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CGI Interactive Logo Design
Last year, after Paul Bradley came across Ian Landsman's Creating a Business Logo article, he asked if we could design a new logo for his company, cgi Interactive. One of my passions as design director at MakaluMedia is logo design and
logo design
i'm starting a small company and struggling with the whole logo/branding thing: should i do it myself or work with a graphic designer? although i have creative abilities (i draw, etc.), i am not a graphic designer, and i barely know my
Architecture for Humanity Needs New Logo
In 1999, Architecuture for Humanity (AFH) hosted an international design competition to develop itional housing for returning refugees in Kosovo. Click on the headline to read more at Graphic Design Basics
Your Company Logo Design is Who You Are
A company logo design can be useful to your business because it can help people to remember your organization. However, making one can be a challenging On the other hand, others businesses opt to create their own logo design [
$100 logo design contest
After a long time is time for us to host another logo design contest :)This time the contest is for the logo of gumStat, a new product we are about to release in a few weeks.gumStat is a web site statistics software, which inspired by
Olympic Logo Designer Paid 13 Cents for His Work
Many people are surprised to hear that when Caroline Davidsion designed the Nike swoosh in 1971, the fledgling shoe company paid her just $35. But it might similarly be surprising to read that the man who designed the 2008 Olympic logo
10 Logo Review
First Name: Jignesh Designer: Yes What will the logo be used for: A Coffee Shop (cafe
New Logo Design and Branding
You’ll soon see the logo appearing on my website as well as emails and other correspondence. Technorati Tags. logo, design, branding, chef, celebrity chef, celebrity chefs, product endorsement, Australian cuisine, Food and Drink, food,
Amazon rips off logo design?
The new amazon "askville" logo looks strangely familiar
logo design options
logos are visual representations of your company and as such you want them to represent who you are and what you do and perhaps who you do it for. great logo design takes all of these factors into consideration, so if you are working

Logo Design Software | Logo Creator | Logo Maker
Logo Design Software that's easy to use: The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software. Create quality custom logos in minutes. It's fun, easy and its available
Logo design - Corporate Identity Design Company : Stationary
Looking for the best logo design and development company? Professional logo design, corporate identity design services and business logo design.
Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator
Cool Text is a free graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. Simply choose what kind of
Affordable & Professional Company & Business Logo Design, 3D Logos
Pixellogo offers professional Logo Design Service including 3D logo templates, web icons and stationery design for your company and business at an
Logo Design by Logo Design.com
Logo Design.com offers logo design blogs, news, articles and industry information.
A Good Logo : Small Business Bible.org
Logo design helps in attracting potential customers to the business. The key to a good logo design is simple color patterns and innovative ways to
Logo Design, E-commerce Web Design and Ecommerce Templates by
Providing high-end graphical web design and targeted logo design for small and medium sized business looking to add graphic design to their online presence.
Logo Design Guru - US Company Logo Design Samples
Custom Logo design samples designed by Logo Design Guru for US companies state-wide.
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