study and use a shell for basic system administration
BohShell is developed by Santostefano Giovanni and is released under the GNU/GPLv3


What is BohShell?

BohShell is a command shell... like Bash, designed for *nix systems. Developed by Santostefano Giovanni

*nix systems?

Under *nix systems there are all the Operating Systems like Linux, BSD, OpenSolaris etc...
I'm trying to provide a code that is compilant for these systems

On wich system are developing BohShell?

Linux Slackware

What is the language selected?

I've used C language

What is the Licence?

GNU/General Public Licence v3

Is BohShell Extensible?

BohShell is customizable using config files... and it's easy to extend directly writing on the source

Are you looking for help?

Yes! I'm looking for anyone who can write the bohshell man page... because now I'm busy with the coding

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