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Divine Appeal 11
"Sinning humanity does not repent. I am calling all priests...... to form cenacles for prayer of Atonement"

Divine Appeal 12
"Almost all humanity abuse Me in My Divine Sacrament."

Divine Appeal 13
"I am continuously receiving crowns of thorns...... passing through the milling crowds with bowed head......"

Divine Appeal 14
"The first blow is near...... those who will repent will find protection and God's mercy in My power, while all who refuse to repent will perish from their sins. Sinful humanity has transformed the earth into a scene of crimes."

Divine Appeal 15
"In my Divine Body, the Eucharist, I am abused and blasphemed. I need your consolation, sacrifice, and atonement. Treasure my Blood, together with your sufferings. Offer them to My Eternal Father in order to implore His Mercy for mankind."

Divine Appeal 16
"I would like to save all humanity and I would not want anyone to be condemned through his own fault. For no one goes to hell without his own consent. How many at such a early age are approaching damnation, no longer wanting to be concerned with the fear of the Lord.

Divine Appeal 17
"Souls are allied with satan because of the great sins of all kinds. A great punishment will befall mankind. If ministers do not listen to My anguished call, they will lead humanity to great suffering. According to My desire, everyone must come to pray for the mitigation of the evil in mankind."

Divine Appeal 18
"Italy the nation favoured by God…… have the communist seal. I love humanity and I want it to repent. Otherwise it will cast down innumerable souls into the eternal fire together with satan who suggests to them that God does not exist. My Eternal Father has been attacked in all His powers.

Divine Appeal 19
"Freemasonry hurls itself against the Church….. The times demand accelerated action. My pain is immense! Humanity has not become aware of the scourge that threatens it. Satan wants victory, treachery against…… Great offences will befall I have many graces in My Hands ready to offer all who will return to me."

Divine Appeal 20
"I would like to save all mankind and I would not want anyone to be condemned through this own fault. How many at such a early age are approaching damnation, no longer wanting to be concerned with their Creator…… The Church, My sacrament and God must be respected."

Divine Appeal 20
"Look the good people live a lethargic life among so many bushes which they have not the strength to overcome. With a exaggerated freedom and without any scruples the devil instigates them. They do not believe anything exists; my daughter how much bitterness!"

Divine Appeal 22
"My mercy is great if they repent"

Divine Appeal 23
"Blessed are those who hear my Words and listen to them"

Divine Appeal 24
"My Divine Sacrament is always stolen by them. Just like Judas they sell me"

Divine Appeal 25
"I, Jesus, have personally come to this earth to beg you to change lives."

Divine Appeal 26
"The souls I love so much…… Both hatred and emptiness have fettered them to evil"

Divine Appeal 27
"I allow myself to be seen after so many warnings. I give many signs. My Heart is overflowing, at the same time as God’s anger…… the Chalice is filled. Good people are scarce they do not pray."

Divine Appeal 28
"I want all to be saved. It is my desire: pray and atone."

Divine Appeal 29
"My Blood flows and wants to cover this corrupt world."

Divine Appeal 30
"…… marry marriages without sacraments. This is sad for Me."

Divine Appeal 31
"There are too many enemies, militant atheists who want to obliterate fraternal love in the world……"

Divine Appeal 32
"unclean spirits have taken over three parts of mankind. As God’s Word has been abandoned, the devil has taken possession of the souls which have deserted the ways of the Creator."

Divine Appeal 33
"The Apocalyptical hour"

Divine Appeal 34
"Adore My Divine Sacrament and offer it to My Eternal Father, so that it may serve the salvation of souls."

Divine Appeal 42
"Those who do Black Mass attack Me…… satan’s head will be crushed."


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