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"I would like to save all mankind and I would not want anyone to be condemned through this own fault. How many at such a early age are approaching damnation, no longer wanting to be concerned with their Creator…… The Church, My sacrament and God must be respected."
"My daughter, pray a great deal for humanity. God, My Eternal Father, is merciful but humanity has lost its senses: drugged and Godless."

"I cannot hold back My Eternal Father’s Justice. Scandals have all accelerated the punishments. Do penance, My daughter, offering to God the crosses of each day, both great and small. Do not misuse any suffering as you must appease Divine Justice. Great calamity is being prepared. Men are blind, refusing to listen to My painful appeal. The world grows worse and worse. In the Church, there are many freemasons. Churches will be ransacked; there will be earthquakes, hopeless diseases, revolutions and terrible gales: a radical transformation of the whole world. The great cataclysm which will simultaneously come upon the earth will be terribly aghast, as if it where the end. But the final hour has not yet arrived, even though it is not far away. All those who want to believe and who await the moment of Divine Justice must retreat from worldly diversions."

"I speak this: I want to save mankind. Insist on this to them; it is important to those who persist in doubting My painful admonitions. Unite yourself to Me. Prepare yourself for what I want with you, with great faith and love. These are great warnings obtained from My Divine Mercy through the anguish of My Heart because I would like to save all mankind and I would not want anyone to be condemned through his own fault."

"My daughter, do not lose your precious time. Leave aside all the worries. Pray in whatever you do. Offer all what you do to My Eternal Father. Your little offerings will help this mankind. My Heart bleeds for al the sins against My Presence in the Church. The Church, My Sacrament and God must be respected. Too many blasphemies and I am apostated."

"The good people live their lives amid many adversities which they have not the strength to overcome. Many think only of their own comfort. What a pity! And the bad ones live in the most heinous corruption. Their inevitable and suffering modernisation has also upset the stability of the good people. Instead of living the constancy of grace and sanctity, they choose mediocrity."

"I bless you."

3.30 a.m., 13th October, 1987


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