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The BohShell Project

BohShell is a simple shell for *nix systems. Small and easy to read, understand and extend is a good way to study and use a shell for basic system administration
BohShell is developed by Santostefano Giovanni and is released under the GNU/GPLv3



Bohshell v0.4b is released.
In this version there are lots of bugfix and a new improovement to the association file/program feature.
Now the ,/[extension] is accepted to open *.[extension] files located in the current working directory with your favourite editor.


On the CVS is ready the code that fix important bugs on the v0.4
These bugs affect the fclose on association and prompt customization causing a segmentation fault!
Thanks to spina of community that fix this bug.
Next will follow the 0.4b release


Bohshell v0.4 prealpha is released.
The new feature is the program association to an extension. By now you can write ,/main.c and open this file with your favourite editor


Site updated! Added the Donation and Development Status sections.


Bohshell v0.3 prealpha is released.
The new functions are the customizable prompt and the command history. These features are actually beta and is supposed that there are some bugs... hope to find and fix them soon!


It's available for the Bohshell project the donations mechanism.
You can donate directly from, clicking to the banner "Support this project" on the left. Motivation of the donation and other info at this page: DONATION INFO


BohShell web site is onlyne. In this site you can find information on how to use Bohshell and the link to download.
You can also contact me and discuss about the shell on the official mailing list

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