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Food Design
Manners Collection" is a clever exploration of the intersection of formal dining and fast food. Other works by Mario Minale and Kuniko Maeda, the duo behind this Rotterdam-based design studio, include t-shirts printed with a
the future of food design
taste, presentation of food, atmosphere, even design of food itself have existed for a long time, but they were often treated as separate elements. the contemporary awareness in design as well as in food culture enable a more holistic
Requirement Naming - Stick A Fork In It?
Sole-proprietor restaurants will reduce the amount of food spoilage by 50%, by making better food purchasing decisions. And these are the requirements that drive design. Design boundaries are defined by constraints.
Chop Chop
The smart design of the Miller Cutting Board, made of laminated bamboo, includes a removable stainless steel bowl for sweeping away errant garlic peels or collecting your finely chopped shallots. $28, including three bowls, at Furni.
future of food
Tomorrow, under the auspices of the Club of Amsterdam, a conference will take place in Amsterdam titled “Food Design“. Another testimony of how design as a discipline, but more importantly as a mindset and attitude, has an enormous and
Outimagining the Competition
This guy says what I would like to say about design thinking in Design, in short, is becoming an ever more important engine of corporate profit: It's no let alone become the most profitable food retailer (in terms of profit per
Around the World: Copenhagen!
We are gorging on the crisp winter air, Scandinavian food and design culture. Last night's meal included Elderberry cocktails, had lunch at the famous Bleu restaruant in Sankt Petri, we went to my favorite bakery in the world today for
What Would Santa Want to Drive? Green is a Holiday Color
Nine innovative auto company's design teams won’t disappoint the big guy. This is the third year the Design Challenge has been part of LA Auto Show. Just food for thought. Without further ado, here are this year’s designs.
Party Woman on Aching High Heel Strap Sandals
Sometimes she even has to walk over and squish bags with organic food and trashed leftover food on the floor. Luckily her shoes were well strapped into her feet by a frontal top crossed black strap design and slingbacks.
Book review: The best of children’s Art & Crafts
press them into paint and then use them to make a design) printing from other objects such as leaves, fish and old kitchen utensils paper dyeing (using absorbant paper folded a few times, dip the corners into food colouring mixed

Trashfood - Randomestrale di incultura alimentare
Il food designer non è però un mago. Deve avere solide conoscenze in chimica, fisica, scienza dei polimeri e degli idrocolloidi. Se riesce a creare un nuovo
Concepts & Contents - Archivi di categoria Food design
Di food design abbiamo parlato in un post passato, dove si sottolineava Food by design Food by design è un libro che con una metafora culinaria,
Master in Food Design :: IED Design
Elenco Master di: IED Design. 1, Master in Food Design, Sede: RM - Lazio RM. 2, Master in Industrial Design per lo Sport - Extreme Design RSP
IdeaMagazine.net / Contributi / Progetto 09 2005 / Paolo Ulian
Intervista a Paolo Ulian: L'amorosa invenzione del quotidiano. Golosimetro, food design, design dolciumi, design industria dolciaria, design cioccolato,
Istituto Europeo di Design / Master 2006-2007 / IED Design / Food
IED Design. Sei qui: Home > Scuole > IED Design > Food Design Elaborazione e sviluppo di progetti dedicati al packaging e al design dei luoghi del cibo;
Italian Food Design Show 2005 - Computer grafica - Guida di SuperEva
Grandesign Designetico e Food Design Studio: Invitano alla presentazione di: Italian Food 1° Italian Food Design Show a Grandesign Design Etico 2005
Cosa succede in città: Food & Design in mostra
Con ordine: la mostra racconta dal 1954 ad oggi gli oggetti per il food design premiati con il Compasso d’Oro. Li racconta con semplici pannelli e disposti
Libero - Video - Play
FOOD DESIGN - MISS PUMPKIN, Guarda un altro video Descrizione: Nuovo appuntamento della rubrica "FOOD DESIGN". Lorenzo presenta una nuova ricetta.
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